How Rachael Cumberland-Dodd Discovered Her Path to Vulnerability and Unleashed Its Power Through the Marketing Like We're Human program

“ I'm now willing to try new things, even if they're scary, which has led to some amazing experiences and opportunities.”

Case Study Snapshot

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd is an ex-corporate marketer turned niche-whisperer. She helps do-good business owners get to the heart of what they do, why they do it and for whom, so they can market their mission with more confidence, more ease, and less argh!

Rachael and I had a great and authentic conversation about her experience of going through the Marketing Like We’re Human aka ‘The Client Resonator’ program. You can watch the full video below , or scroll down to read the shorter version.

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Rachael Cumberland-Dodd – Niche Whisperer and Messaging Coach

Why Marketing Like We're Human aka 'The Client Resonator'?

I asked Rachael where she was before starting on the Marketing Like We’re Human journey:

“I think I was probably about a year and a half into business and realized that I didn’t wanna do business in the way that other people were telling me how to do it.

I felt I was just a salmon swimming in the wrong direction, you know, going against the main stream.”

Here’s what Rachael was looking for:

“I wanted to learn from someone who was doing it, not only doing it itself, but teaching it and having success with it. I wanted to see and know that we could do business and marketing in the way that we want to do it, and it be a success.

“I wanted to learn the tactics to a certain extent, I wanted to learn techniques, but I think what I got was more than that.”

"It's all about the depth of this work. You've got to know yourself to be a strong, ethical business owner and marketer."

- Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

The results

I asked Rachael who she has become and why that makes her happy:

“I just feel braver. I feel clearer. ”

“I have clarity about my path and feel bolder and ready to step out there.”

Tangible results include:

"I think I found my particular frequency thanks to the program"

- Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Final thoughts

“I think the depth and richness of conversations with the people in the program community, and the prompts that we all answer in our own unique ways, makes this program extremely valuable. You always see yourself in other people’s problems or other people’s conversations and it makes you cherish our shared humanity. That’s been the real joy for me.”

Thank you Rachael for sharing !

If Rachael’s experience got you curious about the group option of the Marketing Like We’re Human program then let’s talk!
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Or if you’d like to read another case study about the program experience and participants, then check out Adam Kawalec or Myriam Martinez’s experience.

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