How Aimee Giles built the foundation of her business around her WHY with the Marketing Like We're Human program

“ I’m now truly claiming my power and claiming my impact.”

Case Study Snapshot

Aimee Giles is a Certified Executive & Leadership Coach who helps bold and adventurous Heads of School and school leaders  “stay in the arena” as they courageously tackle the big challenges that lie ahead with grace, dignity and joy.
Aimee Giles, Marketing Like We're Human case study

Aimee and I had a great and authentic conversation about her experience of going through the Marketing Like We’re Human aka ‘The Client Resonator’ program. You can watch the full video below (apologies for the poor video quality: we’re totally embracing our human imperfection) , or scroll down to read the shorter version.

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Aimee Giles – Leadership Coach for Heads of Schools 

Why Marketing Like We're Human aka 'The Client Resonator'?

I asked Aimee where she was before starting on the Marketing Like We’re Human journey:

“I was a year into my coaching business, but hadn’t yet launched a website or any branding. I was doing it all through word of mouth and just a lot of experimenting and training.”

Here’s what Aimee was looking for:

“I was looking for a process that wasn’t just coaching calls for 10 weeks, but actually a program based on a framework (your 7Ps of Humane Marketing). I loved the group call piece too, because I really wanted to be doing this in a community of other people wherever they were, with a leader yourself, someone who can push us forward.”

"What I loved about the Marketing Like We're Human program was that it starts all the way back at my why and I really liked this inside out approach."

- Aimee Giles

The results

I asked Aimee who she has become and why that makes her happy:

“I feel confident. I feel like I’m myself. My business is me. I’m claiming my power and my impact. And that silences everything else and makes me very focused.”

“When I think about my ideal client It’s no longer theoretical . It’s very specific based on who I am and why I’m doing this work and who they are.”

Tangible results include:

Humane Business Building for Introverts/HSPs

Aimee is a fellow introvert and HSP. She said that part of the reason she chose the Marketing Like We’re Human aka ‘The Client Resonator’ program VIP option, was because we share so many similar personality traits.

Here’s what she said after I shared how I organize my work day:

"This is the first time I felt like I actually got an answer that may work for me"

- Aimee Giles

Final thoughts

Working with Aimee was a delight and such proof of how fun it can be when you work with your ideal clients. It has been wonderful to watch Aimee’s transformation and I’m absolutely 100% certain that she will have a full client roster in the next 12 months.

Here are Aimee’s last thoughts:

“Yes, it’s been wonderful to work with you too. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve enjoyed your books and enjoyed your videos and just really am so glad that you came into my life at this point.”

Thank you Aimee for sharing !

If Aimee’s experience got you curious about the VIP option of the Marketing Like We’re Human program then let’s talk!
Check out the details and scroll to the bottom of that page to book a call with me.

Or if you’d like to read another case study about the group program experience and participants who are not new business owners, then check out Adam Kawalec or Myriam Martinez’s experience.

Update 1 year later

One year later, Aimee is doing well, and she’s loving her work with clients who truly resonate with her approach. Additionally, she’s now contemplating the idea of group coaching, a path that wasn’t on her radar during our collaboration. A new exciting aspect she’s uncovered is her passion for co-creating innovative programs with like-minded individuals. She’s currently exploring this with a partner. While there’s still space to welcome more clients into her circle, those who come her way tend to be an excellent match for her unique offerings.

“All the hours and hours of work we did together, and I did on my own, to write the content for my website so thoughtfully paid off. It is deeply resonant with who I am and the work I am doing. What an amazing outcome!”

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