Your Marketing Archetype

Christina Frei, Your Marketing Archetype

This week’s conversation with Christina Frei about marketing archetypes fits under the P of Partnership because I talked to Christina about seeing marketing as a partnership with their wider community.

Christina Frei is a marketing consultant, author, and creator of the Generosity Practice mindset work and the Innate Marketing Genius tools and method. She helps brilliant, mission-based entrepreneurs look smart and get hired. In between, she chases her dog around with a stuffed animal snake, meditates on a pink couch, and obsesses over the perfect cup of green tea, all in a seaside town north of Boston.

Her favorite quote: “You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” – Brene Brown

"You can take your why and weave it into every single thing. And then anytime you're reaching out to your community, they feel your care." – Christina Frei @sarahsantacroce #humanemarketing Share on X

In this episode, you’ll learn about your marketing archetype and…

  • The research behind Christina’s 5 Marketing Archetypes
  • What these 5 archetypes are
  • My marketing archetype and what it means for me
  • How to shift your mindset about marketing if you feel resistance to it
  • The ‘marketing brain and the client-service brain
  • and so much more

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Imperfect Transcript of the show

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Sarah: [00:00:00] Hi, Christina. So good to see you speak with you for our listeners on the podcast. They won’t see you, but I do, which is great. I’m so happy that we could do this interview with you. I know we had some trouble last time. We want to talk about marketing archetypes. So I think the best way is to just jump right into it.

So you came up with this framework five marketing archetypes, and I want to ask you what they are, but me do before I do. I’d love to hear how you came up with this and you know, what the research was behind it. And just kinda like why come up with five marketing architects? So tell us a little bit about you and your journey to those archetypes.

So I was in 

Christina: the thick of doing a field study where I had 40 people in five countries, testing a mindset tool. You know, that I. This will have nothing to do with marketing, but it [00:01:00] turns out that when I heard back from people, several of them were business owners. And I’ll just share with you with the mindset tool is it’s called the generosity practice.

It’s something I developed in the early 2007. It basically puts you in a contribution mindset, right? Where you’re just on fire to help people, even if you’ve been rejected. Even if people are being rude, you’re just like, wow. I just love helping people seem like a ninja of service. It’s awesome. So what I heard back from the, a lot of the business owners was, you know, okay, so this is helping me in my regular life, but as a business owner, I am much more consistent with getting my message out there.

I’m not as shy. I’m much more excited to just connect with people in general. So I’m marketing more consistently, just overall, also at the negotiating table when there’s a lot of money on the team. I just sit quietly and listen, I’m not there to prove anything. I’m not there to like push for the sale. I just accurately diagnose who’s across from me and then offer them what they need.

And nine times out of time, it’s, it’s a yes. [00:02:00] So that was a turning point for me. I realized that I could probably use this work for marketing or for business owners in some way. It didn’t know how, so then I actually conducted another field study, which was. Basically coming up with a marketing plan for 40 entrepreneurs.

And I used my method, like a deeper level of it to help them focus their message and help them simplify, like just how do you even choose what you’re going to do in your marketing? That’s a huge decision, right? So I wanted to help them. It was one big test. And what I realized when I did the 40 plans in a row that every single person that went through my process had this beautiful, Y a Y of like, this is how I absolutely love helping humans.

And that my mind saw archetypes with that, right? Like one woman who was a real estate agent, she was this master of ceremonies. She always likes to lift the whole thing up and go [00:03:00] big and like, you know, visas, huge presence and she’s magnetic. So that was her archetype and we built her messaging and her strategy around that.

Another one was more of what I call now and adventure guide somebody who’s like, okay, you know, I’m an interior designer and yes, I could show you all the beautiful things, but let’s get on a horseback and go have an adventure and I’ll tell you what’s possible. And that was her energy. So I saw her as an adventure guide.

And all these started popping up and it was just fun to like, look at marketing from a little bit more personal depth way. Like this person has a message. This person has a why they love helping people forget their expertise for a second, but they just love helping people in this particular way. And then when you have 40, you can actually look for patterns.

And I, you know, it’s not a big number, but there were patterns and I found five really strong categories. And those are the categories I’m going to share with you today. Develops an assessment around it. And you know, I’ve been using them for [00:04:00] six years and they’ve held like they’re sort of a foundation point for what.

Sarah: Wonderful. Yeah, because on the humane marketing podcast and just kind of in general, people who follow my work, we love anything that is like an assessment or personality quiz or anything like that. It’s part of the personal power P because it helps us understand who we are so that we can then mark it from that place of who we are.

And it really sounds like that’s what you have. Developed another, you know, assessment that we could refer to. Our episode, we’re actually featuring it under the P of partnership, because you told me that you really help people see marketing as a partnership with their wider community. I’d love for you to explain a little bit more about that statement.

And then we go into the five archetypes. 

Christina: So. When somebody there’s a few [00:05:00] different ways to approach marketing. Right? I think one of the natural ways is to say to yourself, okay, I need clients. I need to look impressive and I need to somehow stay consistent so that people will be like, oh, I want to work with that life coach.

Oh, I want to work with that therapist or whoever is going to be whoever, whatever kind of expert you are. And so that can very quickly become mechanical where you’re just like churning. It’s like, I just got to do this message and you’re not really in it. You’re just sort of pumping it out. And so, and I don’t really call that being a partner to your community.

What makes you a partner to come to your wider community is when in your messaging and even in your strategy decision, the fact that you might do a podcast rather than an event series. All of that can be infused with your why, like you’re showing your care through your message. I’ll give you one example.

So I’m working with a promotions expert right now. She is somebody who has like [00:06:00] tens of thousands of stuff of like trinket. But like items that you can use for your clients to really stand out and, you know, there’s sort of a negative spin on promotional items because a lot of times it’s just a bunch of plastic going out to the world.

Right? So like, how do you, how do you create your marketing as a partner with your wider community with that kind of business? So we identified her archetype as she’s this like comfy couch queen. She’s like at this magnetic vibration of like, this is my world’s coming visit me also. I love. You know, sitting on a couch, metaphorically or otherwise, and just like getting to the heart of it.

Right. And looking at things differently and being curious and like, she could just do that all day long. So we created a message from that we’re like, okay, what do you want to say as a partner to your community? Well, I want to say, Hey I want to celebrate all the leaders in my community and at the same time, Share with you, how you can stand out with promotional items so that it’s not one big [00:07:00] advertisement.

It’s like a really helpful, like I’m going to feature leaders while I’m also educating you about the promotional items. So that’s her being that comfy couch queen. And then the way she’s doing that is a podcast. And it’s this kind of community celebration podcast with a little bit of education open in there that all flows from her.

Why. And so every single facet of her marketing now shows that, oh my gosh, like she just cares about us. Anyone who listens to it, anyone she gives the link to like, oh, are you struggling with this? Let me help you. I have like a podcast for, I mean, you probably do this all the time, Sarah. Cause you do very specific topics.

So I just want to show that like, you can take your why and weave it in to every single thing. And then anytime you’re touching out to your community, they feel your. It just needs to start from the beginning. 

Sarah: Yeah. I love that. I love this. How you explain the partnership piece because it is, it’s kind of like this word.

We’re like, oh, that sounds like [00:08:00] some legal agreement maybe or something very. Right. And so when you share that way, it’s like, oh yeah, I do care for my clients. I do care for my community. And it’s in marketing. Well, it’s all about sharing that you care and yeah. Walking your talk and it really sounds like your couch queen is, is doing a great job at that.

I love that. And then of course, Bringing in my why as well. Right. 

Christina: That’s right. And I just want to add something else if you, because I think it matters to your audience as far as like, I’m going to call them transformational professionals, right? Like anyone who’s really good at what they do and they’re changing lives.

Right. That’s what I call you. So I set the bar high for people like. You know, transformational professionals that you need to change lives when you get out there, right. You need to actually make a difference to people’s lives when you’re marketing, not just phoning it in and having an accurate message about what you do.

It needs to be like, whoa, like [00:09:00] that’s compelling. And I just want to know more and that’s because you’re actually changing lives right out of. Sorry to interrupt you, but I just want to add 

Sarah: no, that’s great. Yeah. I feel like for, if I draw the parallel, because that’s kind of what we’re doing, we’re both marketers and we’re learning from each other.

And so if I look at the way I talk about it, this is the world view. I talk about sharing our worldview and yes, that we care about our clients, but that we also care about the bigger picture. So you know, the planet or yet, like you said, changing the world. So. So really showing that it’s yes. It’s about us and yes, it’s about the transaction and the transformation, but it’s also about the bigger picture as well.

Yeah. So share those five archetypes. So dust. All 

Christina: right, let’s do it. And then we can have the conversation about yours if you want to, or mine or both. So the first one is nurture. You know, you’re a [00:10:00] nurture when you absolutely love making it warm and fuzzy for everyone else. And your deep, why is making it safe for others to fix?

That is a nurture adventure guides are the people. And again, I love starting with the dead giveaway. Dead giveaway for adventure guys is you’re kind of impatient for people to just go for it already. And so your deep, why is you want to, you see what’s possible for other people? They’re big goals.

And you empower them to get there by going for it yourself. So you’re the one who gets people into action. Door openers are those who. Just okay. Dead giveaway here is you have 50 ideas at any given moment that could help people. There’s like you have lots of perspectives and your deep, why is there are so many possibilities in perception, just perception, just in how you look at things.

So I like to call door openers a diamond mind because they just see things from so many different facets, [00:11:00] a steady presence. A dead giveaway is that you really avoid marketing because you don’t like getting out there and being super charismatic. And you think that you should be, that’s also a dead giveaway.

So your deep, why as a steady presence is you are sure people that they have, what it needs, what it takes to move forward. And you’re the one with the resources, expertise, and people to make that happen. You’re a celebrator or last category, completely different energy. Dead giveaway is if you’re in a boring dry situation, you’re like, let’s give this some life.

This is like Jonathan van ness on queer eye. Are you with me that I don’t know if you know who he is, but he’s like super flamboyant anyway. So your deep, why is bringing the good life to others? You want to bring the good life to others and you do it with your own natural flair, whether it’s humor fun.

Design sense, who knows? 

Sarah: Right. So kind of bringing beauty and, and yeah, just kind of like [00:12:00] a positive vibe to you. To your audience or to your marketing. Nice. I took some notes. I have them all down. Nurture door opener, steady presence. I’m missing one. Celebrate adventure. Yeah. Adventure guides. Yes. Yeah.

Yeah. Oh, that’s so good. I took the quiz. Maybe I should have not taken the quiz and then just kind of guessed which one I was. But I did take your assessment. So that’s an innate marketing genius forward slash assessment. So our listeners can take it as well. And. Drum roll. I’m a nurturer and a door opener.

I was actually ending up with two results, I guess, because the, 

Christina: that is common 

Sarah: and it’s common. Yeah. So 

Christina: I’m going to ask you Sarah, which one seems more prominent if there is one towards one? Yeah, 

Sarah: I would definitely say the nurture is, is kind of where I [00:13:00] feel like I’m most at home. I do like the. What did you say?

The diamond? Yeah, the diamond Ryan’s mind. Yeah. That resonates as well. But I do, I call myself the mama bear of the humane marketing circle. So really just image of the mama bear really resonates with me. I feel like, you know, come in, come in, I’ll keep you safe and I’ll host a space. And, and so that, yeah, that is definitely me, but, but then some of the other ones actually resonate as well.

Definitely not the last one to celebrate Tori kind of aspect. That’s that’s not me. I do have, I do feel like there’s a lot of steady presences in the audience, in our listeners. You know, there are people who are like, oh, I just can’t be bothered with the marketing should. And so I like what you said about it, and maybe you can repeat that.

[00:14:00] Would their role is in marketing. 

Christina: Totally. And I’m actually going to be holding a special workshop just for steady presences. For that very reason. I do want to say before I answer that I’m also a nurture with a side of door opener, so on that level and for me, I’m a nurture of great ideas in others.

That’s how that all kind of comes together. Like if you came up to me after a talk or something and said, oh, I just got off. You know, new perspectives and like, I made it safe for you to go there when I give my talk and then I would just start crying because I’m like, that’s my mission. Thank you. Hear you.

Yeah. Yeah. So as far as steady presence, One thing that I’ve noticed is incredibly powerful. Like when I watch a steady presence geek out, like really geek out about something, I have no interest in somehow. And this is just, you know one person saying it, but I’ve been watching this for years. Each time.

There’s something riveting about watching a steady presence, go into the [00:15:00] depth of what they know and what they do. Like I watched one guy give a talk about auto and home insurance. It’s something that I have no special interest in, but I just couldn’t stop watching him and listening. And it was just, why am I suddenly riveted to this particular person?

And I’ve always been interested in that. Like, you know, let’s say Sarah, you talk about, you know, purpose and marketing and all kinds of rich juicy topics. But if another person talked about it, who might have a very different why that. Then no one would be interested like that happens all the time. And so that’s sort of why I feel like the architects are really helpful because it explains the intangible thing that’s happened.

Hmm, behind all the messaging. Why am I reverted to you, but not riveted to this other person? Who’s basically telling me a similar message, but I just don’t feel anything compelling going on over there. So that’s what I’m always looking for anyway. So for steady presence it is really [00:16:00] powerful for you to be a pillar.

Right. Like, we lean on you to be that steady presence. It’s such a gift and you typically have the deep resources, deep expertise, deep network, and all you have to do in your marketing. I’m just going to give you a nugget right now is to go deep into one of those things and then share it with. Right. So if you’re some kind of a health and wellness professional, and you’re going to a program like a conference and you’re learning something, then like you could just share a really juicy deep nugget or an article or whatever that shows the riches and the depth and the deliciousness of what you’re learning.

And don’t worry that we even understand a word of what you’re just right. Like it’s not that doesn’t matter what matters is. You’re showing us how much, you know, and that’s what brings us two years like, oh my gosh, he just knows so much about our groups. This is crazy. Like, I’ll never, I don’t need to know about Yara group, but she certainly does.

And oh my gosh, I [00:17:00] can’t wait to see her because she’s just the queen of knowledge. And when you display it that way, it’s very powerful. To your audience. I love saying that it’s very generous to your audience. Don’t worry if we keep up with you. I have an attorney who’s like an HR labor law attorney.

She sends out these really long, you know, in marketing, you’re supposed to keep things short, really long in-depth newsletters and they’re gorgeous. And it’s just like, oh my gosh, this is so helpful to understand, especially around COVID all the changing labor laws and it really educated her audience.

Like this is when you need to pick up the phone and call. And, and the, the message underneath the message is look how much she knows she’s on top of it. She’s like so helpful. She’s a great educator. I want to work with her. So that’s one thing is sharing the depth of your stuff and expertise, resources, people.

The other thing that’s really compelling is if you’re involved as a leader in your community, like you’re on a board, you’re doing a volunteer thing. Like [00:18:00] whatever you do, you’re raising money. That even if it has nothing to do with what you actually do in your work share about that, the reason it is compelling for you is that you are a pillar and you’re acting like one.

It just tells us we can lean on you even more than we already are. And that’s why we hire you. I find 

Sarah: it so interesting that what you’re talking about, I’m sure for a lot of people they’re like, but that’s not marketing. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to say, right? It’s like, well, actually you need to, in your mind.

And I often find like it’s a mindset thing, especially for study presences, probably it’s a mindset thing because the minute you tell people to do marketing, to market their business, they get into this frozen mode and they feel like I have, I don’t know how I don’t have anything to say, but when you give them permission, like you just said, well, just share in depth about what it [00:19:00] is, you know, your knowledge, your expertise, then it’s like, oh, I can do that.

You know, I have lots of things to share it, but it’s like this mindset thing that you have to somehow switch on where you are. This is marketing. Believe me, you’re doing marketing right there. 

Christina: Well, I always ask, you know, are you, do you consider yourself to be a compelling expert of what you do because when you’re a compelling expert, that just means that, you know, you’re standing out from the crowd you’re, you’re magnetizing in some way, some way, and you obviously know your stuff.

So if you feel like you are being a compelling expert, I mean, sometimes people don’t want to be a compelling expert cause it’s a little bit it’s down the path. I think when not everyone is ready to really stand out like that, I respect that. Right. We are all on our trajectory. But if somebody wants to be that, I say, wouldn’t it be fantastic to be that [00:20:00] like, who cares about.

How much you hate marketing? I work with tons of people who just like, I hate marketing and but they get past it when they realize how much. How much service they can offer and also how energizing it can be, because here’s the other thing, like when you’re operating from your, why it’s actually energizing.

The comfy couch queen is doing her podcast and every single time she does, she’s got way more energy to devote to all the rest of her work for that day. That’s the kind of marketing I want people to have. 

Sarah: Yeah, no, totally. It reminds me, I think I heard you say on another podcast or somewhere you talk about the marketing brain and the client service brain.

And I think I love that and people will really get this visual. So what are they? And what’s the difference between the two? 

Christina: Yeah, so marketing. Is innately expansive. Like you just want to go out and connect out with more and more people. So it’s always that can get grabby and greedy and it’s like, [00:21:00] oh, I have to do this app.

Or I have to do this strategy or like, I’m a marketing professional that helps people with this every single day. And I wrestle with it, like, should I be on clubhouse? Clubhouse has gotten a little quieter now, but like there’s always something, you know, doing the Instagram reels or whatever. Everybody’s up to pressure, pressure, pressure to just so think about like, from that mind frame, what kind of choices you’re gonna.

Okay. So that’s one, the client, the client service mindset is where you’re really in touch with the value, the actual value that you provide your clients. So one way to tune into that is to contemplate five representative clients and just really get curious about the kind of value you provide them. And then.

Create your marketing after you’ve really gotten clear about that. Like, what is it they truly needed from you? Even if they might’ve said they wanted this over here, when you really dug in and you’re like, this is actually what they need. So that’s what I’m going to talk about in my marketing. [00:22:00] So to me, those mindsets are worlds apart.

Sarah: Yeah. Yeah. And yet what we often see out there is. Targeted towards the marketing brain, you know, the latest things you need to have and the latest platforms you need to be on all these marketing sheds that we’re constantly yeah, kind of. Being invited to look at. And yet if we’re in the service brain, we’re actually much more in connection and marketing is connection.

So we’re much more in connection with our ideal clients. That’s so true. I want to go back to the nurture and door openers. So once I do the assessment, right, I know, okay, this is my archetype. What does that mean for me? What do I do with this information? How can. Come up with a strategy from those archetypes one or two, whatever it comes out.

Christina: Yes. So first of all, assessments are not [00:23:00] perfect. So I just want to put that in there. And one, one thing that it always invite people to do is, you know, you can always sign up to hang out with me for 30 minutes and we can really cause I muscle test people on there and I could do it with you just to double check, but I muscle test to make sure that we’ve landed on the right one.

That’s the thing, but I mean, Anyone who’s listening to this probably has a lot of exploration of their own intuition. So like intuitive for yourself now that you’ve heard all five types, right? Like, so that then when you take the assessment, I have created these five love letters or whatever you want to call them about like celebrating what it means to be a nurture and a door opener.

And one of those invites you to have like a. You know, what do you even call it? Like a workbook to take the nurture energy and put it into action. Like really start creating messaging out of that place. And also looking at, you know, what’s a brand like for nurtures. I think it’s been a long time since I put the report together, but I think I said [00:24:00] Airbnb and you know, Airbnb just made.

It’s very cozy. Like it just makes everybody comfortable, whatever, like some kind of reference like that. So that’s another step as far as landing on a strategy, you know, that is the work that I do with clients in my compelling expert program. It’s a four-month program. I also have a, because I’ve been in business for six years doing.

I created like a self study course called one voice, one strategy. And that, you know, if you’re a self study or not, everybody is you can just go and knock that one out. But let me just share with you how I help people determine their strategy. Like, you know, you’re a nurture with a side of door opener. So from the.

I also want to know how you naturally connect with people, right? Like, are you the one that loves to get up on stage and wow. People, you know, from while the audience, are you the one that loves small format workshops or you love being on camera or, I mean, there’s just like lots of different ways to connect.

And what are your business needs? Do you need to grow your [00:25:00] list? Do you need to just, you know, I have several clients. They’re doing fine, but they just need a refresh, like they’re at a plateau. So, you know, this is a really great, like refueler and that’s true for a couple of podcasts, people that I have, like, they’re doing fantastic.

They’re great marketers, but it’s like, they’re bored. So let’s give it some life. And. So business needs and your, your archetype and your, the way that you naturally connect with people. So then I’ll, I’ll sit down with somebody and we’ll chat about it for 90 minutes and really go deep. Like let’s because what inevitably happens is there’s one.

Beautiful way for you to be out in public. That bubbles to the surface, like when I first started doing this, I’m like, I’m just making this up as I go along. I’m just hoping that every client, I have lands on one strategy and I just would sort of sweat and be really nervous with all my first clients, but it worked every time.

Mm, every [00:26:00] time. So maybe the most important thing I can impart is that believe that you have a really powerful core strategy, that could be the engine of everything else. That’s sort of like part two of my message. It’s like, you’ve got this. Why it’s your marketing archetype, but also you have this. Like for me right now it’s talks and when it’s in person, nothing better than that.

Right. So totally excited for things to start opening up again. And then, you know, I would call podcast a sort of subcategory of talks. So, but for some people it’s, let’s do, you know, an event series and have a bunch of gatherings that are strategic and it just depends. And maybe it’s time for you to write your book.

That’s another. You know, and by the way, I cannot wait to read your mark, your your marketing book. Like I’m like I, because you and I are so similar in our approach and I have not written my marketing book yet. I wrote my mindset book, but not my marketing books. So I’m like, oh my gosh, I totally have to.[00:27:00] 

Sarah: Thank you. Yeah, it is really amazing. I was just going to say before you said that comment about the book and how we’re similar. It’s amazing. What you are talking about, I’m talking about in the, in the frame of the marketing superpower, the gentle marketing superpower, it’s that kind of overlap between yes.

Your people, what you your personal preference and then the, the, the connection, where do you want to hang out? Right. And it. It really gives you the permission to do what feels good to you. I think that is the biggest takeaway from all of this to do what feels good and not to follow all the guru’s latest strategy or what they say they have, you have to do.

Right. And, and, and, and, and I think that is just so. Powerful, but it’s also so such a big relief. When you can say, I can just focus on one [00:28:00] thing that I’m already good at and that I can get better and better at it in that will be enough. I think there’s just a sister of big relief. And 

Christina: another, another caveat to that.

Yes. It’s something you’re good at, but I also try to give my clients that edge. Right. Like the, the thing that’s gonna push them. Right. So, you know, I worked with a life coach who she’s like, well, I used to help other speakers with their things. And I’m like, honey, it’s time for you to be a speaker. Like she kept saying those people are the speakers.

And I just knew. Just from, you know, working deeply with her, it’s your turn. And that was you wouldn’t say, oh, that’s my strength. And I’m great at it, but it was her comfort edge and she knocked it out of the park. So that’s, that’s another thing, like, I think that keeps us interested. Right. You know, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna make it sound like it’s another full-time job.

This is the kind of strategy where like you give a lot of, you give a lot of love in the beginning just to [00:29:00] develop. You know, the foundation, whether it’s your talk or whatever, and then it just pays dividends for years, 

Sarah: if you do it right. No, totally. Yeah. This is another thing I want to talk to you about, because I think we have that in common as well.

The bringing back the humanity to marketing. So how do you talk about it with your clients? The whole bringing back the human aspect. 

Christina: Yeah. And it’s like, you have your book marketing, like we’re human. My talk, my signature talk is. Marketing for humans, bringing the human back into marketing. You 

Sarah: go 

Christina: and pretty much it’s w it’s the conversation you and I are having right now.

I actually have it as an intro course called the three secrets to getting great clients by being you. And so the first one is know your, why. The second one is find the solid strategy. That’s going to be your engine and your fuel. And then the third one, which I’ll say now, cause that’s kind of the missing piece is the [00:30:00] mindset piece, the the contribution mindset.

So just to be really specific about that, and I’ve, I’ve just wrote a book last year, it’s called the generosity practice. I didn’t think I could actually teach it on paper. It took me so long to really just sit down and knock that out. Like it was a two year process, but anyway this is about. Like okay, Sarah, if right now you were to wander around your town where you live or your beautiful city.

Cause I know where you live and you could offer every stranger the most. Just a gift that would delight you. Like I actually remember being in Lozan and there’s this place there was, this is like 25 years ago. There was a place that was like a little cafe that had the rich. Almost like putting like hot to the cathedral.

I know that really have to climb up there to get it is like, I’ve never forgotten that it’s been so many years since I had that. And I was like, [00:31:00] if I were there and I were you, if I could give that to every stranger that would delight me and probably make them happy. So if I were to ask you what would be your version of that to give to.

Sarah: Would it have to be something like tangible or in dental? 

Christina: It can be, and it has nothing to do with your real capacity to give it. It’s just something in your own heart that would delight you, 

Sarah: right? Yeah. If I think about my work it would definitely be this permission piece. I feel like that’s the biggest feedback I get from the book is people reading my book, say.

Thank you. Thank you for the permission to do marketing. Like it feels good to me. So it would be going around, handing out permission, slip saying you can do it however you want. And that goes beyond marketing. I think it really just goes with business. Be who you are in business. 

Christina: Yeah. So just to take that up a notch, like what color would the permission slip be?

Sarah: [00:32:00] It would be. Emerald green. 

Christina: Ooh. And if you were to put it like in a little cool envelope to make it a little more special, like maybe what would that look like? 

Sarah: I think it would be a gold envelope, like really sick paper. Probably like one of these old seals on yeah. 

Christina: We’re, I’m taking this with you, Sarah is that, you know, you can go into a space of delight.

Like you can even just leave the, well, this is my mission in life and I’m here to bring permission to everyone and that’s what they love from me. Like there’s also a space for you to be like, oh, I get to give people like these cool gold envelopes with like the Emerald green inside, and this is going to be awesome.

So if you take that out to the outermost limits, that’s the essence of the practice, like what feels good to offer to life today? And it really allows you the space to step back from your. And all of the sheds and all the expectations and just [00:33:00] decide, I would love to be an offering in this way today. And you could, there’s so many ways to go at it, right?

You can do it. What we just did. You can also think of a person that you love in your life and like what you would love to offer them. You can think about like what you’d love to offer the whole wide world. And then the deepest level of the practice. Let me just quiet my mind. And this is where it just sitting for 10 minutes is really powerful.

You just sit for 10 minutes. You imagine yourself in this glorious place that makes you feel connected. And then you just wait in the unknown for like the gift, right? Like the, and my experience of this is things drop in from. I’m going to call it grace, you know, from all of life, from higher intelligence and it just drops and you’re there to discern like, is this the gift or not?

Yes, no. And that, that discerning process is incredibly important. Anyway, and then you land it and a lot of times people just get tears or either you’re just. Oh, my gosh, this is a different day, but [00:34:00] even just for imagining what I could give to all of life today, and then you see yourself offering it as like, oh my God, what was bothering me?

I forget, because this is so awesome. Like I got the rest of my day, like handled. So you can feel that that’s, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s what helps you take rejection and not stop this subtitle to my book is 40 days to unstoppable. And that’s for a reason because it makes you unstoppable.

You’re like, I love helping people. So that’s the third piece that makes everything more human is to take control of your mindset and choose one of contribution. 

Sarah: Yeah. And what did the two others again? 

Christina: No, your why? So that’s the marketing archetype and then pick the solid strategy. That really is your jam.

Sarah: Wonderful. Yeah. I love that. And it, in a way it’s. I love how you wrote the mindset book first, and then maybe that will lead into the, the marketing book, because I F I feel like I feel the same [00:35:00] about the marketing book. It then led to the sales book. Right? I have marketing like we’re human and people ask me what.

What about selling? And so I had to give myself permission to write the selling, like we’re human book first because I thought, well, I’m not a sales person who am I to write that? So, you know, writing a book is a journey and it’s a transformation by itself. So I can’t wait to you. Find out more about your book and then hopefully you’ll write the marketing book too.

Christina: It’s out there. Just said there,

Sarah: this has been amazing. Thank you so much, Christina. We’ll make sure that we link to the book and your website and everything in the, in the show notes. Is there any other link you would like? Well, the, the assessment link, maybe just share that one again. So that’s 

Christina: innate marketing

That will get you there in eight. Is I N N a T E [00:36:00] innate 

Sarah: genius. I always have one last question. And that is what are you grateful for today or this week? Christina? 

Christina: I’m really thankful for a group of people today. It was 32 of them that go into the ocean with me on Wednesdays and Fridays. And it was. 39 degrees in the water this morning.

So we’re just, we’re there together suffering for two minutes and I, I just adore 

Sarah: them all 39. That must be like two degrees Celsius or something.

Wonderful. Yeah. Thank you so much for spending some time with me. It’s been a delight. 

Christina: I appreciate being here.

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The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

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Your contact information is safe, and will not be used in ways
other than stated on this page.