Quantum Marketing: Partnering with the Invisible

This week I had the pleasure of delving into a deep conversation with Patrick Geary in our latest podcast episode. Brace yourself for a paradigm shift as we explore the realm of Quantum Marketing.

Patrick, a seasoned quantum coach, astrologer, and time magician. In this episode, we redefine success, liberate ourselves from the confines of marketing “shoulds,” explore the effects of scarcity, and discover how abundance can coexist harmoniously with financial stability.

If you’re ready for a profound shift in your approach to marketing, join us for this different approach to marketing that’s about partnering with the Quantum.

"So when we look at the quantum structure, we're looking at the nature of consciousness and how consciousness expresses itself." – Patrick Geary @sarahsantacroce #humanemarketing Click To Tweet

In this episode, Patrick and I address:

  • A definition of Quantum Marketing
  • How Quantum Marketing makes us rethink our definition of success
  • Conditions and shoulds in marketing and how QM helps us break free from them
  • Scarcity and its impact
  • How we can be in abundance and still pay the bills
  • And so much more

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Ep 177 transcription

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[00:02:29] Hi friends, welcome back to the Humane Marketing Podcast. I hope you’re doing well. Today’s conversation fits under the P of partnership. And this time we’re partnering with. The quantum. If you’re a regular here, you know that I’m organizing the conversations around the seven Ps of the Humane Marketing Mandala.

[00:02:50] And if you’re new here and don’t know what I’m talking about, you can download your one page marketing plan with the Humane Marketing version of the seven Ps of marketing at [00:03:00] humane. marketing forward slash one. page. That’s the number one and the word page and humane has an E at the end. So it’s not human, but humane.

[00:03:11] It comes with seven email prompts to really help you reflect on these different P’s for your business. So in this episode, I talked to Patrick Geary about Quantum Marketing. Patrick is a quantum coach, astrologer, and time magician who helps people weave joyful new realities. His work will help you to recognize the patterns that govern your daily decisions, to make creative connections with your higher consciousness, and to craft a new mindset to catch what your soul desires.

[00:03:45] Patrick believes passionately in world service and worked as an international human rights lawyer for the UN. He has come to understand that the greatest service of all is to be a living example of your truth and knows [00:04:00] firsthand that one person can always make a difference. In today’s episode we address definition of quantum marketing, so what What does that really mean?

[00:04:11] It’s a fancy term, but what does it mean to Patrick and also how do I understand it? How quantum marketing makes us rethink our definition of success, conditions and shoulds in marketing and how quantum marketing helps us break free from them, scarcity and its impact and how we can be in abundance and still pay the bills.

[00:04:36] And so much more. Are you ready for a different way of thinking about marketing? Well, then this episode is for you. Let’s dig in. Hi, Patrick. So good to be hanging out with you and talk about quantum marketing.

[00:04:53] Patrick: Likewise. Thanks so much for inviting me. I’m really excited.

[00:04:57] Sarah: Yeah, me too. And we’ve had some [00:05:00] off recording conversations about this because we really wanted to make sure that we, you know, have an episode and that really explains this quantum marketing and how you see it.

[00:05:13] And you, you notice that, you know, I’m, I’m new to this as well. And so I’m like, well, how can we make it clear to people who are also new to this? So I’m super excited to, to dive into this with you, Patrick. So, so maybe before we go into kind of the topics that we decided we wanted to cover, let’s start with a definition, you know, like, how would you define quantum marketing in your words?

[00:05:40] Patrick: That’s a great question. And when I think about quantum marketing first, we can look at when I’m talking about what quantum is and the word quantum and what is the quantum structure and then just give a sense of maybe how that applies in the context of marketing. So when we look at the quantum structure, we’re looking at the nature of consciousness and how consciousness expresses [00:06:00] itself.

[00:06:00] And your consciousness and I’m consciousness and everything you see around you is consciousness. It’s this understanding that there’s really no separation. That the universe is just one particle that’s vibrating to infinity. So that quantum structure is that sense of you and me are inside the universe.

[00:06:18] Sometimes I think it’s really funny we talk about the universe wants this from here. The universe wants that as though it’s different from us or separate from us. And it’s not. We’re inside the universe. That’s one of those key things to remember is that we are a part of the quantum structure. We are part of the infinite and what we see and what we experience is up to us.

[00:06:40] It’s really the sense that like, this is like a dream, you know, when you go to sleep, you accept that anything that’s happening in that you’re seeing, it’s all a projection. It’s all things that are happening that your brain is perceiving and wiring back to you. So it’s that same thing in the physical reality of.

[00:06:55] Everything that you see is a projection. It’s a part of you and [00:07:00] what you experience. It’s determined by your beliefs, by your emotions and also by your actions. So that’s kind of that quantum structure generally is there is no separation. We experience things separately and we can talk about parallel realities, which is also really fun.

[00:07:15] Like the two of us right now are having a parallel reality experience. We’re having the same conversation together. So we’re coming together and you’re looking at me and I’m looking at you. So we’re having the same conversation and we’re seeing the same thing, but we’re also doing it through these different eyes.

[00:07:30] So that’s also that awareness of like, we’re together right now we’re operating as one, but we also have two different viewpoints and what you see is influenced by your emotions and your beliefs and your actions. And for me, it’s the same. So we take that kind of basic idea of this is the quantum structure and then we can look at it from how does this, what does this mean when it comes to marketing?

[00:07:52] So one of the things I really think about is you’re only ever really marketing to yourself. If everything is united and there’s no separation, [00:08:00] then it’s really. You know, how you go about sharing your work is going to determine how it’s received. So your actions, your beliefs, your emotions, this has a huge impact on your message and your marketing and how you see it received in the world around you.

[00:08:18] Sarah: Yeah, it’s so interesting when you started with, you know, consciousness and how quantum really means conscious and When I think about right now, you know, in the Zeitgeist, this word conscious is so, you see it everywhere, you hear it everywhere, but I’m not sure everybody has taken the moment and thought about what does it really mean, and do they think of the word conscious in the same way you just explained quantum, like conscious conscious.

[00:08:53] Yeah. I think the way I use it is different from what you explained that we’re all [00:09:00] one. Um, I guess in a way, yes, because I, you know, in, in marketing, like we’re human or humane marketing, I say it’s, um, marketing for the generation that cares for ourselves, our clients and the planet. So in a way, I am thinking we are all one, so we need to all take care of each other.

[00:09:23] Does that make any sense to you, what I’m trying

[00:09:26] Patrick: to explain? It does. Absolutely. And whether you’re looking at, you know, you, you as your own personal experience or you as me or you as the world around you, You’re looking at the same thing. It’s like that sense of like, are you, you know, I almost imagine like telescope or microscope.

[00:09:43] Like, are you looking at something really big and vast? Or are you going to look at, you know, the whole world around you and everyone you can see and know that they’re all part of you and this is what you’re experiencing? And how you want to work with? Or are you just looking at yourself? Are you doing the microscope and really looking at like, what is my [00:10:00] message?

[00:10:00] And how am I broadcasting it? And what does it mean to me? So it’s you can really vary that scope from looking all the way. You could even imagine marketing to the universe, which is essentially what we’re all doing. You know, marketing to things that go beyond earth and really transmitting your messages out there into space.

[00:10:17] You can imagine that sense of marketing as big or as small as you want to. And it’s really, you get in for, you get almost like different perspectives or you wear different hats as you do that. And I find that’s what’s really illuminating is looking at that perspective from, you know, like, am I marketing just to me?

[00:10:32] How do other people receive my messages? So when you try on those different lenses, it feels very different. That might, is that been your experience too? When you look at those different levels of like a marketing to me, I’m marketing to the next generation, I’m marketing to the planet. Do you get different feels for it?

[00:10:48] Sarah: Yeah, definitely. And I and I think this marketing to me and, um, you know, one of the big differences between I find that between a humane marketing and traditional [00:11:00] marketing is this energy shift of Starting with ourselves first in humane marketing, where I say like, look at your passion, look at your bigger why, look at your personal power, meaning how you are wired and how, you know, you perceive the world where in the traditional marketing, it’s It goes outwards.

[00:11:23] It directly goes to your client avatar and you are always chasing something outside of you, right? Not starting with yourself. So I think it’s that energy shift. And then it’s funny because, uh, participants of the marketing, like we’re human program, when it goes through the first three P’s and we arrive at people, often they have this aha moment and say.

[00:11:47] Is it possible that my ideal client is just another version of me? Like, it’s not a bad thing. I’m like, no, yeah, that’s exactly, uh, what this is about. Um, [00:12:00] and I think it kind of, yeah, relates to what you’re saying is marketing to myself. Right.

[00:12:06] Patrick: Yeah. And I think that’s when you get that really nice alignment and that sense of truth and that real belief in yourself when you realize that, you know, what you want to offer to the world is something that matters to you the most.

[00:12:18] And so you’re looking to connect with other people who see that same thing in you. It’s almost like I heard someone recently described. the concept of celebrity as, you know, being able other people being able to see themselves through your eyes. And I was like, that is so brilliant. That sense that somebody else can see themselves in me as I’m talking.

[00:12:39] And that’s that real marketing connection that I think we want, which really at the end of the day, a marketing connection is a human connection. As you say, it’s all about transmitting information and sharing what we’re here to share. So that sense of. That clarity, like if you’re really in that space of clarity and you know this is who I am and this is what I want and you do that internal work, other people [00:13:00] sense that and they feel it and they respond to it, you know, it’s that sense to it like again, like we’re all connected.

[00:13:06] So if that’s where you are, then the only people who can interact with you and meet with you in that space are also people who are feeling clear in that way. Yeah,

[00:13:14] Sarah: exactly. And it’s, yeah. You’re right. It’s really that clarity that often resonates with people where if people sense that You’re just chasing some, something outside of yourself and you’re just kind of like shifting from one strategy to the next marketing strategy just to, you know, get to something, then, then that’s not very, um.

[00:13:40] It’s not a calming presence, right? And so, yeah, it resonates probably with other people, but not the ones that we want to attract for sure. What that brings up for me is also, and we talked about this as well when, when we first connected this idea of the definition of success, right? How that [00:14:00] is such a key element in, in business anyways, but also in marketing.

[00:14:06] And maybe tell us how That has to do with, uh, quantum marketing as well, where this definition of success comes in and why it’s key.

[00:14:17] Patrick: Yeah, success is such an interesting word and such an interesting concept. And one of the things we look at in the quantum perspective, too, is this idea of conditioning or being told certain things and, you know, in the quantum structure, everything is infinite and you have a message and you can share it with however many people you want to share it with, and you can create whatever experience you want to have.

[00:14:38] And then the kind of experience that we want to create. Gets very almost narrowed down by our experiences over life and what society tells us like being successful means reaching 10, 000 people or being successful means having a product that is launched in 30 countries or whatever the metrics are that we use to determine success.

[00:14:59] And if we work [00:15:00] towards those external metrics and they’re not really part of our own truth, they’re not really part of what matters to us, then that’s when we start running into a lot of those constraints and constrictions and those feelings like, okay, well, I’m not worthy enough. You know, I didn’t get the 10, 000 people that I wanted to get, or I did get the 10, 000 people, but I didn’t do it in the way I wanted to do it in order to do that.

[00:15:24] I had to be awake at funny times of night where my energy was off, or I had to dilute my message and say it in ways I didn’t want to say it. Or I needed to do it on like these three different social media platforms when I don’t even like social media. You know, you always get more of what you put out there in the world.

[00:15:41] So I think this is also why we see lots of people experiencing marketing burnout, that sense of like, I can have a very successful, like outwardly successful marketing experience of getting lots of people on board. But at great personal costs, because it’s not aligned with where I really am or what I really feel [00:16:00] is true.

[00:16:01] And when you do that, you’re not operating from that place of authenticity and it can be very draining and you start almost like attaching yourself to these conditions on like, in order to be successful, I have to do this and this and this, um, and I must meet these things. And then when you no longer meet them because you no longer can, because you no longer really wish to suddenly at all collapses, which is really the best thing that could ever happen.

[00:16:24] But it’s not a wonderful experience. Quantum

[00:16:28] Sarah: approach here is to really, again, go within and listen to this consciousness that is telling you how you define success and then just tapping into, you know, uh, other stress, like, yeah, coming from within and aligning with the strategies that you feel like they resonate with you because they’re aligned with your values.

[00:16:54] And that will. Get you to that success because the definition [00:17:00] you created, you created it with quantum basically you created it with consciousness, right?

[00:17:05] Patrick: Exactly. Yeah. And success because everything gets to be personal. Everything gets to be up to you. You get to make success mean what you want. And that does mean working through that conditioning and working through these things are hardwired.

[00:17:18] So I don’t want to say this like it’s easy that you just wake up one day and you’re like, you know what, forget all that stuff. Like this is hardwired in us. It’s hardwired in our society and in our structure. So it’s really a commitment. It’s worth it. Um, but it is a commitment to see that sense of I really want to redefine success.

[00:17:36] It can also be wonderfully simple. One of the biggest questions I always ask is just Does this bring me joy? So if I think about marketing, do I enjoy what I do? And do I like talking about it? Do I like sharing it? Do I like who I’m sharing with it? And what is the response? If people are responding to me, am I glad to hear what they have to say?

[00:17:55] Or am I like, Oh, like, I don’t want to talk about that product again. Or I don’t want to talk about that. That [00:18:00] launch, or I don’t want to talk at all, or I don’t want to be on that platform. So noticing like, is this bringing you joy and what are, you know, and even just taking it down to like, what is a small step that you can take to bring you joy, to bring joy back into that process?

[00:18:15] Sarah: I feel like it’s a lot of unlearning from, you know, the mainstream hardwired. Stuff that was just kind of like, yeah, ingrained into our brains because patriarchy or whatever system capitalism told us, well, this is how success looks like. And now we’re being asked to go and question all these assumptions and say, well, you know, maybe that’s true for me, but maybe not.

[00:18:41] And so how do I, how do I redefine it? And then look at the look, look at the ways. And I guess that’s where goal setting comes in, because that’s another topic we, we said we were going to address. Because that, yeah, if you talk about [00:19:00] success, then immediately, then there’s all these gurus who are going to teach you how to reach your goals, be very aggressive with your goals and how to reach them and productivity and all of that.

[00:19:11] And so I guess if we redefine our success, then we still need to somehow work towards these goals. But how do we, yeah, how are we more gentle in that process with, uh, approaching it with, uh, a quantum approach, I guess.

[00:19:30] Patrick: Yeah. Well, one of the things I really think about is just keeping it really simple. And the idea of success as being joy or being like, I find joy in my work and I find joy in my life and I know that I am enough.

[00:19:44] Almost looking like what is the emotional state of success and what does that look like? And how do you sit in that space? You always get more of what you are and what you do. So if you’re sitting in a space and you bring yourself into the space of I’m going to find the joy in what I’m doing. [00:20:00] And I’m going to know on the inside that I am successful.

[00:20:03] Guess it’s, it’s also, I find it really reassuring and refreshing to go back to this place of. This is all just a dream and it doesn’t really matter whether my message reaches a million people or if it never even sort of leaves my office. If I write a book and I love the book that I wrote and I don’t share it with anyone versus I write a book and the book gets read all over the world by seven billion people.

[00:20:28] Not one of those is not more successful than the other from a quantum perspective. It’s not like, oh, well, that’s that’s societal conditioning is okay. Your book is only successful if it reaches a certain number of people. Your book doesn’t ever even have to be written. Your book can be the idea of writing a book and loving the idea of writing a book.

[00:20:45] That can be enough for you. So it’s really that sense of, okay, just remembering. It’s all a dream. Everything is part of me. I’m choosing to have whatever experience I want. We’re all celebrities. We’re all the main stars of our own lives. So there’s [00:21:00] no brownie points or bonus points for, you know, Oh, this book was read by 30, 000 people.

[00:21:05] This was read by 1000 people. It doesn’t matter. What really matters is how you feel about it on the inside. So that’s one of the things I think about is shifting the goalpost and making the goalpost very much around emotions and making it around creativity and expression. Just really what consciousness is all about is like, I, you know, how are you expressing yourself in the world?

[00:21:26] What are you creating? What do you see around you? And are you enjoying it? Do you like it? You know, you don’t have to, if you don’t like what you see around you, then that’s probably a good clue that there’s some things that are going on inside that are asking for your attention.

[00:21:41] Sarah: Again, such a big shift from these left brain goals that come with numbers and figures and stats and all of that, right?

[00:21:50] To tap into the right brain and the feelings and the heart and, and, and look at quality over quantity. Uh, and, [00:22:00] and it, yeah, it really is this reframing that is. Not easy to do if we were not surrounded with people who also think like that if we’re looking outside and you know, let’s say we’re in a corporate, uh, situation.

[00:22:14] Well, everything is measured by KPIs and goals and profit and numbers and everything like that. So, um, we’re lucky that we’re in the entrepreneurial world, but even there, even there, it’s, it’s a lot of, um, left brain thinking when it comes to. To goals. I like your I like what you keep repeating. This is just a dream and it reminded me of a vacation.

[00:22:41] Um, we used to live in California in, uh, in Irvine, which is Southern California and kind of a bubble, right? And so we went back to the kids were smaller. We were living there in 2006. And so we went back in 2019. And my Yeah. My eldest, um, he [00:23:00] looks around and everything is kind of man made compared to Europe where, you know, there’s a lot of history and old and, and he keeps, he kept saying, I think we’re in a simulation.

[00:23:14] I love your sentence about it’s just a dream. Yeah, it’s like we’re in a simulation, you know, it’s my simulation that I, uh, that I’m creating. And I think another sentence that comes to me is that I’m kind of using, uh, for myself often is just a reminder of not taking myself too seriously. Like, don’t take yourselves too seriously because That’s part of the, the issue with the goal setting and the ambition and, you know, the productivity and all of that is like, we’re taking ourselves too seriously.

[00:23:47] And we’re taking the, maybe the wrong things too seriously, you know, like, yeah, the goals and the, the achievements rather than the joy and the, the, the journey [00:24:00] and just a small little things, uh, in, in the everyday process.

[00:24:06] Patrick: Absolutely. And I mean, that simulation sense that is definitely very quantum, really that feeling of like, I’m, you know, I guess negatively it could be framed as I’m in the matrix.

[00:24:15] I think it’s really positive though, that sense of, wow, I’m creating every second of every day. I’m creating the world around me and I’m making this experience and it’s all part of me and I’m doing it. That real sense of I choose my reality and I get to create it and I get to set the rules. And, you know, what rules from society or that I’ve learned, am I going to accept and what rules am I not going to accept is true, which is really what makes change in the world around us.

[00:24:42] I think it’s also really fascinating how you mentioned to this, even in the entrepreneurial world, we get this sense of like, these are the milestones that you cross through, or this is the path that you walk. These are the metrics. Again, we have another definition of success. So I was thinking one of the things that can be really helpful if you’re in a transition [00:25:00] state is yeah sure those metrics are there and we can’t ignore that they’re there or that society’s expecting this so we can look at them maybe they give us a certain amount of data it’s not to say oh don’t check and see how many people are you know visiting your site or don’t look in your bank account or don’t see how many people read your newsletter that can be valuable and helpful.

[00:25:20] You know, it can be a it’s how it’s I guess it’s data point that helps you to locate where you are, but that’s by no means the full picture. So I almost imagine having like in this transition phase, like parallel indicators where you might be like, Okay, well, I’m gonna look at You know what traffic is coming to my website or how many people purchase my product or my course, and I’m also going to have my own metrics on how much did I enjoy this?

[00:25:45] How many new people did I meet? How many wonderful conversations did I have? How did this enrich my life? Uh, What service did this offer to the world? Uh, you know, really looking at those, those more personalized metrics versus just [00:26:00] attaching ourselves to some of those other metrics of success, because if we do that, then again, we disconnect from our own truth and we’re not able to create, you know, we always have that creative power, but if we’ve decided this is what success is, then we really don’t have creative power to access outside of that predetermined notion.

[00:26:18] Sarah: Yeah, and I’m rethinking back to a conversation I had with a with a potential client and she was kind of in this. Also this world about, uh, left brain and right brain thinking and, and I had shared with her, you know, kind of my struggles with wanting to, you know, have a certain number of people in the humane marketing circle and, and, and knowing that that’s not, you know, that’s again, quantity over quality, but still kind of being brainwashed with this idea.

[00:26:52] Oh, you You know, I, I wish we had this many people in the, in the circle. And, and so, um, she told me and I [00:27:00] wrote it down on a post it note. She’s like, well, what did you think of it more like us? This is a step or this step is in service to the vision. So like always coming back to the bigger vision, why you’re offering what you’re offering.

[00:27:15] Right. And that is really helping me to feel like, well. Yeah, it’s not about the number. It’s about the vision and why I’m doing what I’m doing. Um, and, and yes, being in service of that. Every little step, every little conversation is in service of that, um, bigger vision. So yeah, that really resonated with me

[00:27:40] Patrick: as well.

[00:27:41] Yeah, I love that the natural next step, just that sense of all you need to know is one next step to take. And in the quantum structure too, one of the things I really think about is you can have this huge vision, which is a wonderful motivation and a dream. Then you can take tiny actions that sort of encompass the fullness of that [00:28:00] vision, right?

[00:28:00] So if you have this sense of, I want a community and I wanna reach people and I want to be changing people’s hearts and minds and lives and what’s one little thing that I could do? So it might be, you know, inviting one more person to join the circle. Or it might not be, it might be you get to that stage of actually it feels like that wouldn’t be the natural next step.

[00:28:19] You know, it can be that like growing the cer the community up to a certain point. is, you know, sort of the natural next step. And then you’ll also know when that feels right. And when that feels complete and that vision that you, that the bigger vision that you have will then want other actions. But it’s really that sense of, are you feeding it with joy?

[00:28:38] Are you coming back to this bigger picture? Are you coming back to the truth? That’s such an important question. And if you don’t, then that’s when you kind of. You know, these getting lost in the treadmill, the one of the questions I really think about. I remember when I was working for a law firm, um, someone described the, the, I guess the attainment of partnership, which was after like 10 years of working for a firm and the [00:29:00] like small talk and busy talk at this firm was basically about how.

[00:29:03] People were unhappy. Everyone just talked about how unhappy they were. And someone told me that becoming a partner at a law firm is like being in a 10 year pie eating contest. And then you just win more pie at the end. It was like, of course, that’s like the last thing that you want, right? So you get more of what you do.

[00:29:22] So if you’re doing even these small actions that are feeling really resonant and feel joyful and are in service of the vision, um, that really does create. That next experience for you.

[00:29:37] Sarah: Yeah, there’s, there’s one thing, um, that we kind of danced around, but we, we talked about the positive aspect. And then of course, if we bring more of this scarcity or fear, then the logical thing that we attract is also more scarcity or more fear.

[00:29:58] Um, and yet, [00:30:00] you know, the practical side of me always knows, yes, but, You know, there’s there’s situations where people are just asking, Well, how do I just pay my bills? I just need to pay my bills. So how is quantum marketing going to work for me, uh, to to make sure that I have enough and without, you know, sliding into the scarcity and fear.

[00:30:24] Patrick: Yeah, when I think about that, I really think about that transitional phase of being, you know, be where you are, start where you are. If you feel like I need to pay my bills and I have this job and these are the metrics that I need to meet. And this is what I need to keep doing. Sure, you can have that going.

[00:30:39] And then when you are adding more things on to that. So as you are taking on new projects, or if you feel really inspired about something, or you have another idea outside of that, then just start playing with that idea of, okay, well, what if I just did this with a much lighter touch? What if I just, let’s say that I remember when we were talking before I used it to an [00:31:00] example of like tomato sauce.

[00:31:01] Like, let’s say that I have a tomato sauce that I really like in my house and I want to promote this tomato sauce and I want to do it from the heart. So I want to do it because I love this tomato sauce and I associate it with my family dinners and it’s. Fresh and it’s organic and it’s healthy and it’s the best thing I’ve ever had.

[00:31:20] I’m so excited about it. Maybe my cousin made this tomato sauce even. So let’s say I’m like, okay, I’m going to start telling people about this tomato sauce, and I’m just going to make this my project. And I’m going to see how it goes. And I’m going to see what I can learn from this. I’m going to rediscover that joy of, you know, share, sharing a product and sharing an experience and sharing emotions and do it in this way.

[00:31:41] And the more that you start doing that, the more that that starts becoming available in other parts of your life. So it’s more that that sense that that feeling of what you have to do suddenly starts to shift as you realize, wait a second, like I’ve actually been promoting my cousin’s tomato sauce. all over town.

[00:31:58] And now like their business is [00:32:00] booming. Who would have thought, you know, now this tomato sauce is everywhere and everyone’s enjoying it. And I’m, I didn’t do this with any expectations. I didn’t, maybe I didn’t even do this for money. I just did it because I loved it. And I love talking about it. So really that sense of rediscovering that, seeing how it works, playing around with it.

[00:32:17] Or even just kind of taking a little, if you have like a little mini product that you wanted to launch on top of what you’re already doing and just do that from a place of joy. Or if you want to start baking cookies and bringing them around and that sense of, I wanted to offer you this, it’s just that feeling of, I’m offering you something from the heart without any conditions.

[00:32:35] So I’m not playing the success game. I’m not playing the, like, I need to hit 10, 000. I’m out of that picture. I’m not in that kind of conditioning treadmill. And knowing that that’s another way to be and another way to work. And as you do that more and more and you see how it gets reflected back to you and you see the joy that you create in the world, then you start to feel safer to do things a little bit differently.

[00:32:59] And it starts to [00:33:00] feel okay to maybe let go of some of those targets or some of those numbers and to start shifting the way that you do. Yeah.

[00:33:09] Sarah: I talk about the transition also in the Marketing Like We’re Human book at the end. It’s like, well, how do you transition from hustle marketing and, you know, these manipulative techniques that get you the money in because they work, right?

[00:33:23] The fear and the scarcity, it works. So how do I let that go and still am able to pay my bills? And I also say, well, it’s a slow transition. So get rid of. Some of the hustling stuff that you just really cannot touch anymore and bring more of the joyful humane marketing and but don’t do it from one day to the other, where then you’re in scarcity because you can’t pay your bills anymore.

[00:33:53] So what I hear from you is like, this is the same. It’s like, you gotta make sure that you’re safe, you know, you, you have [00:34:00] to have your bills paid. And then you start a little playground with, uh, with the quantum marketing. I see it like a playground. It’s like, oh, I go into my playground and, you know, make my sauce or whatever it is.

[00:34:13] Um, and, and yeah, start feeling how this feels different. And then slowly you can bring some of that into Into your main activity or business. I

[00:34:24] Patrick: really like that. Absolutely. I guess for me, it’s almost that sense of realizing that you are in a playground. You’ve just been trapped in the jungle gym, just climbing around and around and around that same space.

[00:34:34] And then suddenly as you open your eyes and you see there are other things to do, and there are other people to engage with. And eventually what I think about that scarcity marketing is if you’re marketing from a place of scarcity and fear, you’re going to be meeting people who are in a place of scarcity and fear.

[00:34:49] And especially with the scarcity idea, this is not going to be a sustainable long term audience. If you’re in a place of scarcity, then you’re meeting people in a. And so I think that’s the biggest [00:35:00] thing. And I think that’s the and purchasing and making that long term committed relationship and really connecting with you as a person.

[00:35:06] They’re just buying out of a sense of fear or I don’t have enough. Or what do I do? Or I have to get it now. That’s not a long term, sustainable pattern. That’s not that sense of this infinite playground that the quantum structure really is. That’s a very limited version of I guess creativity and all of those conditions just make it really difficult to advance.

[00:35:26] Thanks.

[00:35:27] Sarah: Yeah, so true. It’s, it’s like this. never ending loop because you can’t stop hustling because the, the people just, they, yeah, they don’t stay, they don’t become part of your sustainable long term business. You have to keep acquiring new people with the, with the hustling

[00:35:46] Patrick: methods. Yeah. And you’re connected over fear.

[00:35:49] Is that what you want to connect with people over? That’s one of the biggest quantum questions is whatever you’re connecting with people over, you’re emphasizing more in yourself. It’s like what you’re broadcasting out into the world. [00:36:00] So if you’re really going to go into your own fear and scarcity and broadcast that in the world around you, sure, you might be able to make money.

[00:36:07] You’re also going to feel afraid and scarce, and probably you feel like you don’t have enough. And you’ll be terrified that your next project won’t work out well. So really being aware of what is the emotional imprint that you are bringing in any situation, which is why similarly, I think you’re very wise to say, like, don’t quit your, you know, like your kind of day job now in order to immediately try this new thing.

[00:36:28] Because if you do that, then you’re going to go into a place of fear and scarcity. And if you’re kind of dropping your vibration into fear and scarcity, that’s what you’re attracting in the world around you. It’s really that sense of how do I hold the joy? How do I hold the creativity? How do I hold the play?

[00:36:44] And how do I bring that in to what I’m already doing? And also, you know, kind of bring it in to choose projects that are bringing that

[00:36:54] Sarah: so much. So lovely. Um, I think I want to ask one kind of [00:37:00] wrapping up question, like where can people find out more about quantum marketing? What, what kind of tools are there?

[00:37:07] Like where does One start to find out more about these, um, the concept, the techniques, et cetera.

[00:37:17] Patrick: That’s a great question. I don’t know that I have seen anything that’s directly focused on quantum marketing. There are many things that are out there that talk about the quantum structure and quantum manifestation.

[00:37:28] I also work with people directly. Um, as a coach and more and more, I’m starting to share my work and starting to share it in conversations. And I think I’ll eventually have a quantum cafe, uh, YouTube channel coming out. We’ve got a few things I’ve already recorded. So I think maybe this is one of the things that I’m here to, to bridge or to help share in the world more generally.

[00:37:50] So I’m always happy to have a conversation with anyone who’s in this marketing world and wanting to figure out where they go next or how to bring more joy and light. [00:38:00] Into their, into their marketing, how to really appreciate the dream that we’re all experiencing together and to really get in touch with those internal states and how we broadcast them.

[00:38:11] Um, so I think it’s pretty cutting edge. I don’t know that I, I’ve seen

[00:38:16] Sarah: a book. I should have looked it up. I’ve seen a book called quantum marketing. Let me just, why don’t you share your website, uh, and where people can find you while I, uh, kind of Google the quantum marketing book.

[00:38:31] Patrick: Yeah, please do. So my website is, uh, still waters dot space.

[00:38:36] So www dot S T I L L W a T E R S dot S P A C E.

[00:38:44] Sarah: Wonderful. Thank you. Yeah. And I found it. It’s called quantum marketing, mastering the new marketing mindset. For Tomorrow’s Consumers and it’s by Raja, Raja Man, uh, Raja Manar. Raja, Raja Manar. [00:39:00]

[00:39:00] Patrick: Okay. How interesting. I’ll have to check it out.

[00:39:03] Sarah: Yeah, we’ll definitely link to it in the show notes.

[00:39:05] So we both haven’t read it, but it’s probably an interesting read,

[00:39:09] Patrick: so. Yeah, and from the quantum structure, I can recommend one of my teachers, Marina Jacobi. Marina, and the last name’s J A C O B I. She has a website, marinajacoby. com. She talks about quantum manifestation. Her work is amazing. It’s all donation based.

[00:39:25] She has six seasons worth of video. She does regular Q& As. She also talks a lot about the quantum structure and how we work within that quantum structure. So for me, this is, quantum marketing is almost kind of like a look at what does marketing mean in this bigger picture of quantum manifestation.

[00:39:41] Because of course, like, what we’re marketing is what we’re manifesting. And whether, whether we’re experiencing 10, 000 people buying our book or one person buying our book, this is all the reality that we’ve chosen. So for me, it’s that kind of bigger awareness of what information is this giving me? Where am I locating myself [00:40:00] within the quantum structure and how do I feel about it?

[00:40:03] And then this practical sense of like, well, what are actions that I can take that can bring me into greater truth and authenticity? So I hope that this book also also has that bigger perspective. I’ve noticed that quantum has become a very trendy word and that it doesn’t always. I guess I wouldn’t say that it always correlates to what I understand as the quantum structure.

[00:40:24] This said, I would imagine there, yeah, there, there could well be a plethora of things that are out there for us to explore. And of course we created them, right, Sarah? You know, there’s like, we, we are the same person. So anything you wrote, I wrote, anything I wrote, you wrote. So this person is also us. This book is also something that we wrote.

[00:40:43] So it’s us just accessing that, that universal knowledge.

[00:40:47] Sarah: Wonderful. Yeah. So we’ll, we’ll add both links to the show notes and people can check out both of them. And of course your link as well. Um, this has been great. Thanks so much, Patrick. I always ask one [00:41:00] last question and that is, what are you grateful for this week?

[00:41:04] Patrick: My gosh, um, I went to the dentist today and I was so grateful. Nobody has ever said that. I know, right? But I went down and I was lying for 30 minutes there and my daughter was with me and she was getting to really explore the office and see all of the different tools and the machinery. Had a really nice conversation with my dentist, who’s just a lovely person.

[00:41:27] I got my teeth all fresh and cleaned. I was lying down with these kind of dark glasses over my face for a little while. Well, my daughter was playing with my feet and I was like, you know what? This is just like being at the beach. This just feels heavenly. So it’s like those little things, right?

[00:41:43] Sarah: I just got a book of dentist appointment now to feel like lying at the beach.

[00:41:48] Patrick: Why not? Right. Really with the light, the way it was all done, I just.

[00:41:55] Sarah: I remember actually in California, um, it was really like that because they [00:42:00] had this paraffin solution next to you. And so you put your fingers in there and then, yeah, it was like, they, they peeled it off after they gave you a massage. I’m like, why can’t all the dentists

[00:42:12] Patrick: be like that? This is the dream.

[00:42:15] Sarah: It was a simulation, I’m telling you.

[00:42:19] Really great hanging out with you, Patrick. Thanks so much for being here.

[00:42:22] Patrick: Thank you, such a pleasure.

[00:42:31] Sarah: What did you think? I know partnering with the quantum is not for everyone, but it does always expand my mind to talk to Patrick, so I really hope you enjoyed it as well. You can find out more about Patrick and his work at stillwaters. space and If you’re looking for others who think like you and maybe want to partner with the quantum or the universe or with each other, then why not join us [00:43:00] in the Humane Marketing Circle?

[00:43:01] You can find out more at humane. marketing. com and you find the show notes of this episode at Dot marketing forward slash H M one seven seven. And on this beautiful page, you’ll also find a series of free offers, the humane business manifesto and the free gentle confidence mini course, as well as my two books, marketing like we’re human and selling like we’re human.

[00:43:29] Thanks so much for listening and being part of a generation of marketers who cares for yourself, your clients and the planet. We are change makers. Before we are marketers. So go be the change you want to see in the world. Speak soon.

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