A Worldview-Driven Approach: Jenn' McClearen's Experience with the Marketing Like We're Human Program

"My fear of marketing has significantly diminished because I now understand that it's essentially about communicating about your offering and your worldview."

This is a Case Study with Jenn McClearen, participant of the Marketing Like We’re Human aka The Client Resonator program. To find out more about the program click here. 

Case Study Snapshot

Jenn McClearen, Ph.D., is a Writing and Career Coach who helps scholars design the meaningful work lives they want and make a difference in the world through their work. To share the strategies she learned, she launched Publish Not Perish, a bestselling Substack newsletter offering writing best practices for scholars. The enriching community  there inspired her to pursue an even greater impact. 

Jenn McClearen MLWH Testimonial

Why Marketing Like We're Human aka 'The Client Resonator'?

Jenn and I had a great conversation about her experience of going through the Marketing Like We’re Human aka ‘The Client Resonator’ program. You can watch the full video below , or scroll down to read the shorter version.

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I asked Jenn where she was before starting on the Marketing Like We’re Human journey:

Before starting the Marketing Like We’re Human (MLWH) journey, I was at the very beginning stages of my business, transitioning out of a 12-year academic career. I initially viewed entrepreneurship as closely tied to capitalism and exploitation, similar to the corporate world. I sought an alternative approach that aligned with my values and emphasized authenticity. I struggled with marketing, wanting to avoid slimy tactics and instead focus on people-first, value-driven communication. Finding the MLWH program early in my business journey helped me start with a focus on values and authentic marketing, which resonated with me deeply.

Here’s what Jenn was looking for:

I was looking for a way to do business that aligned with my values and felt authentic. I wanted to avoid traditional marketing tactics that felt slimy and instead focus on a people-first approach that emphasized genuine communication. I sought examples of people doing business differently and aimed to connect with like-minded individuals who shared my values.

"One of the really cool things about the MLWH Program is that it's based on Sarah's worldview and that draws diverse individuals with various businesses seeking different types of marketing, but that share that same worldview."

- Jenn McClearen

The results

I asked Jenn who she has become and why that makes her happy:

“I no longer feel out of alignment with my marketing efforts, and I can attract clients in a way that feels genuine and fulfilling.

Tangible results include:

"You get out of it what you put into it. If you put the time and effort into this program, it really can yield some amazing results."

- Jenn McClearen

Final thoughts

It has been wonderful to watch Jenn’s journey through the 7Ps of Humane Marketing. 

Here are Jenn’s last thoughts:

“I really got a lot out of having the cohort and having the accountability partners because we had meetings in between the official group calls, and could talk 1 on 1 about how how we’re implementing this and give each other feedback.
 I found that to be a really, really incredibly valuable experience. I think going through it with other people just enriches the learning experience so much. ”

Thank you Jenn for sharing !

"My fear of marketing has significantly diminished because I now understand that it's essentially about communicating about your offering and your worldview."

- Jenn McClearen

If Jenn’s experience got you curious about  the Marketing Like We’re Human program then let’s talk!
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