The Humane Marketing Creed

Humane Marketing Creed

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Here's what matters to us
Humane Marketers:

The Humane Marketing Creed

We run our business to make a positive difference and to support ourselves financially

Similar to B Corporations, we balance purpose and profit. We are here to serve, but we are not martyrs. We are in business.  

The Humane Marketing Creed

We embrace gentleness throughout our business

We treat clients, potential clients, and employees with kindness and empathy. 

The Humane Marketing Creed

We believe in integrity and authenticity

We just want to be ourselves in order to do our best work. We don’t use authenticity as a buzzword. It just means that we show up as who we are, in integrity.

The Humane Marketing Creed

We cultivate community

We care deeply about creating win-win-win situations. Win for the world, win for our clients, and win for ourselves.

The Humane Marketing Creed

We ensure fairness

In order to build a sustainable business, we invest in creating community, not just systems.

The Humane Marketing Creed

We make the world a better place

Everything we do aims to make this world we live in a better place: our products and services, our relationships, our communications.

The Humane Marketing Creed

We align who we are with what we do

We don’t change who we are in order to do what we do. We’re the real deal.

The Humane Marketing Creed

We aim to bring back the human connection to marketing

As much as we love technology, we always prioritize the human connection in our marketing activities.

The Humane Marketing Creed

We see marketing as a creative process

We are in our flow when we turn on our right brains and take marketing from arduous to joyful!

The Humane Marketing Creed

We approach marketing from a place of abundance

We know that there is an abundance of clients waiting for us

The Humane Marketing Creed

We are gentle visioneers

We are part visionaries, part pioneers. We are a new species of gentle Souls who re-invent marketing (and business).

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