Grow Your Business with Authentic Personalized Outreach

In this episode of the Humane Marketing podcast, we dive into the art of ‘Authentic Personalized Outreach’ with special guest Caroline Leon. We explore how reaching out genuinely can profoundly impact your business, especially for solo entrepreneurs. Caroline, a seasoned business coach, shares practical tips and strategies for making authentic connections, differentiating authentic outreach from traditional networking, and maintaining generosity in your outreach efforts.

We discuss overcoming the unique challenges that introverts face and staying true to authentic personalized outreach as your business grows. Caroline also shares real-life examples of how her business thrived through genuine outreach and offers actionable steps for anyone looking to implement more authentic outreach in their business.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting, this episode provides valuable insights into building meaningful connections in today’s business landscape.

"It's so much easier to be genuine than we think…" – Caroline Leon @sarahsantacroce #humanemarketing Share on X

In this episode, we talked about authentic personalized outreach as well as:

  • How reaching out genuinely can make a big difference in your business
  • Tips for solo entrepreneurs on making real and meaningful connections
  • Understanding the difference between reaching out and traditional online networking
  • The importance of being generous when reaching out
  • Overcoming the challenges of reaching out, especially for introverts and sensitive individuals
  • Staying true to authentic outreach as your business grows
  • Approaches to connect with industry experts
  • Real-life examples of how Caroline’s business grew through authentic outreach
  • Simple steps for getting started with authentic outreach
  • And so much more

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How Can Personalized Outreach Make a Big Difference In Your Business?

Reaching out genuinely and with personalized outreach, as emphasized by Caroline, holds the potential to create a significant positive impact. Authentic connections with people go beyond mere transactions. By engaging sincerely with your ideal clients, past clients and peers you build a foundation of trust and authenticity. This, in turn, leads to stronger and longer-lasting relationships. When people feel a genuine connection with you, they are more likely to become loyal clients, advocating for your brand and bringing in referrals. The ripple effect of these authentic connections can lead to increased customer retention, a positive brand image, and a thriving business built on the principles of empathy and human connection.

"Personalized Outreach: While it's undeniably a business activity, it's equally an expression of genuine connection." – Caroline Leon @sarahsantacroce #humanemarketing Share on X

What Are Some Tips For Personalized Outreach for Solopreneurs?

Caroline shares invaluable tips for personalized outreach that resonate with the principles of Humane Marketing. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity and connection in every interaction.

Here’s a list of key tips for personalized outreach:

  • Understand Your Ideal Clients: Take the time to deeply understand the values, needs, and challenges of your ideal clients. This foundational understanding forms the basis for authentic and personalized outreach.
  • Tailor Your Message: Craft personalized messages that speak directly to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual. Avoid generic scripts and demonstrate a genuine interest in their journey.
  • Be Timely and Relevant: Timing matters. Reach out when your message is most relevant to their current situation. This demonstrates your attentiveness and consideration.
  • Listen Actively: Actively listen to your clients’ responses and feedback. This not only fosters a deeper connection but also provides insights that can further personalize your approach.
  • Follow Up with Care: A personalized follow-up is crucial. Show that you remember previous conversations and genuinely care about their progress. This level of consideration builds trust over time.
"Reach out genuinely, not as a scripted business transaction, but as a sincere human-to-human connection." – @sarahsantacroce #humanemarketing Share on X

How Can We Practice Personalized Outreach With Industry Experts?

Practicing personalized outreach with industry experts involves a thoughtful and respectful approach. Instead of directly proposing a virtual coffee, which might be perceived as demanding in their busy schedules, Caroline suggests expressing genuine appreciation for their impact on your life. This could be done through a heartfelt message acknowledging their work and the positive influence they’ve had (and giving an example). By focusing on gratitude rather than immediate reciprocity, you create a connection based on sincerity. Even if they don’t personally manage their inbox, the act of expressing gratitude stands out, making it a meaningful interaction. This approach not only removes the pressure of expecting a response but also allows you to authentically connect with those you admire in the realm of business with a heart and soul.

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Ep 176

[00:00:00] Sarah: Hello, Humane Marketers. Welcome back to the Humane Marketing Podcast, the place to be for the generation of marketers that cares. This is a show where we talk about running your business in a way that feels good to you, is aligned with your values, and also resonates with today’s conscious customers because it’s humane, ethical, and non pushy.

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[00:02:29] Hello friends, welcome back to the humane marketing podcast. Today’s conversation fits under the P of people and the P of promotion. If you’re a regular here, you know, that I’m organizing the conversations around the seven P’s of the humane marketing mandala. And if you’re new here and don’t know what I’m talking about, you can download your one page marketing plan with the Humane Marketing version of the seven Ps at humane.

[00:02:59] [00:03:00] marketing. com forward slash one page. That’s the number one and the word page. And this comes with seven email prompts to really help you reflect on these different Ps for your business. Today I’m speaking to Caroline Leon about Authentic Outreach. Caroline is a business coach who specializes in supporting service based online business owners, such as coaches, healers, and teachers, to build and grow sustainable businesses.

[00:03:30] She supports business owners to do away with the gross and manipulative tactics so prevalent these days online and instead adopt ethical growth strategies that put people before profits. In today’s episode, we talked about how reaching out genuinely can make a big difference in your business. We mentioned tips for solo entrepreneurs on making real and meaningful connections.

[00:03:58] Understanding the difference [00:04:00] between reaching out and traditional networking. The importance of being generous when reaching out. Overcoming the challenges of reaching out, especially for introverts and sensitive individuals. Staying true to authentic outreach as your business grows. Approaches to connect with industry experts, real life examples of how Caroline’s business grew through authentic outreach, and then simple steps for getting started with this technique.

[00:04:30] This conversation is really a preview of a workshop that I’m co hosting together with Caroline. She’s the expert. We’re doing a collab workshop once again, and that workshop takes place on November 8th. And, uh, yeah, we’d love for you to listen to this episode, see if it resonates and if it does, and you want more well.

[00:04:54] Join us on November 8th. You can sign up at humane [00:05:00] dot marketing forward slash workshop There’s a link to make a donation in the subscription The suggested price is 27 But you can give less or more according to the principle of maximum sustainable generosity And with no further ado, let’s welcome Caroline Leon.

[00:05:22] Hi caroline. So good to hang out with you Hey, sarah Thanks for coming to the Humane Marketing Podcast to talk about authentic outreach. Um, let’s start with a kind of a definition what authentic outreach is and maybe compare it to the traditional networking or maybe even email marketing, kind of like cold emailing.

[00:05:48] How is authentic outreach different?

[00:05:51] Caroline: Yeah, good, great question. So, um, for me, I usually put it down to, um, a couple of things. It is often easier to describe what it isn’t, um, [00:06:00] but I’ll have a go at saying what it is first. So, um, I describe authentic outreach as making meaningful and genuine one to one connections with people in your network and wider audience, let’s say.

[00:06:14] Um, And so how it differs, you know, because when people hear that, they often think, oh, that’s networking, isn’t that, you know, and, and I always, I make a distinction between the two. So for me, networking often traditionally has this, um, element embedded in it, which is we’re trying to get something from people.

[00:06:31] I mean, we’re working the network, you know, we’re working our net, basically, that’s what the word means. So, um, you know, we think lots of people think traditional networking, it’s like, you know, standing at, um, um, um, You know, wine and cheese events, you know, handing out our business

[00:06:47] Sarah: card and the stack of business cards in our

[00:06:50] Caroline: jacket.

[00:06:50] I’m just trying to, you know, get rid of as many as possible, you know. Um, so we’re in that place of, like, self promotion, you know, how can I share with people [00:07:00] what I have to offer, what I’ve got to sell. Um, and the difference for me, the big difference, distinction between that and authentic outreach is we’re not in it to get something.

[00:07:09] Um, the, the, the fruits of authentic outreach are a happy byproduct I like to think of, of, of doing the work, but the goal really is connection and relationship. So, you know, we’re in it to have. What I call an activated network, but we’re not making those connections with something in mind. I mean, I like to think of, you know, going into any connection that I do, whether it’s with, you know, former clients, colleagues, looking for some kind of win win.

[00:07:39] You know, if we can have a meaningful connection that is fruitful to both of us. And that could just be the beauty of the connection. It doesn’t, you know, have to mean. Something like a podcast interview or a client or something like that. It just, it, it’s, it’s making those genuine connections and building relationships that then, you know, are [00:08:00] rooted in some level of trust.

[00:08:01] Which of course, if we think about business, it’s wonderful. If we think about business as it was pre the internet, you know, that’s how the most successful local businesses. They were the ones who had really lovely connections with the local community and that’s how it, that’s how it worked. It’s kind of happened back to those days, those pre social media

[00:08:23] Sarah: days.

[00:08:24] Exactly like, you know, there was a world before social media. And it was, yeah, business owners were building on these connections. To me, when you, when I hear outreach, um, and then I hear you talk about it, Connections, building these lovely connections outreach to me is, is kind of like, it sounds like it’s the first step of building the connection because the word outreach kind of, you know, has that meaning of the first thing.

[00:08:56] But you’re talking, are you talking only about that first time? [00:09:00] Or is outreach then also something that, you know, builds into, yeah, connection and relationships? Yeah. What is it that, um, that you’re talking about? I’m assuming both, but I just want to be sure. Yeah,

[00:09:16] Caroline: both. I mean, and I, and something I’m going to share in the workshop is like the stages of outreach.

[00:09:21] You know, there’s kind of three levels and, and the initial stage is really connecting for the sake of connection. Um, and, and it’s not always, you know, people hear outreach and they think it’s new people. It’s people I don’t know, but most people are sat on. A huge network that they, of people maybe that they’ve worked with in the past, old colleagues, old, you know, acquaintances, people that they’ve forgotten that they had meaningful relations with.

[00:09:49] So, you know, a lot of what I teach is about reconnection. It’s not always making new connections. Sometimes it’s reactivating a connection that has. You know, gone, gone quiet. [00:10:00] And we all, if we’re honest, have those people that we think, Oh, maybe it’s been too long. I really wish I’d kept in touch with that person.

[00:10:06] I really, you know, but now it feels too, you know, like too much time has passed. I have this personal rule because, you know, I can let time pass, which is it’s never too long. To reach back out to somebody, um, and with that approach, you know, and I’m talking here from a personal perspective and also, you know, from a business perspective, um, I’ve reignited some really beautiful connections that otherwise I would have just let them, you know, let them fizzle out and disappear.

[00:10:37] Sarah: I think sometimes we’re embarrassed to reach back out, but yet if you do it in a Transparent and meaningful way, then I would say probably, probably almost 10 times out of 10, if not nine times, or if not more, then the connection, you know, establishes again, because it’s just human and we all have, [00:11:00] you know, full lives and so it’s not like people are going to say, Oh, you haven’t been in touch for a year and now I’m not going to talk to you again.

[00:11:07] So, so yeah, I hear you. It’s like reconnecting. Um, and then, yeah, you mentioned these three stages. Another thing you mentioned is the intention that is so from the networking, right? So it’s obviously, I think there’s also, you know, it’s always, at least in, in, in our realm here, it’s business related. So yes, it is.

[00:11:33] Some kind of intention that this is a business relationship, but it’s not that client cold calling relationship where we’re just going for the money.

[00:11:44] Caroline: Yeah, I mean, I’d love to speak because you said, um. You mentioned the words transparent and meaningful when we were just talking about personal connections and I would say that absolutely follows through to the business, you know, outreach that I talk about.

[00:11:58] And that’s one of the [00:12:00] areas that people really struggle with because it’s like, how can I be transparent and how can it be meaningful or how can I make these connections without people thinking? She’s after something, um, you know, or like there’s some hidden motive and I think that’s a huge fear that a lot of people have about outreach and it’s something that, you know, I go into quite a lot when I, you know, teach this stuff, um, because that’s That’s, that’s, I think that’s what, most people know it makes sense to have an activated network and that they should be getting from behind their screens and actually talking to people.

[00:12:33] But I think that fear of how is it going to come across, how, how do I even do? What do I even say? It’s the how. It’s the how. How and who, I think. Often, as well, I talk to a lot of people and they’re like, I, I have a tiny network. I mean, that’s probably the first thing that people say to me when I bring this topic up with one to one clients.

[00:12:53] You know, it’s like, I don’t know, I don’t have that many people. And it always makes me smile because I said the same thing to my coach like [00:13:00] 12 years ago when I first started working on this stuff. And I love really digging in also into that, into the who is it, um, who is it and how, you know, do you tell your messages accordingly, you know, to the people that you’re reaching out to, but I think they’re the two big stumbling blocks for people.

[00:13:17] It’s like, I don’t know. First of all, I don’t even know who to reach out to in a business. Set in. And secondly, even if I do know who, I dunno what to say, I dunno how to say it, that comes across as transparent

[00:13:28] Sarah: and meaningful. Yeah. Well, maybe can you kind of give us an example, a story from a client that, uh, or your yourself, right.

[00:13:37] Where you’re like, oh, I figured out the who and I figured out that what, and kind of give us a really practical example of, of how that looked like.

[00:13:47] Caroline: Yeah. I mean, uh, let’s have a think so, um, Well, I’ll give, yeah, I’ll give you one from mine because this is a classic. And I think, I think Ellie, Ellie Trio has been in the, yeah, in [00:14:00] the network, you’re well aware.

[00:14:01] Um, so years and years ago, I was doing some outreach and part of my outreach was, um, Uh, you know, reaching out to people I didn’t know, people that I admired, um, on, on the internet, you know, part of it was about expanding my network and meeting new people also, which for me as a raging introvert and a highly sensitive person is not easy, um, and I can talk about that as well.

[00:14:22] Um. And I saw, Ellie and I had both been featured in the same, on the same website. We’d both been interviewed for My Morning Routine. I think it’s mymorningroutine. com. And I had been published, mine had been published like the week prior, I think. And then hers came up and I was, you know, on the newsletter.

[00:14:39] And I thought, oh my goodness, I love this woman. She’s British, she’s a painter, she loves cats. We had a similar health condition. Um, I’m going to just reach out to her and tell her that I loved her interview. That, you know, I thought it was lovely. Um, you know, I just wanted to let her know that I was inspired by her interview and her work.

[00:14:57] And Ellie and now, Ellie and I [00:15:00] have been business like besties for now. I mean, it’s got to be close to a decade, uh, since I made that out, which we’ve been mastermind partners. We’ve, um, we’ve for, for years, we meet on the regular, we send each other clients. We, I mean, it’s just been a relationship that has not stopped giving.

[00:15:20] Um, and it came from one little message that I sent out, you know, years and years ago. So that’s one. I mean, I’ve got others, but

[00:15:27] Sarah: yeah, that’s, that’s… Yeah, I, I actually, um, thought of one because, um, Rachel, uh, Cumberland Dad, who’s in the Humane Marketing Circle and Who Knows You, and who actually was in one of your programs, learned this outreach, right?

[00:15:43] Connected with me. did exactly what you just said with, with Ellie and you know, my brother, well, she, she joined one of my programs. She’s in the circle and now she’s a certified humane marketing coach, right? And because I just love her and love what she [00:16:00] does. And that’s, that’s what can happen. Yeah. You come in from this, I just.

[00:16:07] You know, I just want to tell you how great you are. I just, and not in a, in a spooky kind of creepy way, but in a real authentic way. And then, and then these partnerships and collaborations start to happen. Yeah,

[00:16:23] Caroline: I mean, and I could, I refer to them often as like love notes, you know, dropping love bombs. And you know, sometimes it’s more, um, You know, that’s, and that’s where we get into the how and the who, because that’s someone, you know, that you’ve never met before, someone that you admire, so it’s going to be slightly different to if you’re writing to an old client or an old colleague that you haven’t been in touch with for a while, so sometimes you can, you know, another example that I give often is, you know, to just to write to someone and say, Hey, I thought of you today and I know it’s been, you know, forever.

[00:16:53] I just wondered how you are, if you feel like, let me know what’s up in your world. I’d love to hear. That’s it. It’s super [00:17:00] simple. It’s genuine, you know, um, and people are touched that they’re in your thoughts. People don’t think with some, if you receive a note like that, I don’t think you think what’s this person’s game, you know, like what’s going on here.

[00:17:13] It’s so much easier, I think, to be genuine than we think, because when we’re doing something in a business. context, we immediately, because of the dysfunctional online world that we swim in often, you know, we have this fear, I’m going to come across as I’m trying to sell something, I’m going to come across as I’m trying to get something from this person, um, and it, and it, and it, um, interferes with our ability to just be as genuine as that, really super simple, no, no attachment, you know, little, no.

[00:17:45] One

[00:17:45] Sarah: thing that, that I’m thinking of as you’re speaking is, is the idea of time and kind of being patient and slowing down this process. Because I do, just as you were speaking, [00:18:00] I’m like, Hmm, I guess if Rachel, you know, would have reached out to me saying what she did. And then a week later, you know, she would have said something else.

[00:18:09] And can you be, you know, can I be on your podcast or whatever it was. Then I would have probably started to think, hmm, you know, what is this? What’s the intention here? Where if we just kind of, yeah, organically grow the relationship and realize that it starts out with giving more than, than immediately going to the ask.

[00:18:33] Then I think we’re building something for the long term. Otherwise, unfortunately, as human beings, we’re just so used to the pitches that we’re like… Immediately we’re like, is there going to be a pitch? And then if there isn’t, you know, then it’s like, Oh, I can relax. Yeah.

[00:18:51] Caroline: And you know, I often use the analogy of like dating or even, you know, making friends in the, in the real world.

[00:18:57] You know, we often think that like [00:19:00] relationship creation or development in the business world is like something that we were like, I don’t know how to do it. And it’s like, well, how do you date people? How do you make friends with, you know, Someone in your yoga class, you know, you do. You, it’s exactly as you described, it’s slow and organic if it’s effective, you know, if you, if you go on a date and then you’re texting that person every, you know, every, every second hour after the date, then it’s going to go, exactly.

[00:19:27] So it’s, we know these skills, it’s just they sometimes go out the window when we’re in business because we, we have this kind of panic about what we should be doing or how we should be navigating. And, and I think a balance that. that I, I teach when I teach this work is the balance between being strategic about our outreach, because we have to remember, of course, it is a business activity, you know, is something we’re doing in service to our business, but with also holding it loosely, you know, so sometimes people will say to me, you know, should I keep a spreadsheet and have, you know, and then reach out to [00:20:00] people every so often.

[00:20:01] And I’m like, you can, if you want, for some people, they need that, you know, it really, for me, it’s always been much easier to just be. More organic with it, you know, if somebody, um, keeps coming back up to the surface, you know, that person, I keep thinking about that person, it’s like, it’s, then it’s genuine for me to reach out versus I’ve looked at my spreadsheet and I can see, oh, it’s been six months since I reached out to that person, I’ll, Um, now I’ll reach out to them so that, but there’s always a dance, I think, with that because of course, you know, we’re, we’re, it’s, we’re working, we are in business.

[00:20:34] And so

[00:20:35] Sarah: yeah, it’s that heart and mind combination. Right? And I, I feel like for me, for past clients, it’s just the heart that operates because they, I just, you know, naturally think of them again, and then I’ll reconnect with, um, with kind of these strategical partners where, I’m like, yeah, I really want to invest time in building the [00:21:00] relationship.

[00:21:00] Some kind of strategy or spreadsheet does help me. Um, because the relationship is new and fresh, where clients it’s already established. And so it’s more natural just to, hey, how have you been?

[00:21:15] Caroline: Yeah, exactly. I think that’s a really great point. When I first, you know, started doing outreach in my business many years ago, I used to have outreach.

[00:21:22] Scheduled in my diary was something that I had to almost force myself to do as a habit I had to develop because it wasn’t natural to me as an introvert, you know, I’m I’m much more inclined to not Do that what’s been freeing for me actually is that I am much more sociable In online than I am in real life.

[00:21:42] You know, I’m the person who are like going to go down the back street to avoid seeing people on the way to the shops, but online it’s much easier because there is that distance, of course, that physical distance. So it feels safer. Um, and yeah, I think, um, just, um, you know, trust in that is [00:22:00] important.

[00:22:01] Sarah: Yeah.

[00:22:01] Yeah. I’m glad you brought up the introvert thing because, um, well, as you know, I’m, I’m a fellow introvert and highly sensitive. And it’s true that connecting online is obviously always easier. Um, I also like that most of your outreach, I guess sometimes it leads to calls, but not every time, right? It’s not like this thing where all of a sudden your calendar is scheduled full with all these coffee chats, which…

[00:22:31] Is not how I intend to fill my day. So, so it’s like really finding what works for you. Or extroverted you might like to talk to people. More often, but

[00:22:42] Caroline: it’s yeah. Yeah. And also, you know, it’s something that Ellie tree says about this that I’d love she talked about, you know, honing your kindred spirit radar when it comes to, you know, making connections with people.

[00:22:53] And so there will be people who it feels more. effort, like an effort to reach out to maybe there’s some fear or [00:23:00] there’s some, you know, hesitation. And there are some people that you’re just like, I love this person. I love getting on the call with this person. This is not, you know, difficult. And I think also honoring that if it feels too forced or if it feels too, um, You know, too much of an effort for you, um, then, you know, we can, we can look at that also and we can honor that because I think, again, going back to, you know, real life relationships, you know, we don’t force ourselves to become friends with a woman in the yoga class if we don’t want to, you know, we, that’s something that we, we choose because we enjoy that person, and I think that’s as equally as important in the business context,

[00:23:39] Sarah: um.

[00:23:41] What would you say, how much How important is confidence in this whole thing?

[00:23:48] Caroline: That’s a good question. I don’t… So I have a view on confidence, which is that we’re all born confident. You know, I always talk about like, um, you know, [00:24:00] babies aren’t comparing themselves as they’re trying to learn to walk and things like that, you know.

[00:24:04] So we’re all born with, I think, a well of confidence. What gets covered up… Uh, our, our, you know, our confidence gets covered up with the thoughts and the doubts and the, you know, um, and the inner, the, you know, the chat, the inner critic and all of that stuff. So for me it’s like, My approach to this sort of stuff is, is to just go for it and see what happens, you know, like if I’m feeling, you know, something is, feels like a scary outreach to make, of course, you know, we’re all, we’re all going to face resistance.

[00:24:34] If there’s someone in our industry, for example, and we think I really should make connection with that person, but I’m worried, you know, um, they won’t respond or, um, we may resist. Um, and I think it’s, I think for me more than, you know, I’ve got to be confident in order to do this. I think it’s just being aware of, where am I resisting, you know, doing this or making this outreach.

[00:24:57] Um, and just being gentle with [00:25:00] yourself about it. I mean, my thing is, the more I’ve done outreach, the more, the less, um, way I give to it. It’s more, and that’s the other thing as well as I think, you know, one of the things that I teach is, is to do a bit of a posh on outreach in the beginning so that you get over those fears of every message I send has got to be perfect.

[00:25:20] Everything has got to be really thought out. So in the beginning, I do like to get people to do a kind of, you know, an intensive of outreach just to get over those. It’s perfectionist tendencies where it’s like I have to, I have to sit and think about every single word in this message before I send it.

[00:25:38] Um, so I, I like to set people a little challenge on that. Um, and I think that really helps get people over the, the doubts, you know, or the fear.

[00:25:48] Sarah: Yeah, no, I, I, I think you’re right. Um, I do feel like there is this tendency for people to. Who am I to reach out to this person? Um, [00:26:00] and so I do feel like confidence has to do it or, and that’s the other approach, just coming from this perspective, I talk always about, you know, doing everything like we’re human.

[00:26:11] And so just looking at the human, not at the business, because reach out like a business owner. Automatically, it will feel staged if you reach out as a human and consider the other human also as a human, not, you know, some famous person who’s, you know, business is according to you doing 10 times better than yours.

[00:26:35] Yeah, just put them on the same level as you because you’re both human. Then I feel like the outreach is going to be much more natural and authentic,

[00:26:44] Caroline: so. Yeah, and also though, if you’re taking away the ask, which we do in authentic outreach, then we’re not asking this person for something. So in that scenario, if there’s someone who I…

[00:26:55] you know, look up to, that’s a mentor, a teacher, you know, I’m not going to write [00:27:00] to them and say, Hey, do you want to have a virtual coffee with me? Because they’re probably way too busy and what’s in it for them to do that. But I might write to them and say, knowing full well, I may never hear back from them.

[00:27:10] They may not even manage their own inbox. I mean, I’ve done that many times with people who I think, I don’t even think they check their own emails. They’re that, you know, big. And I’ll just tell them, thank you. Thank you for the impact that you’ve had in my life. You know, I, I, I, I really appreciate your work and I wanted to let you know who doesn’t

[00:27:27] Sarah: want to receive that.

[00:27:29] Who doesn’t like that. Yeah.

[00:27:30] Caroline: So then I think that takes away that, who am I, too? Because of course, you know, anybody can give a compliment. That’s, you know, even the people who seem like they’re, you know. out there making multiple six figures and have huge audiences. They, they’re, you know, they will, people always, you know, welcome that kind

[00:27:49] Sarah: of feedback.

[00:27:50] Yeah, sounds good. Yeah, you mentioned that you like to set people a little challenge and I know you have a seven day outreach challenge on your website. So I just want to [00:28:00] mention that and that’s available at carolynleon. com outreach challenge resources. And of course, we also want to mention the workshop that we’re doing together on November 8th.

[00:28:14] So you can find out more about that at humane. marketing forward slash workshop. Um. These are donation based or, um, and we have a suggested price of 27, but there’s also a pay what you can, uh, option. So, uh, we just would love for everyone to join us. And as you can tell, there’s a lot more that can be covered.

[00:28:39] And we’re really going to go into more of the how right here. Kind of what we looked at is the why and how it’s different. But, uh, what you’re going to share with us, um, you talked about these three stages. Do they have names, these stages, Caroline? Um,

[00:28:57] Caroline: well, the name is in the, in the, you [00:29:00] know, in what they are, but no, not,

[00:29:02] Sarah: not, not one word names.

[00:29:04] Okay. Yeah. So, so, um, we’re, we’re just really excited to go deeper into this topic of, um, of Outreach. Any, any last tips you’d like to, like, where could people start? Like, what’s one challenge you can give them after listening to this episode?

[00:29:23] Caroline: I, I would say reach out to someone you admire on the internet and just, you know.

[00:29:28] Like a thank you. Yeah, and, and send them a thank you note. You know, a genuine note of appreciation. I think that it feels lovely to do it. The thing I love about that is it’s lovely on both sides. So

[00:29:39] Sarah: it really is. I just got one yesterday from a client. Um, I, so this was a client, but it’s still nice to, you know, years later, I, I barely remember her.

[00:29:50] She’s like, Oh, I just want to thank you for the impact you had. I’m like, Oh, that’s so nice. Just, it makes your day, right? So. Yeah, go and make [00:30:00] someone’s day. Beautiful. Um, yeah, I’ll mention your website again. Uh, Caroline, is it Leon? It’s Spanish.

[00:30:12] And, uh, the workshop is at humane. marketing forward slash workshop. Please join us on November 8th. We’d love to have you there. Thanks so much for being here, Caroline. Thanks for having me.

[00:30:30] I hope you got some great value from listening to this episode. Find out more about Caroline and her work at www. carolineleon. com and check out her 7 Day Outreach Challenge at www. carolineleon. com forward slash outreach dash Challenge dash resources. And of course, please join us for the CoLab workshop, uh, about authentic outreach that takes place on November 8th [00:31:00] at [11:00] AM Eastern Time, [4:00] PM in the uk, and that is [5:00] PM Swiss time or uh, central European time.

[00:31:10] You can sign up at Humane Marketing slash workshop. This is a simple zoom registration, but there’s a donation link in the subscription. The suggested price is 27, but, uh, just give less or more according to this principle of maximum sustainable generosity, which basically means you give whatever you. Can at this moment to make it still sustainable for yourself.

[00:31:41] You can do so before the workshop, but we’ll also remind you again during and after the workshop. Please understand that the recording of this event is reserved for the Humane Marketing Circle. Members who pay a monthly membership fee, but, uh, get to attend all workshops for free and get access. [00:32:00] Which reminds me as well to let you know that, uh, Caroline is actually a member of the circle.

[00:32:08] I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before. And talking about the circle, if you are looking for others who think like you, then why not join us in the Humane Marketing Circle and get access to all the workshops for free. You can find out more at humane. marketing. com And you find the show notes of this episode at humane.

[00:32:30] marketing. com Marketing forward slash H M 1 7 6. And on this beautiful page, you’ll also find a series of free offers such as the Humane Business Manifesto, as well as my two books, Marketing Like We’re Human and Selling Like We’re Human. Thanks so much for listening and being part of a generation of marketers who cares for yourself, your clients, and the planet.

[00:32:56] We are change makers before we are marketers. So go [00:33:00] be the change you want to see.

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The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

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other than stated on this page.