Work less and live more

Recalibrate & Celebrate !

A 6 month masterheart & mind for unconventional entrepreneurs who want to do
Business Like We're Human

Together we’ll make those tweaks to our current business based on the old paradigm,
redesign it and celebrate our new found time for creativity, life and what matters!

If you love your work...

  • but your values have changed over the last 2 years
  • you're suffering from a bit of 'End of the World' Hangover (you know: pandemic, climate crisis, war and now recession...)
  • and you’d like to work better, not more (maybe even less)

    then keep reading…

  • Because I actually wrote this page with you in mind 😉

    Seriously. I’m not just saying that. This is a hidden page on my site and only goes out to a selected few people that I personally would love to hang out with for 6 months 🙂 Ok, I’ll share it more widely after, but I wanted you to see it first.


    At the beginning of 2020, I was working with a client who runs an online business.

    He came to me because he wanted to learn how to use LinkedIn to get new clients. When we talked, I could immediately tell that he wasn’t happy in his business and was on the verge of burnout. 

    I started like I always do: by analyzing what he could say no to in order to create more space for the things he loved. In his case, having a team on payroll created a huge amount of stress for him and impacted his physical and mental health. He agreed that letting go of two team members and keeping only one on board was the smart thing to do. The minute he made that decision and therefore reduced his monetary and ethical responsibility, his stress started to diminish as well. Even though this was all happening during a pandemic, clients started to come in again, and he freed up more time to work on a project he had been wanting to do for ages.

    >>We have been conditioned to believe that bigger is always better. More clients, more team members, more revenue. 

    I’m so done with that. 

    Has your definition of success changed in any way over the past two years?

    Do you also get this pulling to find a path where you get to focus on
    doing less but better?

    An essentialist approach to business that changes how we work but also how we live.

    “If you’re a company of one, your mindset is to build your business around your life, not the other way around.”

    Paul Jarvis, author of Company of One

    So no, Recalibrate & Celebrate is not your typical “get more clients or grow your business” kind of thing.


    I’ve been talking about this new business paradigm that I see coming quite a bit.

    It’s a new way of making a life. And yes, a living. 

    We still exchange goods and services. And money. 

    But we have a different approach to what ‘enough’ means. 

    And what ‘success’ means. 

    We are humans first. 

    And Business owners second. 

    In this new business paradigm:

    We respect our energy cycles. 

    We respect the economic cycles. 

    We respect nature’s cycles and slow down when we want to spend more time outside. 

    We accept that just like there are cycles in nature, there are cycles in our energy and therefore in our business – and therefore in our income. 

    It’s crazy to expect consistent and regular revenue on a monthly basis as entrepreneurs. It just doesn’t work like that. 

    YESS! You definitely agree with the above.
    And yet, you're dreaming of even more freedom!

    Because these days, you’re maybe still working more hours than you’d like.

    And while maybe before the pandemic you were one of these people who said ‘I love my work’, now, while you still love it, at least the human side of it, you also like other things more (like yoga, being in nature, creating, being with your loved ones).

    I’m inviting you to put our brilliant hearts and minds together and design a more sustainable business for the years ahead!

    Because the world needs people like us right now to take the lead and have energy for other things than the daily grind.

    The Recalibrate & Celebrate! masterheart & mind
    is an invitation to come together in an intimate group to create more freedom and flexibility in our businesses so we can continue doing the work we love - only in a way that works better and feels more sustainable too.

    It's a 6-month Think-Tank for Unconventional Entrepreneurs.

    Starting November 2022

    Whether you want to start taking Fridays off, work only 20 hours per week to do some volunteer work or take the summer off to go travel, we’ll recalibrate your business and make the changes to achieve that goal. 

    Because frankly, I have a feeling that our energy will be consumed with a lot of things coming our way in the next few years.

    So the more streamlined our businesses, the better.

    How we work together

    In our 1:1 time together I’ll support you to match your unique challenges, values and business and life goals. I'm not teaching, it's more like a brainstorming.

    And during our group calls we’ll tap into our collective intelligence around six core areas where I’ve seen the biggest opportunity for recalibration.

    It’s like having 7 Business Coaches all at once – for the price of one. 

    Six Core areas for recalibration

    We all came to this business thing with certain fixed ideas on how success as an entrepreneur looks like. It’s time to unlearn old definitions of success and business practices and learn new ones!

    In this conversation we’ll imagine new ways of being in business and then commit to recalibrate in order to get there. 

    Are there ways you can improve the way you share your experience and expertise with your clients? We’ll come up with a plan that frees up more time for you and still gives you the human connections I know you enjoy! 

    This can mean rethinking your services, or otherwise the administration and processes that you have in place to get new clients.

    Are there ways you can better organize your schedule so you can free up more time for things you love (outside of business)? 

    We look at batching, time blocking – and of course learning to say no 😉

    How can systems, processes, automations, tools and AI save you hours of repetitive tasks each week? I have a few ideas and others in the group will too. 

    Remember, this is not about taking the human out of the business, but about giving the human more time to be human 🙂

    Which activities give you the biggest return on investment? Let’s brainstorm and then come up with a plan to focus in on those. 


    Do you have someone you can delegate certain repetitive tasks to? The ones that can’t be automated by a tool. If not, let’s look at what these tasks are that you least enjoy in your business and come up with a plan to either outsource them or hire a Virtual Assistant.

    The above is a suggestion. We can totally swop these out if we all agree.

    Besides these six core themes we’ll also talk about:

    • regeneration
    • the new business paradigm
    • tools we all use to deal with the mess (meditation, breathing, astrology etc)
    • whatever is up in our personal lives

    I will share from my experience, but like in all my work, the real magic is in the collective intelligence.

    So just like we do in the Humane Marketing Circle, we’ll all share, and it will be highly tailored to our businesses, because we’ll know each other really well.

    What’s included in this 6-month program/mastermind:

    Who is it for?

    This is a six-month experience over seven months starting in November 2022 and completed in April 2023. 

    We take a 2 – 3 week break over the Holidays. 

    Time of the calls: I’m hoping to get an international group together. If you’re in the US or Canada, the calls will be first thing in the morning, in Europe early afternoon, and in Australia in the evening. 

    Investment: $3,900 (or 6 payments of $650/month) *

    * see info below on the optional retreat in Sicily

    AND... you're invited to celebrate together WITH a
    4-Day Retreat in Sicily in May 2023

    Let the experiences of Sicily and our discussions inspire you to new creative heights.

    You may remember that I have a place in Sicily. 

    That’s where I invite you to celebrate this new business paradigm together. The retreat is included in the price (except for a contribution to food, outings and accommodation if we need more than 3 rooms).

    We’ll plan the four days together, depending on what we want to continue working on after the six months. 

    But besides the brainstorming and deep work we’ll plan in lots of time to just hang out & celebrate – with a glass of Nero d’Avola!


    • You pay your own transportation
    • Our villa has 3 rooms plus mine. If we need more, we’ll rent the place next door.
    • * Closer to the date I can give you an idea of a daily budget for food, outings and accommodation. For now plan with about $150 – $200 per day.

    Your Home Away From Home

    You can check out the details of our villa on Airbnb.

    This retreat is optional and I realize that depending on where you live, it may be difficult to make it to Sicily. While you’ll be missed, you’ll still get all the value from the mastermind as the ‘raison d’être’ of the retreat is mainly celebratory.

    Intrigued? Let’s chat!

    This is a 6-month program so you might have some questions…

    Click the button below to book a call with me now. 


    If this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for…

    Then I’m excited to have you!✨

    And you can reserve one of the six spots with a $500 deposit below:

    What you’ll also get out of this, but it’s not as tangible:

    A word about 'the outcome' of this program

    As you probably understood from reading this page, this mastermind is not about achieving a certain financial goal or adding 10 more clients to your roster. 

    On the contrary. 

    It’s about working differently and getting the same revenue from less hours spent in front of your computer. 

    And, often when we take the ‘less is more’ approach, growth is the logical and natural consequence.

    This happens because we are more intentional and focused in our businesses, which can lead to sustainable growth. 

    Let's create the new Business Paradigm - together!

    Sarah Santacroce

    I’ve always been obsessed by efficiency.

    I do most things fast. Mostly well.

    I always start by saying no. 

    By eliminating repetitive tasks and coming up with better processes.

    And in recent years I’ve become more and more interested in systems and automations.

    Also thanks to working with Jenny Blake (if you haven’t read her book Free Time yet, it’s a must read) and reading Greg McKeown‘s book Essentialism. Or Paul Jarvis’ ‘Company of One’

    So as we (soon) go into 2023, I feel called to get a group of 6 people together who have the same desire of living more, and working differently.

    Or just investing our energy in other projects.

    Like art.
    Or sport.
    Or pets.
    Or gardening.
    Or saving our planet!

    Let’s reinvent the way we do business together

    With ❤


    P.S. I feel the same tingling I felt when I decided to write ‘Marketing Like We’re Human’. This mastermind might be the beginning of another book called ‘Business Like We’re Human’.

    Sarah has almost 15 years of experience in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, coaching, online business creation, and strategy. She has been facilitating, training, and holding space with in-person and online groups (1 – 100 people from all over the world) since 2010 and is trained in the ‘Art of Holding Space‘ as well as ‘The Art of Participatory Leadership‘. She’s the author of two books: ‘Marketing Like We’re Human’ and ‘Selling Like We’re Human’. 

    Her approach is grounded in these pragmatic experiences, based on research and best practice. Bundled with her extensive inner work, knowledge about mindfulness, meditation, and alternative ways of healing, this creates a unique perspective on business that is holistic, humane, and gentle

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