The Humane Marketing Community

We're a marketing community for quietly rebellious entrepreneurs who want to market our businesses our way - the humane way! 🤗

I bet that if you landed on this page, you’re already familiar with the concept of Humane Marketing. You have listened to the podcast, read the books or have attended one of the workshops.

You know that we’re creating a Humane Marketing Revolution! 

A revolution of marketers for the generation that cares: for ourselves, our clients and the planet!

If this is the first time you’re hearing any of this, start with the Humane Business Manifesto or the Humane Marketing Creed.

Ok, so you're here because you want to get more clients, but you want to do it the humane way, without manipulation & other pushy strategies.

I also know that the whole world is telling you that you need more, more and more:
more marketing information, more content templates, more membership sites, more online courses...

But be honest, how many of those are already sitting on your hard drive collecting digital dust right now? Only 6 to 7% of online learners actually complete an online course.

More information doesn't lead to better results! 

It leads to marketing anxiety!

But what if you knew what works?

What if instead of downloading more freebies and buying more online courses you actually had a place and a group of fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs who have honest conversations about what works – and what doesn’t work in marketing, sales and business? And what works for people like us – with the same humane values!

The Humane Marketing Community, our Circle is exactly that.

We discuss and share with vulnerability what works for each of us - so that you can figure out what works for you!!


Conscious Business Coaching

The Humane Marketing Community, our Circle is for Humans like that.

It's a Think-Tank for smart, heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to market their business in a humane way.

To experience the Humane Marketing Circle in Action, click here.


"I love the Circle because there are a lot of like-minded people here. We all want do our marketing and communications differently, and you just learn so much from all the different members. We hold each other accountable and on our toes, which I really like as a life-long learner."
Annette Ebbinghaus, Humane Business Coaching testimonial
Annette Ebbinghaus
Mental Fitness Coach, Master sophrologist
"I came for the knowledge - and I stayed for the people!"
Adam Kawalec, Humane Marketing Circle testimonial
Adam Kawalec, current member
Coach & Freedom Architect
"It's not always easy to do things differently, especially when it comes to business - there's so much noise around more profit, more clients, more growth that it can be a challenge to stay true to your own values and instincts.
Luckily there's Sarah and the Humane Marketing Circle.
It's a real comfort to know there are others out there who also want to market and sell in a way that feels good, and does good. And most importantly to know that this way works - you don't have to sacrifice your values in order to make a living. I love the support, conversations, and ideas I get from the Circle. If you're a peaceful rebel who wants to sell without selling out, it's the only place to be."
Rachael, The Humane Marketing Circle testimonial
Rachael Cumberland-Dodd, current member
Messaging & Marketing Coach
I love the energy in the circle and I’m looking forward to learning everything there is to know about humane marketing and selling. The ‘other ways’ ie everything I’ve been taught so far, don’t work for me – my personality or my values – and the circle just feels right. Thank you for creating it.
Kante Danchin Humane Marketing Testimonial
Kate Danchin
‘Anti-Diet’ Psychotherapeutic Coach

Join us now!

Our monthly rate is $37/month – and we have a $7/14 days trial period so you can attend one of our meetups and see if this is a good fit !

Let's put the $37/month investment into perspective:

Every month we spend the following amounts on our basic needs:

$300 – $3000  on rent/mortgage

$150 – $600 on food

$150 – $700 on health 

= ca $600 – $4300


Just like the above costs, belonging and community is one of our basic needs.

How much is it worth it to you?

And while the Circle covers the basic need of belonging, it's also a business investment and therefore deductible under Professional Development.

Typical rates for Professional Development:

$100 – $1000 for a Workshop

$100 – $5000 for a Course

$100 – $250 for a Coaching session

The Humane Marketing Circle
costs less than a single Coaching session

If you were to buy each piece of this program individually,
you would easily spend HUNDREDS of dollars. 

In the Circle you’re getting all of it for much, much less.  

Here's What's Included in Your community membership
for $37 per month

>> Two live monthly Circle 75-minute Meetups

>> One live 90-minute workshop on a business / marketing topic 

>> Humane Marketer Onboarding Video Course 

 >> Unlimited Peer Coaching Sessions with Coaching Buddies (organized by yourself)


More details on what our marketing community includes:

Click on the arrows to expand:

We meet live on Zoom every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

First call: 11am EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET

Second call: 8am EST, 1pm GMT, 2pm CET

Our calls are a safe space where everyone will feel heard and seen and explore business building the gentle and humane way.

Instead of giving you access to tons of video content, we prefer the human approach and invite you to a live 90-minute workshop every month (or about 9 – 10 every year). 

Past topics: 

  • LinkedIn Like We’re Human
  • Selling Like We’re Human
  • Email Marketing Like We’re Human
  • Niching Like We’re Human
  • Writing Website Pages Like We’re Human 
  • etc. 

The Humane Marketer Onboarding Journey takes you step by step through the path of becoming a Humane Marketer. You’ll get acquainted with the 7Ps of Marketing, and work your way through the concepts explained in the Marketing Like We’re Human and the Selling Like We’re Human books and workbooks. 

You can choose to do this deep work by yourself, or with a Coaching Buddy / Pod. 

Imagine having a like-minded entrepreneur to exchange with and hold you accountable for a project that you’re both working on? 

As a Humane Marketing Circle member you have the possibility to organize unlimited coaching sessions with a coaching buddy, a fellow member. 

You can meet as often as you like and need. 

Every two weeks you have the chance to submit and get answers from the whole group to your questions. Of course you can also submit those on our private Community Board in between our calls. 

For the second part of our call we get into small breakout rooms where you get to know fellow members and work with them on specific questions, taken from Sarah’s two books. 

In between the calls we have our private community platform on Kajabi which we refer to as our ‘waterhole’ where you get support and answers from fellow members. 

Almost two years of content – and growing. 

Download this 6-Minute meditation about your Serene Garden to your phone and use it every time before you get on a Sales Call to help you stay serene and remind you that you are worthy – even if you don’t make the sale!

This is the recording of the workshop in which I share the following topics: 

  • a simple and yet amazing free tool you can use to find your way back to creatively and joyfully marketing your business in a way that’s aligned with your values.

  • a detour into your client’s head to find out more about their anti-hero. This helps us with perspective-taking.

  • a Serene Garden meditation (that’s where you’ll hold your gentle sales conversations).

  • a creative exercise in breakout rooms, using a simple and yet amazing free tool to design your Gentle Sales Path.

A full 90-minute replay of a live workshop with alternative options to Social Media. 

A full 90-minute replay of a live workshop that will help you figure out your niche and ideal client. 

A full 90-minute replay of a live workshop about how to write email newsletters that connect and convert. 

Once you have gone through the Humane Marketer Onboarding Journey and attended at least 6 monthly calls you receive a beautiful badge you can display on your website and in your emails that shows your clients that you are a Certified Humane Marketer. 

As a member of the Humane Marketing Circle you’ll also benefit from a 30% discount on Sarah’s online programs

Join us now!

Our monthly rate is $37/month – and we have a $7/14 days trial period so you can attend one of our meetups and see if this is a good fit !

"The more I got to know Sarah's work, and her as a person, the more I felt seen and understood. And I get that feeling now in the Circle with fellow like-minded humans. And I'm learning so much about marketing and business building in a humane and sustainable way."
Kim de Coster, member of the Humane marketing circle
Kim de Coster, current member
Helping Sustainable Changemakers Connect
« The Marketing Like We’re Human Onboarding Journey is a wonderful resource for digging deeply into value systems, identifying key marketing strengths and aligning yourself with clients that are a good fit.
Doing this groundwork along with 3 other authentic, compassionate Circle members made for a rich and valuable experience. Showing up for each other 3 weeks in a row kept us on track and accountable. In sharing our values and what was most important to us as entrepreneurs, we learned a lot about each other and our businesses very quickly. That knowledge allowed us to give one another feedback, validation, and often new ideas and insights. I highly recommend connecting with fellow circle members - and diving into the workbooks is a great way to start! »
Kelly Stocks, The Humane Marketing Circle testimonial
Kelly Stoks, current member
Transformation Coach
« After reading Marketing Like We're Human I immediately felt connected to that right brain and more feminine energy. I've been an active Circle member now for two years and continue to learn from Sarah and fellow Circle members about a new way of marketing that feels right for me .»
Myriam Martinez, MLWH case study
Myriam Martinez, current member
Women's Mental Wellbeing Coach

To get a Sneak Peek of the Humane Marketing Circle, click here.


Who's in the Circle?

Circle members are professionals from all kinds of different backgrounds:

  • Business Coaches and Consultants
  • Branding Specialists
  • Life & Health Coaches
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Bookkeepers
  • SEO Consultants 
  • Financial Consultants
  • Leadership Coaches
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Yoga teachers 
  • etc. etc. 

Right now there are about 45 amazing people in the Circle from England, Sweden, Tenerife, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, France, Canada and USA

Humane Marketing Circle zoom call
Kajabi Community Humane marketing Circle

We meet on Zoom twice per month!

And in our online community
in between the calls.

« Working with peers is of immense value. It’s so joyful and uplifting to share about our journeys, challenges, and inspiration, and to get honest reflections, questions and feedback. I feel less alone and positively encouraged. I can celebrate my little wins and be held accountable to keep making progress. It’s not easy to realize ourselves where we are programmed to follow the norms, so exploring how to do things in ways that are fully aligned for me really needs support from other free thinking and heart-centered entrepreneurs. »
Georgina, Humane Marketing Circle Testimonial
Georgina Peard, current member
My objective was to stay updated on the rapidly evolving and complex practices of web marketing, find academic resources on web engagement, learn effective teaching techniques for my MBA students, interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

While I did not find everything I was initially looking for, I gained unexpected benefits.

I discovered the complexities of web marketing through the concerns shared by other members, and found that practical experience compensated for any lack of theoretical knowledge. The group is a diverse mix of individuals from different generations and cultures, and the exchanges are truly helpful with immediately applicable tips and hints.

I also found that I had more in common with the members than I had anticipated.
It is great that not everything matched my expectations, as the unexpected benefits overcompensate for any perceived shortcomings.
Denis Poncelet
Denis Poncelet
MBA Professor and Strategic Consultant
« I look forward to our Circle meetings for the opportunity to connect with other solopreneurs interested in marketing their businesses in ways that align with their values, feel sustainable, and work. I've found Sarah and the other members of the Circle to be creative and generous with their advice and feedback. »
« This circle is one of the most liberating experiences - makes you a ready made set of minds with a huge range of experience, ready to listen to your issues - and come up with ideas, details and insights which can guide your course of action. . . As a business concept the circle is itself a winner. As a venue for relaxing, listening and contributing it has no parallel in my experience. . . Ideally sized when I first joined, but now even more varied with new voices. »
Sreela, The Humane Marketing Circle testimonial
Sreela Banerjee, current member
Co-founder, The Life Skills Network

The Humane Marketing Community
is a Hybrid Membership

Building & Growing

Humane Marketing Circle

Nurturing & Connecting

Humane Marketing Circle
Agenda of the Humane Marketing Circle

Say NO to:

Say YES to:

Business is a journey

I imagine you’re a few months or a few years into this journey. 

You most likely already have followed some marketing training or online advice, and maybe it just didn’t resonate with you. 

I know you’re in it for the long run, because you’re a Changemaker!

So why not travel with a gentle guide, a compass and a fun group of like-minded people who’s values are aligned with yours and who are also interested in growing a financially sustainable business – but without the pushy marketing strategies?

We do our best work in a community that we understand and that understands us.

We look forward to meeting you, fellow traveler ! 🙏🏽

The Story of Humane Marketing

Hopefully This checklist helps you decide That

This is the right fit for you IF

Most likely not a good fit IF

Let's unite to change the world
(a love ❤-letter from OUR FOUNDER, Sarah SANTACROCE)

Comm-unity is in my DNA. I grew up in a Hippie Commune where co-living, co-learning and co-nflict resolving were on the agenda every day.

It took me a while, but I’ve finally come full circle and realized that this is exactly what we need today: a community that unites to change the world of business.

Community has become a bit of a buzz-word as of late, similar to authenticity and vulnerability. 

Here’s how our community is different:

  • it’s not ‘just’ an online platform – we meet twice per month in online video calls 
  • it’s not an online teaching program – everyone gets to speak and share what works for them
  • it’s not a membership site – the focus is on learning through human connection, not more video content in isolation
  • we care about connections between members
  • everyone can get involved – we have ambassadors hosting the 2nd monthly calls

Here’s the potential for the future, the one I believe in:

  • A world where joy, empathy, and kindness are the currency
  • A world where marketing fosters a sense of belonging, not isolation
  • A world where entrepreneurs who use ethical marketing are the ones that not only make the biggest impact but also make the most money and use that money to make the world a better place.

This is why I offer this comm-unity.

Together we create change! Right now I’m hosting 1 of the 2 monthly workshops, the other one is hosted by one of the Ambassador Group members. 

This is the potential for the future of this community:

  • A community where we help each other be better, stronger and more competent in our work
  • A community where more and more collaborations and initiatives emerge from our common values
  • A community that is built around our Humane Marketing Revolution mission, not around me as a person
  • A community where it feels safe to speak our truth and honor boundaries

We are stronger together!

With ❤


Frequently Asked Questions

I know there are hundreds of free ‘communities’ on Facebook, Mighty Networks, Discord etc. Some of them are really good, but most of them are actually audiences, not communities. 

The main differences between a community and an audience are: 

  • a community has a cause: ours is to help each other grow our businesses the ethical, gentle way.
  • a community is not centralized: I’m not the guru of this community. We are interconnected. There’s a leader in each chair. We all share what works for each of us. 
  • a community has comm-union: People connect with each other. To deepen these connections we’re introducing unlimited-buddy coaching sessions among peers next year!

The Circle is also different because it’s not just an online group on Facebook or Mighty Networks. We have a monthly gathering where we meet like humans, for intimate, real conversations in small break-out rooms. 

It’s a paid community for the following reasons: 

  • while I’m not the guru, I’m the gentle leader who dedicates time to prepare, host, nurture and improve our community
  • there is REAL tangible and intangible value in a community where you get to discuss what works
  • there is no SPAM in a paid community
  • as the leader I have costs to cover, besides my time (monthly fee for Zoom, Kajabi, my VA etc)
  • we also have our very own community facilitator, Eddy Olveira, who’s salary you’re contributing to with your membership
  • Humane Marketer Onboarding Journey (a 15-part video series)
  • Two live monthly Circle Meetups every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month 
  • 90-minute live workshop on a business or marketing topic
  • Answers to your questions in a ‘Random Spotlight’
  • Real Human Connections in small breakout rooms
  • Unlimited peer coaching sessions with Coaching Buddies
  • Active and real participation during the calls (your voice matters!)
  • Private community platform to connect in between the calls
  • Addition to the Humane Marketing Member Roster
  • Replay and full access to the entire replay library
  • BONUS 1: Replay of ‘Marketing & Selling Like We’re Human’ workshop (valued at $97)
  • BONUS 2: Gentle Sales Meditation (an audio recording)
  • BONUS 3: replay of ‘Grow Your Business without Social Media’ workshop (valued at $97)
  • BONUS 4: free access to further workshops on different topics
  • Certified Humane Marketer Badge
  • 30% discount on Sarah’s online courses

This is not a content-library membership with access to hundreds of videos.

However, you do get free access to regular (about one every month, with a break in the summer) live workshops on different business building topics.

Instead of consuming more content, we reflect, connect and discuss what works for each of us. 

The 15-part Humane Marketer Onboarding Journey is there to help you create the Humane Marketing foundations, based on the 7Ps of Humane Marketing. 


I know that this is not the only ‘membership’ for heart-centered entrepreneurs out there. In fact, there are probably dozens. 

So why chose this one?

Because I truly believe in the 7th P of the Humane Marketing Mandala: the P that stands for Partnership

And that’s what we’re practicing here, more so than in other communities I’ve seen and been a member of. 

My role, as the host, is to create a safe space for us to have conversations around marketing and business building. But I’m not the only one talking. In fact, every 2nd meetup of the month is hosted by one of our ambassadors. And you can become an ambassador too, if you like!

We follow the principle of ‘a leader in each chair’, so we really gather collective intelligence and from there, partner to hold each other accountable

So I’d say chose this community if you want to feel: 

  • heard and seen
  • empowered to share your voice
  • inspired to learn from others who are on the same path
  • all while learning about marketing the gentle and humane way!

The calls are always on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month.

11am ET, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET on the 2nd Wednesday, and 8am ET, 1pm GMT, 2pm CET. Here are the dates for 2023.

So sorry if you’re in Australia or Asia! For now the only option is that you submit your questions and then watch the replay. 

As we grow and onboard more ambassadors, there is definitely an opportunity for a meetup in your time zone!

  1. We always start with 3 breaths together to get present.
  2. Then Sarah or the Ambassador leading the call reminds everyone of our guidelines in the Circle.
  3. We then usually first bring up a question in the main room, where everyone who’d like to share something gets a chance to speak. These questions come from YOU, the member, or from the host.
  4. For the second half of our time together we address a second question where we go into small break-out rooms of 2 – 3 people to discuss. 
  5. We come back together in the main room, share aha’s and what we’ve learned and then wrap up. 

>> 👂🏽🚩 You can listen to this short 12-minute episode on the Humane Marketing podcast where I talk about one of the Circle Meetups. 

Below are some sample questions: 

  1. How do we approach social media with a humane marketing mindset? Specifically do we create a plan or go with the flow?
  2. Let’s discuss the tangible and intangible value of our offer.
  3. Is it a common practice to be charged for being a guest on a podcast?
  4. What are some ways we can make our clients feel heard and seen in digital marketing?
  5. How can we reach people without necessarily ‘forcing’ them to sign-up to our ‘free’ lead-magnet?
  6. How can we use technology and AI by staying human(e)?

Every member of the Circle is free to share from their experience. We learn from each other. 

Circle members are professionals from all kinds of different backgrounds:

  • Business Coaches and Consultants
  • Branding Specialists
  • Life & Health Coaches
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Financial Consultants
  • Leadership Coaches
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Yoga teachers 
  • etc. etc. 

Of course! We’d love to have you!! We already have a few Marketing Coaches in the Circle and it’s soo helpful to have other perspectives! So yes, please join us!

You’re ready for Humane Marketing if you often think of yourself as a black sheep, a misfit, or too soft for business. You value kindness, integrity, honesty, fairness, and equality. You’re not interested in the hustle. 

You are ready to question all your marketing assumptions.

The Circle would NOT be a good fit for entrepreneurs who

  • are looking for specific marketing advice (the specifics of running Facebook ads or how to set up your online course on Kajabi). We like to go deep and often also talk about the BEING, not just the DOING

  • need instant results! This is not a Quick-Fix solution for all your problems. If you have read my books, you know that Marketing Like We’re Human is based on relationship building, and that doesn’t happen over night.

  • are looking for a ‘guru’ to follow and have information spoon fed to them. We’re fully embracing this new age of Aquarius as responsible and independent Human Beings.

  • are expecting 1:1 coaching or handholding. That’s not what this is. Yes, you can hook up with a Buddy Coach (a fellow member) on a voluntary basis to work on something, but if you need 1:1 support from me please have a look at my Coaching page

  • are not interested in finding out who they are in order to bring more of them to their marketing. What happens in the Circle is a fusion of  Personal Development, Marketing & Business 🙂

  • like to hear themselves talk. In the Circle we learn to listen deeply and speak with intention 😉

  • are not willing to show up and participate and invest your time. You get the most out of the Circle if you attend the live calls, submit your questions. learn from others and connect with fellow members. This takes time and effort. It’s a relatively new community and you have the chance to co-create it!

  • are questioning whether this different way of marketing will work. If that’s where you’re at, ask yourself the question: “Does the hype or bro-marketing still work for me?” If it does, it’s not time yet. In the Circle we’ve all embraced the fear of doing things differently, because the old way is just no longer working for us. 

Your gut will tell you if this is right for you!

You are an expert of your area of expertise.

There is no criteria of having x-amount of years experience, or making x-amount of $ per year.

We welcome you at whatever level you’re at and reserve you a seat in our circle – where there’s a leader in each chair. 

Most of our members come to us because they have tried other things before, that didn’t work for them: free Facebook groups, online courses, webinars etc. 

It’s intimate because we build in the Human Connection. Sarah’s main goal is not to ‘scale’, but to deliver value, co-create, inspire and reinvent marketing together.

It’s a global community with members from the USA, Canada, England, France, Switzerland and Sweden, Holland and hopefully others soon. 

Over time I will likely increase the rate at future open-doors, but you will be grandfathered in at the rate you pay today.

I understand. Please send me a message at and let me know how much you can put aside for this every month and we’ll hopefully come up with a plan that works for both of us. 

You can cancel anytime and there are several ways to do so:
In your payment Customer hub, via a button in our private platform or through a simple email.

If you feel that you’d benefit, then you are ready to join us. There are people with all kinds of experience levels, some people have just started out, others have been in business over 20 years. That’s what makes this group so interesting and valuable. 

If the doors are open: by clicking on one of the orange buttons. Choose your favorite membership (monthly or yearly) and pay. You will receive an email within a few minutes, giving you access to the replay area and welcoming you to the Circle. Also look out for a personal video welcome message from Sarah. And by personal I really mean ‘made just for you, coming from Sarah’s Gmail 😉

If the doors are closed: add your name to the waiting list and we will notify you when the doors open next time (a few times per year). To thank you for your trust and patience, you’ll get my ‘Authentic & Fair Pricing Mini-Course’ for free, a $97 value!

P.S. What if just one idea you learn in the Circle helps you sell out your next group program, with creativity and joy?

Sarah has over a decade of experience in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, coaching, online business creation, and strategy. She has been facilitating, training, and holding space with in-person and online groups (1 – 100 people from all over the world) since 2010 and is trained in theArt of Holding Space as well as The Art of Participatory Leadership. She’s the author of two books: ‘Marketing Like We’re Human’ and ‘Selling Like We’re Human’. 

Her approach is grounded in these pragmatic experiences, based on research and best practice. Bundled with her extensive inner work, knowledge about mindfulness, meditation, and alternative ways of healing, this creates a unique perspective on business that is holistic, humane, and gentle. 

Humane Marketing Community
Sarah Santacroce, Conscious Business Coaching

Join us now!

Our monthly rate is $37/month – and we have a $7/14 days trial period so you can attend one of our meetups and see if this is a good fit !

"The Circle was a huge source of information and support for me. As a coach for HSP’s I found Sarah’s Circle a place where I felt right at home because the people in it have the same values and goals as I do. I left the Circle for now because I'm going for a 3-month sabbatical in Spain."
Annet de Zwart, testimonial for the Humane Marketing Circle
Annet de Zwart, past member
Certified Professional Coach committed
to empowering Highly Sensitive Persons

The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

Get the Fill In the Blank One-Page Marketing Plan

Humane Marketing 7ps

Your contact information is safe, and will not be used in ways
other than stated on this page.