What Makes Me Unique?

In the world of entrepreneurship, everyone tells you that you need to ‘stand out from the noise’ and ‘be unique’. But you might be asking yourself: how do I find out what makes me unique? As an entrepreneur, you have a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives that differentiate you from others. Discovering and embracing what makes you unique can unlock your true potential and create an authentic and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey. In this article we will explore the concept of authenticity and guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you unleash your true self as an entrepreneur.

What makes me unique

What Makes Me Unique: Finding Your Authentic Self as an Entrepreneur

Starting a business is an exciting but tough adventure. It takes bravery, perseverance, and knowing yourself well. Every entrepreneur’s journey is different, with ups and downs, achievements and setbacks. Understanding what makes me unique and accepting the uncertainties that come with this journey have helped me figure out who I am in order to show up as my true self.

Discovering Your True Self

Reflection and Self-Awareness

To discover what makes you special, start by reflecting on yourself and being aware of who you are. You can do this through activities like writing in a journal, meditating, or getting feedback from people you trust. The following paragraphs will hopefully also help you gain a better understanding of yourself and what motivates you.

Identifying Personal Values and Passions

Your values and passions play a significant role in shaping your entrepreneurial journey. Identify the core values that guide your decision-making and the causes that ignite your passion. When your business aligns with your values and passions, you create a meaningful impact and attract like-minded individuals who resonate with your mission.

To find your top five values visit Personal Values Assessment, which offers a free online assessment.

Think Deeply about Your Definition of Success

Take a moment to deeply contemplate your own understanding of success. One of the main reasons heart-centered entrepreneurs dislike marketing is due to “comparitis” or feeling like an imposter. While the internet has brought us incredible opportunities, if we’re not careful, it can also diminish our confidence, hinder creativity, and ultimately harm our business.

That’s why it’s crucial to define what success means to you in order to stay true to yourself. When we compare ourselves to others, we often overlook the fact that we might be comparing completely different things. We don’t see the whole picture, and we don’t know how others define success, which can be a game-changer since everyone’s ultimate goals may differ.

Picture yourself on your last day alive. How will you measure your own success?

How Are You Uniquely Wired?

You are uniquely you. But what does that really mean? 

I came across different personality assessments on my journey to find out more about myself so I would attract clients in alignment. 

They all helped me discover aspects of myself and how I’m wired. 

For example, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helps you understand how you see the world and make decisions by pinpointing whether you’re more introverted or extroverted, sensing or intuitive, thinking or feeling, and perceptive or judging. 

I’m an INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging).

Here are some other assessments and tools that help you to find your authentic self:

Being Unique in Business

Building a Genuine Personal Brand

To highlight your uniqueness, focus on creating an authentic brand with authentic relationships. Bring your values, your personality, and all parts of you to your business. Share your journey with stories that connect to your people on an emotional level.

Find Your People

When you have a clear understanding of what makes you unique and bring your whole self into your business, something remarkable happens: you naturally attract the right people. These individuals are the ones who resonate with your values, your mission, and what you stand for. They are drawn to the authenticity and passion you bring to the table.

By being true to yourself, you create a magnetic force that repels those who are not aligned with your values. It’s like a natural filtering process where those who do not resonate with your authentic self are naturally weeded out. This is a powerful and positive outcome because it allows you to focus your energy and resources on cultivating relationships with the people who truly belong in your community.

Finding your people is not just about building a customer base or network; it’s about building a tribe of like-minded individuals who share a common vision and purpose. These are the people who will support you, cheer you on, and be your loyal advocates. They will celebrate your successes, lift you up during challenging times, and contribute to the growth and sustainability of your business.
Read this post ‘Find Your People in Business: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Blur the lines

Since the industrial revolution, we have created a ‘work version’ and a ‘personal version’ of ourselves. But guess what? You won’t find your people if you run around wearing your work mask. 

How do I know? I’ve done it myself! Read my personal story here

The definition of work is changing at a rapid speed. Let me encourage you to blur the lines. Drop of the idea of running a business and instead think of it as ‘creating a life – and a living’.

By doing that, you won’t step into a stiff ‘business owner’ role but just show up as yourself. 

You still own a business and make as much money as you want and need, but the energy is less stiff and more human.

Don’t wash your dirty linen in public; open up and share from your heart in small group settings.

Embrace the Woo

Another way of blurring the lines is to bring spirituality to your business. 

Spirituality was frowned upon in the traditional business environment, but times have changed.

If you are a person of faith or spirituality, there is nothing wrong with bringing more of that to the business world. 

Example of embracing the woo in business:

I love discussing yoga, astrology and Human Design – they are part of my daily habits.

My other beliefs are in non-linear leaps and bounds, serendipity and guidance by the universe. 

These beliefs keep me grounded and give me a ‘soft belly and a strong back’. My people have similar views.

Honoring Ethical Principles

Integrity is everything for a Humane Marketer. Every action not only reflects our own character but also impacts our reputation and of course it impacts our clients. That’s why we follow our very own Humane Marketing Creed

Humane Marketing Creed excerpt:

  • We run our business to make a positive difference and to support ourselves financially
    Similar to B Corporations, we balance purpose and profit. We are here to serve, but we are not martyrs. We are in business. 
  • We embrace gentleness throughout our business
    We treat clients, potential clients, and employees with kindness and empathy.
  • We believe in integrity and authenticity
    We just want to be ourselves in order to do our best work. We don’t use authenticity as a buzzword. It just means that we show up as who we are, in integrity.
  • We ensure fairness
  • In order to build a sustainable business, we invest in creating community, not just systems.

Read the rest of The Humane Marketing Creed

In Conclusion

By discovering the answer to the question ‘What makes me unique?’, then bringing all parts of you to your marketing and business you will connect with your people and therefore create a business that reflects your values, passions, and worldview. Remember, your authenticity is your superpower in the entrepreneurial world. Embrace your uniqueness, stand firm in your values, and let your light guide you as you navigate the marketing landscape with integrity and compassion.

What Makes Me Unique?

Curious to know what makes me, Sarah Santacroce, founder of Humane Marketing and Hippie Turned Conscious Business Coach, unique? 

Let’s see…

I’ve grown up in this Online Marketing world, starting my first online business in 2007. Over the years I’ve become more and more distraught with the way we were told to market our business with pushy and unethical strategies. 

In 2019 I launched the Humane Marketing Revolution, then called ‘Gentle Marketing’. 

Since then, I’m creating a movement of Humane Marketers, heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to market their business differently. 

I’m born and raised in Switzerland, speak 5 languages, grew up in a small Hippie Commune, that’s why I say that community is in my DNA. 

My top 5 core values are:

  • Freedom
  • Wellbeing
  • Personal Growth
  • Joy
  • Curiosity

Personality wise…

😎 I’m a non-conformist and do business my way

😎 I’m a card carrying introvert, and proud!

😎 I’m a Capricorn, Generator (Human Design), Type 4 (Enneagram), INFJ (Myers-Briggs) and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

😎 I’m like a mama bear: gentle but fierce! I do no harm, but take no shit. 🐻

😎 I’m extremely loyal and all my 1:1 clients become good friends. 

😎 I’m intense, in a good way.

Business wise…

😍 Care, focus, empathy, experience based on many failures, love, and knowledge of your industry. 

😍 My clients like to work with me because I’m structured, focused, result oriented, ‘the real thing’.

😍 I’ve built a very profitable LinkedIn Coaching business which served over 2000 clients.

😍 I’ve created and sold hundreds of online products and live group & individual coachings.

😍 I’ve written two Amazon Bestselling books ‘Marketing Like We’re Human’ and ‘Selling Like We’re Human’.

😍 I’m now building a sustainable business I truly enjoy, based on what works – and most importantly what works for me!!!  

I hope that reading about what makes me unique helps you in figuring out what makes you unique 😉

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