The Humane Marketing Circle


That's our common goal in the Humane Marketing Circle

The Circle is an intimate and global community of Humane Marketers.

It’s a calm space to hang out with like minded conscious entrepreneurs and help each other build our business and grow our impact. 

By exchanging knowledge, skills
and experiences we develop:

Humane Marketing Community

Here's what matters to us as humane marketers

We run our business to make a positive difference and to support ourselves financially

We embrace gentleness throughout our business

We align who we are with what we do

We aim to bring back the human connection to marketing

We approach marketing from a place of abundance

We are gentle visioneers, part visionaries, part pioneers

We make the world a better place 

Humane Marketing Community

Circle members are Humane Marketers from all kinds of different backgrounds:

“A circle is a way of doing things differently than we have become accustomed to. The Circle is a return to our original form of community as well as a leap forward to create a new form of community. It's an ancient process of consultation and communion that, for tens of thousands of years, had held the human community together and shaped its course.”

Christina Baldwin, Calling the Circle

What will I learn in the Circle?

The Humane Marketing Circle is based on the principle of ‘a leader in each chair’.

Rather than ‘teaching’, Sarah will be sharing her know-how, point of view, tools, ideas etc. based on 12 years of running an Online Business.

And, the idea is also to bring in the know-how of all the members since everyone in the Circle has a unique expertise that can be tapped into.

We create something new and different: a modern leadership model that’s focused on the inclusion of everyone’s unique life & business experience.


The Humane Marketing Creed

Find new ways to think, feel and act in your business

The Humane Marketing Creed

Consolidate your professional identity by comparing your approach to those of others

The Humane Marketing Creed

Call forward the best of who you are

The Humane Marketing Creed

Learn how to help and to be helped

The Humane Marketing Creed

Listen attentively and speak with intention

The Humane Marketing Creed

Appreciate the level of vulnerability in the group

The Humane Marketing Creed

Get feedback from the collective intelligence, not just one guru

What's the investment?

The Humane Marketing Circle

The Community for the Generation Who Cares
$ 20 Monthly
  • One live monthly Circle call
  • Replay of the call
  • Private community platform

You can cancel anytime and there are several ways to do so:
In your payment Customer hub, via a button in our private platform or through a simple email.

There is no discrimination depending on revenue in the Circle. No need to be in the 6 or 7-Figure club. If that's where you're at: great! We'd love to have you!! But know that in the circle we don't typically measure success by the number of zeros in your revenue 🙂

How will I feel when I join the Humane Marketing Circle?

When you join the Circle you'll feel:

Humane Marketing Circle

supported in your mission to share your gifts with the world, but without the hustle

Humane Marketing Circle

inspired and uplifted by the conversations, by the focus on the positive, by the fact that you’re not alone, by the joy & ease

Humane Marketing Circle

heard & seen as you get the chance to share your own experiences, in plenum or in break-out rooms

Humane Marketing Circle

excited about the possibility to increase your impact and make a difference

Humane Marketing Circle

nourished by the kindness and empathy of everyone else in the group

Humane Marketing Circle

part of a truly global community who wants to be the change they want to see in the world

Humane Marketing Circle

Get feedback from the collective intelligence, not just one guru

Besides very pragmatic business information we also hold space for the Human Connection, the Doing & the Being ! 

You can cancel anytime and there are several ways to do so:
In your payment Customer hub, via a button in our private platform or through a simple email.

What's included in the Humane Marketing Circle Membership?

Humane Marketing Community

When you join the Circle you get:

* The calls take place once per month, every 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 11 am EST

** I trust you enough that I know you won’t just join for a month to get the discount and then leave again 😉

You can cancel anytime and there are several ways to do so:
In your payment Customer hub, via a button in our private platform or through a simple email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We always start with 3 breaths together to get present.
  2. Then Sarah reminds everyone of our guidelines in the Circle.
  3. We then usually first bring up a question in the main room, where everyone who’d like to share something gets a chance to speak. These questions come from YOU, the member, or from Sarah.
  4. For the second half of our time together we address a second question where we go into small break-out rooms of 2 – 3 people to discuss. 
  5. We come back together in the main room, share aha’s and what we’ve learned and then wrap up. 

Below are some sample questions: 

  1. How do we approach social media with a humane marketing mindset? Specifically do we create a plan or go with the flow?
  2. Let’s discuss the tangible and intangible value of our offer.
  3. Is it a common practice to be charged for being a guest on a podcast?
  4. What are some ways we can make our clients feel heard and seen in digital marketing?

Every member of the Circle is free to share from their experience. We learn from each other. 

You’re ready for Humane Marketing if you often think of yourself as a black sheep, a misfit, or too soft for business. You value kindness, integrity, honesty, fairness, and equality. You’re not interested in the hustle. 

You are ready to question all your marketing assumptions.

The Circle would NOT be a good fit for entrepreneurs who

  • are looking for specific marketing advice (the specifics of running Facebook ads or how to set up your online course on Kajabi). We like to go deep and often also talk about the BEING, not just the DOING
  • are looking for a ‘guru’ to follow and have information spoon fed to them. We’re fully embracing this new age of Aquarius as responsible and independent Human Beings.
  • are not interested in finding out who they are in order to bring more of them to their marketing. What happens in the Circle is a fusion of  Personal Development, Marketing & Business 🙂
  • like to hear themselves talk. In the Circle we learn to listen deeply and speak with intention 😉
  • are not willing to show up and participate. You get the most out of the Circle if you attend the live calls, submit your questions. learn from others and connect with fellow members. On our calls we always turn on the video to get the full human experience.
  • are questioning whether this different way of marketing will work. If that’s where you’re at, ask yourself the question: “Does the hype or bro-marketing still work for me?” If it does, it’s not time yet. In the Circle we’ve all embraced the fear of doing things differently, because the old way is just no longer working for us. 

Your gut will tell you if this is right for you!

So sorry if you’re in Australia or Asia! For now the only option is that you submit your questions and then watch the replay. 

In 2022 I can hopefully add another call that fits your time zone. 

Send me a message if you’re interested in that. 

It’s intimate because we build in the Human Connection. Sarah’s main goal is not to ‘scale’, but to deliver value, co-create, inspire and reinvent marketing together.

It’s a global community with members from the USA, Canada, England, France, Switzerland and Sweden and hopefully others soon. 

By clicking on one of the orange buttons. Choose your favorite membership (monthly or yearly) and pay. You will receive an email within a few minutes, giving you access to the replay area and welcoming you to the Circle. Also look out for a personal video welcome message from Sarah. And by personal I really mean ‘made just for you, coming from Sarah’s Gmail 😉

You can cancel anytime and there are several ways to do so:
In your payment Customer hub, via a button in our private platform or through a simple email.

Sarah has over a decade of experience in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, coaching, online business creation, and strategy. She has been facilitating, training, and holding space with in-person and online groups (1 – 100 people from all over the world) since 2010 and is trained in theArt of Holding Space as well as The Art of Participatory Leadership

Her approach is grounded in these pragmatic experiences, based on research and best practice. Bundled with her extensive inner work, knowledge about mindfulness, meditation, and alternative ways of healing, this creates a unique perspective on business that is holistic, humane, and gentle. 

Humane Marketing Community
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