Who is Sarah Santacroce, in Life and in Business?

Welcome back to the Humane Marketing podcast with me, Sarah Santacroce, where we support a business approach that resonates with today’s conscious clients through humane, ethical, and non-pushy practices.

In this special solo episode, I thought I’d reintroduce myself and share a bit more about who I am. The whole human. So I share a little bit about my personal self but also talk about my work and specifically my different offerings, including my 1-on-1 Conscious Business Coaching, my programs and our .

I’ll also offer a sneak peek into my upcoming third book around the topic of Being Human in Business. Let’s embark on this journey together, creating a space where business thrives with heart and soul.

"I really use both my creative intuition as well as my practical wisdom to make a difference in the business world." – @sarahsantacroce #humanemarketing Share on X

Points I talk about:

  • Who I am, personally and professionally
  • The three main focuses in my life’s work (my 1-on-1 coaching, my programs and our community)
  • The 3rd book about Business Like We’re Human
  • The direction of this podcast this year
  • And much more…

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Ep 180

Sarah: [00:00:00] Hello, Humane Marketers. Welcome back to the Humane Marketing Podcast, the place to be for the generation of marketers that cares. This is a show where we talk about running your business in a way that feels good to you, is aligned with your values, and also resonates with today’s conscious customers because it’s humane, ethical, and non pushy.

I’m Sarah Zanacroce, your hippie turned business coach for quietly rebellious entrepreneurs and marketing impact pioneers. Mama bear of the humane marketing circle and renegade author of marketing like we’re human and selling like we’re human. If after listening to the show for a while, you’re ready to move on to the next level and start implementing and would welcome a community of like minded.

Quietly rebellious entrepreneurs who discuss with transparency what works and what doesn’t work in business. Then we’d love to welcome you in our humane marketing circle. If you’re picturing your [00:01:00] typical Facebook group, let me paint a new picture for you. This is a closed community of like minded entrepreneurs from all over the world who come together once per month in a Zoom circle workshop.

To hold each other accountable and build their business in a sustainable way. We share with transparency and vulnerability what works for us and what doesn’t work, so that you can figure out what works for you, instead of keep throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. Find out more at Humane dot marketing forward slash circle.

And if you prefer one on one support from me, my humane business coaching could be just what you need. Whether it’s for your marketing, sales, general business building, or help with your big idea like writing a book, I’d love to share my brain and my heart with you together with my almost 15 years business experience and help you grow a sustainable business that is joyful and Sustainable.

If you love this [00:02:00] podcast, wait until I show you my mama bear qualities as my one on one client. You can find out more at humane. marketing forward slash coaching. And finally, if you are a marketing impact pioneer and would like to bring humane marketing to your organization, have a look at my offers and workshops on my website at humane.


Welcome back, friends, and happy 2024, may it be filled with many small and many big significant moments, moments of laughter, inspiration, and lots of magical Little moments, today’s conversation fits under the P of personal power of the seven P’s of humane marketing. And if you’re a regular here, well, thanks for being back in 2024.

You [00:03:00] already know that I’m organizing the conversations here around the seven P’s of the humane marketing mandala. And if this is your very first time here. Big warm welcome, then you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but you can download your one page marketing plan with the humane marketing version of the seven Ps of marketing at humane.

marketing forward slash one page. That’s humane. Dot marketing forward slash the number one and the word page. And this comes with seven email prompts to really help you reflect on these different P’s for your business to create this marketing foundation that is ethical and aligned with your values. So, I thought I’d use this first episode of the year to do a solo episode and maybe a bit of a reminder about who I am and what I stand for.

Some other podcasters have done that [00:04:00] and reminded me to do it. So since I usually have interviews, right yeah. Yeah, it’s not my favorite thing to talk about myself, but here I am. I I’m looking forward to sharing a little bit about my work, a little bit about me as a person. And then also at the end about the next book that I’m currently working on or nudging myself to work on.

I have to be honest. It’s, it, the outline is more or less there, but I haven’t started writing yet. So that’s the plan for this episode. I’ll also give you kind of a heads up of what’s coming for the podcast. Some of you may already know me a little bit from reading my books, marketing like we’re human or.

Selling like we’re human or maybe you’re even a member of the Humane Marketing Circle community. And that’s definitely the place where I. I just show up as my, you know, [00:05:00] true self, and you definitely then know quite a bit about me. If so, well, then you know that I’m a Swiss born, but global citizen mother of two young adult boys, I’m an empath, and I bring a unique blend of perspectives to the table.

So on the. Personal side, I’m an INFJ. So that’s from the Myers Briggs, right? I’m very introverted, but I’m also very people oriented. That’s what the last two letters stand for. So I call myself the mama bear of our community, the Humane Marketing Circle. And I would say that has to do with the INFJ. So I feel very.

caring and empathic towards the members of the community and my clients and anybody that I, I come across. So while I’m introverted and I need a lot of [00:06:00] recharging the batteries time, I also very much enjoy people, especially people who have put up their hand and said, Hey, I want to be, you know, in your inner circles.

I want to be spending more time with you. So INFJ, I’m also an. HSP, so that stands for highly sensitive person, and that is a character trait. And I was so relieved when I found out that that’s just how I’m wired. I experienced the world more deeply. I feel a lot, and that can sometimes be quite honestly, a bit of a pain because, well, yeah, it’s, it’s.

It’s not always easy to feel everything, to feel a room, to feel the energy of the world in general. And then of course, especially feel the, the energy of my close people, my family, but also my clients. So while it comes with a lot of good things, such as A lot of intuition and [00:07:00] just knowing what people need and all of that.

It also has some of the things that sometimes keep me from sleeping or keep me from just tuning out those kind of things. So I already said I’m an, I’m an introvert. So those three things really yeah. Kind of describe me. Well you know, we sometimes have this. Kind of thought about not wanting to use labels, but I feel good about these three Acronyms INFJ, HSP, and Introvert.

They, they fit me. So I really use both my creative intuition as well as my practical wisdom to make a difference in the business world. I’m also a Capricorn from the astrology side. So very, very practical, very pragmatic, very down to earth. And I’m a cancer rising. So again, that’s the care. That’s the, the motherly aspect.

That’s [00:08:00] like just, you know, empathic aspect. So I do feel like I have found a way to be in business where, you know, I can really use all of me, all of who I am to bring all of that to, to what I’m offering. So. Besides that, I’m also very interested in all kinds of different woo woo things, such as, I mentioned it, astrology, I got introduced to it through my mom, who still does a reading for me each year at my birthday.

She just kind of studied it as a, as a side thing. She was an astrologer, and that’s kind of the same approach I have. I don’t feel like I want to go and study astrology but I do want to understand it for me, for my close people, my family as well as my clients. It always helps me when they tell me, you know, what, which birth sign they are.

And also human [00:09:00] design, because that’s the next thing that I discovered and just really loved it. And I use that as well in my programs, the Marketing Like We’re Human program, as well as my one on one clients to help them discover their own personal power. Personal power is the second P of humane marketing, where we really figure out, well, how are we wired so that we can find our own unique way of, business, but also just in general, how to be in business.

I’ve always practiced yoga, but since COVID, I really do it religiously every morning. It’s become part of who I am. So I start the day with, with that. I love yoga with Adrian for that on YouTube. So if you don’t know yoga with Adrian, Have a look at that. It’s just she has so many different videos.

It’s all free. And yeah, I love her style. She’s kind of quirky and funny, but it’s also very professionally [00:10:00] done. So the sound is good. It’s just perfect. So that’s what I do in the morning. And then at lunch, I also have a new practice, which is yoga nidra. which is a type of guided meditation, which works better for me than meditation.

I tried meditation many years and always felt like I’m doing it wrong. It’s not for me. So yeah, guided meditation. So the yoga nidra for just a deep relaxation of the body feels better for me Because I’m so much in my mind, I feel like, okay, focusing on the body and with this guided meditation and yoga nidra is what I found that works for me, right?

It’s all about finding a practice that works for us. And so if meditation is not. the thing that works, we’ll go and find something else. I’m also a big fan of alternative medicines such as Ayurveda, which I’ve discovered what, [00:11:00] probably three, four years ago kind of going into perimenopause and now menopause, just kind of like finding a different way to look at Our, yeah, our health, our body, our nutrition.

So just really loving that approach. And I’ve always been interested in how other cultures see the mind and the body connection. And so. Yeah, to me, it’s just fascinating to follow someone else’s approach to medicine, right? Yes, traditional medicine has definitely has saved my husband for once for one and, and, you know, it’s, it’s doing a lot of good in the world and there’s Some things where alternative medicine works just as well.

So Ayurveda is one, flowers of Bach is another one that I’ve also learned from my mom and, and sometimes forget about it. But whenever I think of it, I’m like, okay, yeah, I’m going [00:12:00] to go back to the flowers of Bach. I love essential oils. And yeah, so, so many things I could list here. I’m just all about experimenting and seeing, oh, yeah, that really works for me.

So, I also book time in my day, most days, to go for an hour walk outside. I started walking with a dog, not our own dog. We travel, we love traveling too much to own a dog. But I started walking in a dog in, The neighboring town and really love that otherwise once per week I walk with my friend Barbara and another time with another friend.

So yeah, really walking and being outside is a big part of me. I’m lucky to live five minutes from Lake Geneva and two minutes from a forest with a little river. So nature really has this healing effect on my Overstimulated mind, which is why I build a lot of spaciousness into my days.

I did mention our [00:13:00] boys, but I just. I think it’s, it’s an important part of my life still, you know, they’re 17 and 20. So still very much a mom even though they’re now mainly living their own lives, they are still living at home or at least sleeping at home for the older one, Simon. And yeah, it’s a big part of my holistic being, right?

There’s this work side of me, but then there’s also the Family side of me, which I, I love that I’ve over the years built a business that really has the space to be all of me and has the space to have me spend time with the boys as they’re I As they were smaller and have them grow up in a home where they come back and I’m on calls and and then can Spend time with them and do homework and all of that.

So yeah over the [00:14:00] years that’s been really important for me and still is but now they you know, they spread their wings and Need us less and less. So So that’s me in a nutshell on the personal side. So on the professional side, I started my first business in 2007, 2008, and have run a LinkedIn consultancy over 12 years.

So helping companies and individuals with LinkedIn. So LinkedIn, social selling, LinkedIn profiles. A lot of LinkedIn profile reviews, which I still offer as a service. It’s a small LinkedIn profile video review. So a review of someone’s profile in video format. And people really love that because it’s a.

relatively small investment and yet they get my expert advice on their profiles. So [00:15:00] that’s something I still do. I also still offer a LinkedIn profile done for use. So someone who wants me to write their LinkedIn from A to Z, that’s a service I still offer, but I don’t give any trainings anymore, no more workshops.

This is all the things that I used to do in companies, but also with individual clients. I did that over 12 years. And then a few years ago, I completely pivoted away from that business. And now I’m doing three main things in the realm of humane marketing. So first The thing that I’m offering is I’m a conscious business coach for changemakers to help them create their life’s work and let the world know about it.

I also run my two flagship programs, the Marketing Like We’re Human program that has been running since 2019 and is coming up again in March 2024. It’s a program for heart centered entrepreneurs [00:16:00] and changemakers to create their marketing foundation. And then a new program I launched last November. For the business book alchemist program for renegade authors to help them write their change making book.

So a book about change. I won’t be running that one again until November. So it’s kind of an end of the year program. And then I’ll basically create a community, a small community group, an accountability group to really stay accountable and help each other write the book during their year. So if you have a book in you keep that in mind for this November, which seems very far right now, since we just started the year, I do also work with clients one on one on their book together with that.

program that I’ve created a video program for. So if you’re in a hurry and would like my one on one support, then that’s [00:17:00] something we can look at as well. So that’s the Business Book Alchemist program. And then finally, I also host our community, the Humane Marketing Circle, which is a think tank for humans who want to market their business.

And I tell you a bit more about that in a minute. So my clients and members on, of the community always say that I give them permission to be themselves in their business. And I really think that’s true. There are no masks in our community and we really are being real and as the. Mama bear of our group.

I lead and show up with vulnerability and share my own struggles so that it creates that safe space to, to be real. And people really appreciate that because I guess there’s so much. Unrealness out there in the world that it feels like a safe haven to, to come to and, [00:18:00] and learn together and share about marketing like we’re human.

I love to work with change makers who are somehow involved in this paradigm change that we’re currently in. So for me, there is really no more business as usual. If I hear someone say business as usual, I just cringe, or if I just. See LinkedIn posts about business as usual. I was like, no, you gotta wake up.

There is no more business as usual. We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for. So this is the time that to not do business as usual anymore. Because yeah, we are the change makers. We have so much. Need for change right now. So many, so many systems that need to be changed and also just our own relationship to business and work.

And I’ll tell you more about that when I talk about the book. So as you know, I chose to [00:19:00] focus on changing and revolutionizing the way we market and sell in our businesses, but to me, that is just. My focus, right? Because that’s the field I know best, but in all honesty, it’s much bigger than that. And I’m really deeply interested in a complete systems change.

So if we’re going to save this planet and our humanity, then we need to stop doing what we’ve done until now and start reinventing business. Maybe we don’t even call it business anymore because. Business reminds me of capitalism, and that is one system that is broken for sure. So in my one on one work, I support change agents who are aware of this paradigm shift and contribute to it with their work.

So either by working with individuals or with companies, this could be organizational change work, or [00:20:00] leadership work, or mindset work, or climate oriented work. Sustainability work, right? Or working in some other way to help humanity, but it all has to do with change from within. So if you know the seven Ps of humane marketing, you can see how Inner change is very aligned with my framework because in humane marketing, we also start with ourselves.

Another framework that starts from within and that I’ve started to get involved in locally and globally are the inner development goals. So they are the skills that have been kind of, I guess, with collective intelligence gathered to. Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in a workshop called Humane Marketing for Changemakers.

I’ve integrated this framework with my approach to humane marketing. [00:21:00] And if you know or run a community who would be interested in having me teach this workshop, please reach out to me. I’d love to come and teach that for free. So yeah, just kind of like looking at change that we need. And the other thing is that we need to think about what is it outside, right?

That we need in our world as a thing that we need to change within ourselves first. So as you can tell, personal development is, is like a big thing for me having gone through it myself, then writing about it in the Marketing Like We’re Human book, then applying that in the Marketing Like We’re Human, aka the Client Resonator program, and also Very much practicing it with my one on one clients.

It is the thing that we need right now in order to create outer change. Is this inner change first? So yeah, I love helping change makers, finding their messaging and sharing their gifts. And [00:22:00] often they are people like myself who find themselves at a pivotal point, either coming out of a corporate job or.

pivoting in their own business because they feel the calling to contribute to the paradigm shift. So they feel like they’ve just been running a business as usual kind of business for the last few years and feel like they need to Step into something bigger because now is the time now is the time to really use the gifts that they’ve been given in order to contribute and make a bigger change, realizing that business as usual, given all our current challenging is just not for them anymore.

So that’s the one on one work that I love doing. So let me talk a little bit about our community. The community. Humane Marketing Circle, and after that I’ll end with some heads up about the topic of my third book that [00:23:00] I’m currently working on and what I’m going to be sharing on this podcast as well.

Actually, instead of me talking about the circle, our community, let me read you the most recent testimonial I’ve received from a member, Katica. I haven’t had time yet to put it up, but I’ll read it here. So she says, I stumbled into the humane marketing circle seeking a community that resonated with my values and approach to business.

What I found was beyond my expectations. It’s a gathering of diverse souls, each bringing unique expertise and perspectives. Here, it’s not about hosting workshops by renowned experts. It’s about sharing. Learning and growing together. The co creation aspect is remarkable. It’s not just about attending events, but actively participating in shaping them.

The recent Humane Marketing Circle Expo was a testament to this collaborative spirit. It’s not just about self [00:24:00] promotion. It’s about lifting each other up. What truly sets this circle apart is the emphasis on people. Not just, not just as members, but as individuals with stories, experiences, and knowledge to share.

Being highlighted in the podcast wasn’t a mere promotional tactic. It was an acknowledgement of our expertise and the celebration of our unique journeys. The value here is immense. It’s not just about. Collaboration for events, but the organic growth and visibility that stem from it. The environment allows for organic networking and more importantly, it fosters a culture of ethical marketing where pushy tactics have no place.

I’ve barely scratched the surface and already I’ve delved into topics like HSP, human design and referral marketing. All things to engaging with this community. What’s truly special is that all members here are aligned with. in values, creating a [00:25:00] harmonious space where ethical marketing is the norm. The Humane Marketing Circle isn’t just a community.

It’s a safe haven for like minded individuals to grow, learn, and make a difference in business, one conscious step at a time. I think that really sums up nicely what our community is like. There’s about 40 of us right now. And while we’d love to grow, we are also Making very sure that the quality of the relationships doesn’t suffer, because that’s what we’re most proud of, a community that is interrelated.

Every active member has ties to other members, not just me. So, if this is the kind of community you’d love to get involved in, in this year, 2024. Learn from, and also share your experience with. We’d obviously love to have you. I’m currently redesigning a new landing page for the community with some different longer term pricing options.

But right now you can still [00:26:00] join us at humane. marketing forward slash circle at the monthly rate of 37 per month. And, yeah, we’d love to have you. And finally, let me share some of my thoughts around this third book that I’m planning to work on this year. I’ve always had plans to have three books, so the marketing, the selling, and the business in general.

That’s kind of how my website was set up as well, with the three different colors. Marketing is green, selling is earth red, and business is blue. So, this third book is about business and work in general. Right now, the working title is something like Being Human and Running a Business, or just Business Like We’re Human, to follow from the other two titles.

And the subtitle for now is The Changemaker’s Path to Redefining Our Relationship to Work and Finding Inner Peace to [00:27:00] Create Outer Change. So yeah. No more business as usual. Basically, I’ll be writing about redefining business and work so that it doesn’t define us, but we define it. And our work contributes to our own conscious well being and the well being of our planet.

That’s what I feel like work should be for and topics are going to be including how we got here, like the story from basically starting in the industrial revolution to today and kind of like highlighting, well, you know, What’s wrong with that today? It might’ve worked back in the industrial revolution, but, you know, we have evolved, our consciousness hasn’t evolved.

And yet we are still defined by the way we think about work. From back then. Another topic is [00:28:00] reimagining a different way of making a living or making a life. Creating more spaciousness to be and to focus on things that truly matter to ourselves but also to the collective. The path to recalibrate our relationships and work so that we are ready for the new way of doing business like we’re human.

And then also tackling the topic of What AI has to do with all that. So artificial intelligence, how does that have or impact the way we work and how us humans can use AI to help us so that we can work less and be more human. And actually focus on taking care of our world and each other. So collaborating with I, instead of saying, well, no, that’s just not human.

So it’s not good. Humans, our [00:29:00] main reason for being is not to work. We made that up in the Industrial Revolution, right? So what is our main reason for being human or what makes us human? So big questions like that. And I’ll share some bonus episodes here on the podcast with updates of what I’m writing, conversations I’m having, and and more.

And in addition to those bonus episodes, I’ll also keep my usual schedule of two episodes per month. So one on a business and marketing topic and another one with a change maker I personally want to learn from. And I’m sure you’ll be inspired as well. So yeah, that’s what I have for today. Let’s embark on this journey together, shaping a future where business is a force for good, where we market and sell like we’re human.

You can find out more about anything that I’ve shared [00:30:00] here on my website at humane dot marketing. If you want to find out more about the community, that’s humane dot marketing forward slash circle. And you find the show show notes of this episode at humane dot marketing forward slash H M 1 8 0. And on this beautiful page, you’ll also find a series of free offers such as the humane business manifesto and the free gentle confidence mini course, as well as my two books, marketing like we’re human and selling like we’re human.

Thanks so much for listening and being part of a generation of marketers who cares for yourself. Your clients and the planet. We are change makers before we are marketers. So go be the change you want to see in the world. Speak soon.[00:31:00] [00:32:00]

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