How Rory Bakke stepped into her voice and knows exactly what she can achieve with it.

“This experience has been truly life-changing in both personal and business dimensions.”

Case Study Snapshot

Rory Bakke is a Sustainability & ESG Advisor who works with leaders and teams to translate sustainability into actionable steps and measurable outcomes. 

Rory Bakke

Why Marketing Like We're Human aka 'The Client Resonator'?

Rory and I had a great conversation about her experience of going through the Marketing Like We’re Human aka ‘The Client Resonator’ program. You can watch the full video below , or scroll down to read the shorter version.

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I asked Rory where she was before starting on the Marketing Like We’re Human journey:

“Despite having a career that, in some aspects, has been quite significant, I found myself at a crossroads when it came to making my own business truly be successful. Your journey, Sarah, resonated with me. I had been observing your communications for about a year. In a landscape saturated with marketing that often turns me off, your approach stood out — authentic, supportive, and truly appealing. It created an openness, and on an energetic level, it just felt right to align myself with something that exuded such positivity.”

Here’s what Rory was looking for:

“When I enrolled, my main goal was to gain clarity on the type of marketing, outreach, or communication that would truly resonate with potential clients. I hadn’t quite figured that out yet. Additionally, I hoped to receive some tactical insights, understanding better the various pieces involved. Over time, I’ve developed a bit of hesitancy towards the technological aspects, mainly the perceived requirements and investments. I was uncertain about what that would entail, but I believed that by the end of the course, I would have a clearer picture.”

"The Marketing Like We're Human definitely gave me the answers I was looking for, and - I also got something much deeper. I clarified and figured out how to better communicate my WHY."

- Rory Bakke

The results

I asked Rory who she has become and why that makes her happy:

“I feel like I stepped into my voice and cleared away all of these things that were getting in my way. ”

“Every time I infuse who I am into my LinkedIn profile, website, or framework, it amplifies my sense of assurance. It solidifies not just my presence but clarifies what my voice is truly about and the incredible potential I can achieve with it.”

Tangible results include:

"I'm certain about one thing – I found "my people" !

- Rory Bakke

Final thoughts

It has been wonderful to watch Rory’s journey through the 7Ps of Humane Marketing. 

Here are Rory’s last thoughts:

The course and the community surpassed any expectations I had. I have more confidence about marketing now and it feels like it’s gaining momentum and it’s accelerating. I infuse who I am into my LinkedIn profile, my website or my framework, and each time I feel more sure of  what my voice is about and what I can achieve with it.”

Thank you Rory for sharing !

If Rory’s experience got you curious about  the Marketing Like We’re Human program then let’s talk!
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