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There are different ways we can work together:

Prices are indicative and I’m open to having a human conversation about an investment that feels fair to everyone involved. So if you are a Startup, BCorp or NGO, please don’t let those numbers stop you from contacting me.

Humane Marketing Conference / Workshop:
a 90-minute introduction to Humane Marketing and an exercise about your conscious client and his wants and needs. Inspiration to see marketing differently
(starting at $2000)

Purpose, Conscious Client & Storytelling: 
a half- or full-day immersion in Humane Marketing and discovery of the Rumble, Rise & Resonate journey in order to uncover your company purpose, your conscious client, untold stories and come up with innovative and creative new marketing campaigns
(starting at $3500 for half-day)

3-Month Humane Marketing Audit of your current marketing & sales activities with my recommendations on how to pivot towards a more inclusive & humane approach
(starting at $6000)

Bespoke Consulting and Mentoring to accompany you on this journey to a humane & gentle marketing approach. 

Scalable marketing program that enables you to run these sessions within your organization in an ongoing, sustainable way 

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