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Today’s conversation fits under the P of Personal Power

If you’re a regular here, you know that I’m organizing the conversations around the 7Ps of the Humane Marketing Mandala.
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It’s time for another short solo episode. This time I’d like to share a bit more about the 2nd P of Personal Power.

"So I do things aligned with my energy and my personal power, the way that feels good and not what the latest guru marketer tells me to do. And I really, really think it's so helpful to know what your personal power is, right?"… Share on X

I’ll address:

  • Why it’s key to know your Personal Power in Humane Marketing
  • How defining your core values dictates how you show up in the world
  • What other personality assessments you can use to learn more about who you are
  • How all this information helps you understand your Unique Holistic Marketing Super Power
  • And how to bring all of that into your story

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[00:00:00] Sarah: Hello, Humane Marketers. Welcome back to the Humane Marketing Podcast, the place to be for the generation of marketers that cares. This is a show where we talk about running your business in a way that feels good to you, is aligned with your values, and also resonates with today’s conscious customers because it’s humane, ethical, and non pushy.

[00:00:23] I’m Sarah Zanacroce, your hippie turned business coach for quietly rebellious entrepreneurs and marketing impact pioneers. Mama bear of the humane marketing circle and renegade author of marketing like we’re human and selling like we’re human. If after listening to the show for a while, you’re ready to move on to the next level and start implementing and would welcome a community of like minded, quietly rebellious entrepreneurs who discuss with transparency what works and what doesn’t work in business, then we’d love to welcome you in our humane marketing circle.

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[00:01:16] We share with transparency and vulnerability what works for us. And what doesn’t work, so that you can figure out what works for you, instead of keep throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. Find out more at humane. marketing forward slash circle. And if you prefer one on one support from me, my humane business coaching could be just what you need.

[00:01:40] Whether it’s for your marketing, sales, general business building, or help with your big idea like writing a book, I’d love to share my brain and my heart with you, together with my almost 50. Years business experience and help you grow a sustainable business that is joyful and sustainable. If you love this [00:02:00] podcast, wait until I show you my Mama Bear qualities as my one-on-one client, and find out more at Humane Marketing slash Coaching.

[00:02:09] And finally, if you are a Marketing Impact pioneer and would like to bring Humane Marketing to your organization, have a look at my offers and workshops on my website at Humane.

[00:02:34] Hello friends, welcome back to the Humane Marketing Podcast. Today’s conversation, well, it’s a solo episode fits under the P of personal power. If you’re a regular here, you know that I’m organizing the conversations around the seven P’s. of the Humane Marketing Mandala. If this is your first time here, a very warm welcome.

[00:02:57] You probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but [00:03:00] you can download your one page marketing plan with the Humane Marketing version of the seven Ps of marketing at humane. marketing forward slash one page. That’s the number one and the word page. And humane is with an E at the end. I noticed that non English speakers don’t always know that human and humane are spelled differently.

[00:03:24] So humane is with an E at the end. And this comes with a seven email prompts to really help you reflect on these different P’s for your business. So it’s time for another. short solo episode and this time I’d like to share a bit more about the second P, the one that stands for personal power. I’ll be talking about why it’s key to know your personal power in humane marketing, how defining your core values really dictates how you show up in the world, [00:04:00] what other personality assessments you can do.

[00:04:02] News to learn more about who you are, how all this information helps you understand your unique holistic marketing superpower. How to bring all of that into your story and just create a business that is aligned with who you are and therefore, you know, also marketed from within. Who am I? That’s the question here, right?

[00:04:28] And so this is the other P together with passion or purpose, the first P that was completely missing in the traditional marketing model. Before we never looked at ourselves first. It was all about the customer because the customer was king. And so we had to kind of chase after this customer. So I really think it has to do with the human evolution.

[00:04:54] We want to self actualize. So it makes sense to learn more about [00:05:00] ourselves first in order to then find out who’s a good match for us. It’s very aligned also with the inner development goals. Something that I’m recently very much fascinated by and. kind of following the movement, participating in the movement.

[00:05:18] So if you haven’t heard about the inner development goals, definitely look that up. It’s the pendant of the sustainable development goals. But again, as the word says, it’s starting within, starting with ourselves. And so it’s the same here. We’re starting marketing within, within, within ourselves. So it’s really.

[00:05:39] principle of the resonance, right? So that we find out who we are first in order to resonate with ideal clients who are aligned with us. And marketing with integrity really means marketing in our wholeness. So that’s why we need to start with [00:06:00] ourselves. So the first thing we look at, and I’m sure you heard about this before, is our values.

[00:06:07] You know, what are our core. Usually it’s three or five. So if you haven’t done this exercise yet or haven’t done it recently, I really highly recommend that you look at your values again, because they actually also change. So there’s a free core values assessment. If you Google personal values assessment, you’ll, you’ll find probably several, but Yeah, they’re, they’re all pretty much the same.

[00:06:36] So you just pick first 10 values and then you narrow it down to five or three. And mine currently are freedom, curiosity, joy. health and honesty. So these are kind of my top five values. In her books, Brene Brown talks about her two [00:07:00] guiding values being courage and faith and how she always thinks about these main values whenever she makes a decision.

[00:07:07] For example, freedom is my number one value whenever I don’t feel free. I feel trapped and knowing that about myself has really helped me with business decisions. For example, I’m not an ideal fit for working with a business partner under the same company. I just wouldn’t feel free to do whatever I want.

[00:07:30] It also means that I do my best work with entrepreneurs who also often have this urge for freedom. A few years ago, I trained all the consultants of the local unemployment offices on how to help their clients with LinkedIn. And I really did not like it. They were not my people. They had been working at their jobs for.

[00:07:55] And they didn’t share this value of freedom and [00:08:00] curiosity and and the growth mindset. So yeah, looking at our values and knowing what they are and bringing them into our work and into our marketing and into our Business decisions is really really key. Another thing I talk about in the Marketing Like We’re Human program under the personal P, personal power P, is the Myers Briggs personality assessment.

[00:08:28] I’m sure all of us have taken that already at one point in our life. My type is INFJ, so knowing this about myself helps me understand more about my energy. That I’m more introverted and more intuitive. I’m not driven by numbers and stats. I love people but I need to refill my battery by being alone.

[00:08:55] So, It’s a, it’s a good assessment to really know how, how [00:09:00] you’re wired and it helps you again with your marketing and your business decisions because it, it teaches you how you do your best work, right? Another one we look at is the Enneagram. I don’t know much about that, I think I’m a four, but it’s also an interesting one to look at, so if, if that calls you maybe because of the drawing or it just speaks to you more, then definitely have a look at that.

[00:09:29] Another one is the, the Strengths Assessment. So, it’s called the V I A Institute of Character Strengths, and it’s organized in 24 character strengths in different degrees, giving each person a unique character profile. And so, Then it also gives you kind of your six most important character strengths, and which is just also, you know, interesting to look [00:10:00] at.

[00:10:00] So mine were Humility, Love of Learning, which is again similar to my Value of Curiosity, Judgment, which is the same J of INFJ. So Judgment, my Husband Tony always makes fun of me about that because I am quite a judgy also with people and say I don’t like these pants Things like that, but that’s not what it stands for in the Myers Briggs assessment It the J is really about planning everything ahead of time and not being so good with spontaneity And so that’s very much me very You know future planning so judgment is my third.

[00:10:46] Then fourth is creativity, which is still true. Then fifth is gratitude, which is also true. And then sixth is kindness. So again, it’s a lot of confirmation, but knowing this about. [00:11:00] myself lets me tap into it more into, you know, bring that into my marketing. Like I call myself the mama bear of the humane marketing circle.

[00:11:10] Well, it is that, you know, kindness, for example comes out of this term. So it’s just informs us about different aspects of ourself that we can bring into our communication and our business. Another one of these. It’s not really an assessment. It’s much bigger than an assessment. I don’t know what you would call it.

[00:11:35] It, it is human design that is based on astrology and a very similar type of thing is, is called gene keys. So you probably either know human design or you know gene keys, but they’re very similar, I would say, because they’re based on astrology. And I’m a five… One generator, so there’s different profiles, [00:12:00] and I am really usually full of energy.

[00:12:04] That’s what the generator means. I, I, you know, intrinsically create energy. And so again, just kind of learning more about this human design and it goes into a lot of depth. If you’re curious about human design, I highly recommend you listen to episode 159 with Julian Cross and Hill, who is a human design specialist.

[00:12:29] And you can find that episode at humane. marketing. com forward slash H. M 1, 5 9. So very, very fascinating work that I dove into a few years ago, and it’s still with me. I have my report in my desk, and every now and then I take it back out. I’m like, oh, yes, that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. For example, it gave me the information that I’m actually meant to work with.[00:13:00]

[00:13:00] One too many, so writing books, for example, or doing the group coaching, I thought that I was just meant to work one on one because I was an introvert and yet when the human report came out and I worked with someone on, on that. We realized, well, actually, no, it’s not so much about one on one or not only about one on one.

[00:13:26] So that was interesting for me. So yeah, have a listen to episode 159 with Julian Cross and Hill, who talks about human design. Yet another one is the fascination advantage. So that’s more about. looking at how the world sees us rather than how we see the world. And this one really is more marketing oriented.

[00:13:49] It’s It’s really interesting to find out also that often people see us differently from how we see ourselves. So the exact [00:14:00] words that people would use to describe us and the types of tasks that perfectly fit our personal brand and, and then it gives you these 42 personality archetypes, which seems like a lot.

[00:14:16] But There’s been a lot of research behind that and really it, it is, yeah, it is fascinating. And when I took it a few years ago, I came out as the maverick leader and my kind of Power was innovation and power. And now that I took it again, power stayed the same and innovation changed to mystique, which mystique is the language of listening, which also fits me well.

[00:14:46] So it’s just interesting to see and find out how the world sees you. And then also kind of receive this language that people would use. Well, I would never. [00:15:00] Describe myself as a maverick leader. I wouldn’t put those words out there, but it’s interesting to hear and see that maybe that’s how people perceive me.

[00:15:13] So yeah, very interesting information in that report. It used to be free. Now, unfortunately it’s no longer free and it’s. I think it’s around 70 bucks a client you recently told me so, but I would say it’s, it’s, if you’re interested in that kind of thing, it’s definitely worth doing that once. So all these results really help us realize who we are and what we’re good at and what our unique holistic marketing superpower is.

[00:15:43] There’s probably others. Oh, there’s one I’m thinking of from Jonathan Fields called What’s your SPARCA type? And that one is also a bit more like skills oriented like work oriented. So you’ll find that on Jonathan Field’s [00:16:00] website, or if you just Google SPARCA type and, and another interesting of these self assessments.

[00:16:07] And again, we don’t have to. You know, take these labels for granted. Things can change and we don’t have to put ourselves into this box. But to me, it really informs us a bit about how we’re wired and then. You know, we can tap into that and say, yeah let me explore this and find out how I can use this to my best advantage.

[00:16:33] So, for example, if I’d work with a coach that told me that I have to speak on stage every week, that would really not work for me. I’d be totally outside of my comfort zone all the time and probably end up with a burnout in a few months. All about expanding our comfort zone every now and then, like I’m doing in a couple of weeks by going to a big summit about the inner [00:17:00] development goals in, in Sweden.

[00:17:01] So again, these inner development goals that I mentioned earlier, it’s just really right now at a topic that I’m fascinated. of and really interested in and so these summits are, they’re, yeah, I’m an introvert as you know and so going to a big summit like that is, yeah, outside of my comfort zone, but it’s.

[00:17:25] Okay for me to expand that comfort zone every now and then, but for most of the time, I agree with my friend, Adam, who has this concept that he calls inside the comfort zone. And I think that’s why we’re doing these personality assessments and figuring out our unique, holistic superpower is that for most of the time we can operate within.

[00:17:49] our comfort zone. And I really think we are our best selves and do our best work when we truly know who we are and bring all of us [00:18:00] to our work. No masks. We’re not faking it until we are making it. Right? Most of the time, I would say probably 98 percent we do our best work if we are truly just who we are.

[00:18:13] 2 percent of the time, yeah, we’ll have to put on a little mask. And, and, you know, for me, it’s usually kind of faking the small talk or, or pretending I’m fine when I’m actually having a headache, which happens a lot. But other than that. I just, you know, operate best if I’m truly inside the comfort zone and, and being my true self.

[00:18:38] Another thing knowing my personal power helped me understand is that I need a lot of spaciousness in my days. Even though I call myself a conscious business coach, I don’t enjoy coaching loads of clients at the same time. My brain just can’t handle it. Another thing I didn’t I mentioned so [00:19:00] much here is that I’m a highly sensitive person, that’s, you know, it’s not a, in a, in a personality assessment, but it’s, it’s a trait.

[00:19:08] It’s a personality trait. And so, Understanding this about myself that I’m highly sensitive and that my brain quite quickly probably more quickly than other people goes into overload, it just made me understand, well, I can’t be this coach like other people are coaching all day long and having like six, seven coaching clients per day, it’s, it’s not good for me.

[00:19:36] So that’s why I shifted my business model to now work only with three. one on one clients at a time and they of course get then my full attention and I can over deliver because I’m not spread too thin. Besides the one on one clients, I then also offer the community and the group program and soon a second one that I’m [00:20:00] calling the business book alchemist.

[00:20:02] If you’re on my email list, you already know about this one. So another story that comes to about how my values helped me. Make a business decision is the story about the trademark issue with gentle marketing. If you’ve been in my world for a while, you already know this story that after I published the first book then called the gentle marketing revolution, I received a seasoned assist letter and was told I can no longer use that term.

[00:20:33] And so. That was really, really hard, as you can imagine. But sticking to my values where a lot of people kind of even, you know, nice, like friends almost, like at least business friends told me, well, you know, maybe you can fight this. I’m sure there’s, there’s a gray zone because she’s in the U. S. You’re in Switzerland, you know, just lawyer up, get a lawyer and, and, and I’m sure you [00:21:00] can fight this.

[00:21:01] And yet. That was going so much against my values. I’m like, I don’t believe in competition. I believe in collaboration. I don’t believe in owning stuff, especially gentle stuff, you know, gentle words. How could I, Sarah, own a word and say, this is now mine. Nobody. It’s allowed to use it anymore, especially if I’m calling it a revolution, right?

[00:21:29] And so it was just completely against my values to go and say, Hey, this is going to be mine. I’m going to fight for it. And so it really helped me. with my intention, intuition and, and saying, well, I need to let this go. I need to, you know, say, okay, fine. I understand legally, this is yours and I move on and find a new term.

[00:21:56] And I think, yeah, the, the values and kind of [00:22:00] in my. moral principles really helped me in this in this decision, which of course wasn’t easy, but in the end, I’m, I’m so glad this happened. So yeah, in conclusion, finding our personal power is all about marketing from within. Aligned with our values and really feeling a hundred percent grounded in how we’re communicating and it helps you find then also the tactics that are aligned with you and tune out at the same time, all the other noise and all the other shoulds, for example, I’m not on Instagram, I’m no longer on Twitter, I’ve quit Facebook, I only release one podcast every two weeks now where everybody’s saying, well, you should At least, you know, two episodes per week, but it just didn’t work for me.

[00:22:53] So I do things aligned with my energy and my personal power, the way that [00:23:00] feels good and not what the latest guru marketer tells me to do. And I really, really think. It’s so helpful to know what your personal power is, right? What your personal holistic and humane marketing superpower is. And I truly enjoy helping others find their holistic and humane marketing superpower by By guiding them through this journey of finding out, well, how are you wired?

[00:23:32] What’s your, what are your values? What’s, what’s your worldview? And, and if you’ve read my Marketing Like We’re Human book, I have a special reader offer that you can find on my website. If you go to humane. dot marketing under the tab books, it’s kind of hidden away, it’s under the tab books, not offerings.

[00:23:51] And so you, you click at the bottom, it says special reader offer. And it’s a one off power hour with me [00:24:00] that comes with a 16 page workbook that I’d like you to prepare and reflect on before our time together. So it’s really, it’s deep work and I’ll have you. You know, look at some of these assessments and then we can figure out together, well, what is your humane and holistic marketing superpowers so that you too can tune out all the rest.

[00:24:23] And maybe for you, it is Instagram, right? It’s not going to be me saying, Oh, but for me, Instagram doesn’t work. And so it shouldn’t work for you either. It really depends on what you enjoy and how you’re wired. And what your energy looks like. So if you’re listening to this and think, oh, that would be really helpful, I’d love to help you and find more clarity and ease by figuring out your holistic and humane marketing superpower.

[00:24:53] So again, it’s at humane. marketing. And then you just look for the tab [00:25:00] books and underneath there, you’ll. Find the special reader offer. I really hope you got some value from my ramblings about superpower and humane holistic superpowers. Maybe take some of the assessments that I mentioned. I think it’s really, really helpful.

[00:25:19] Personal Power is also the second module of the Marketing Like We’re Human, aka the Client Resonator Program. So you can find out more about that by going to humane. marketing forward slash program. And if you’re looking for others who think like you, then why not join us in the Humane Marketing Circle?

[00:25:39] You can find out more about that at humane. marketing. com. Forward slash circle, you find the show notes of this episode at humane dot marketing forward slash H M one seven three. And on this beautiful page, you’ll also find a series of free offers, the humane business manifesto, [00:26:00] and the free gentle confidence mini course.

[00:26:02] As well as my two books, Marketing Like We’re Human and Selling Like We’re Human. Thank you so much for listening and being part of a generation of marketers who cares for yourself, your clients, and the planet. We are change makers before we are marketers. So go be the change you want to see in the world.

[00:26:22] Speak soon![00:27:00]

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