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A lot of things changed last year. On the outside, it might look like a bigger change because of the rebranding. But underneath it all, I’m still the same and have the same values. So I wanted to make the first episode of the year a re-introduction of who I am, what I am passionate about and my plans for the Humane Marketing movement for 2022.

If you have been a listener for a long time, this might be a refresher of what you know about me. If you’re new, then, hi! I’m Sarah, and I’m a Humane Marketer.

"We don't use authenticity as a buzzword. It just means that we show up as who we are in integrity. We cultivate community. We care deeply about creating win-win-win situations, win for the world, win for our clients, and win for… Share on X

In this episode, you’ll learn a bit more about me, Sarah, the host of this show

  • What things changed in 2021 for me
  • The Humane Marketing creed
  • My offerings for 2022
  • The plans for the podcast for 2022
  • and much more…

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Imperfect Transcript of the show

[00:00:00] Today’s conversation fits under the P of passion. If you’re a regular here, you know that I’m organizing the conversations around the seven PS of the humane marketing Mandalah and it’s you’re new here, and they’ll know what I’m talking about. You can download your one page marketing plan with the humane marketing version of the seven piece of marketing@humane.marketing forward slash one page.

[00:02:50] That’s the number. And then page and it comes with seven email prompts to really help you reflect on these different piece for your business. So, as I said, today’s conversation fits under the P of passion, which is the first P and sometimes also I use the P for purpose. So passion purpose, kind of similar things to me and this, since this is the beginning of a new year and also a new podcasts.

[00:03:20] I thought I’d record a solo episode and talk about my passion passions today. A lot has happened this past year and from the outside, looking in. It might seem that my direction has changed because there’s a lot of new things in the humane marketing avenue, brand quotation marks a new name. So a gentle marketing is now humane marketing.

[00:03:47] I also have a brand new website at humane that marketing Sarah Santa croce.com is still open and up to date. More of a generic website, if you want. In my LinkedIn stuff is still there. So everything that’s related to humane marketing is now under humane.marketing. I’ve also two books now marketing like we’re human, which was kind of published.

[00:04:17] Yeah, it was published in 2021, but I’ve written it in 2020 and then selling like where. That was just released this past November, 2021. So I’ve written it in 2021. So yeah, a lot of new things, but in fact, for me a lot has remained the same as well. I’m still the same old Sarah. I have grown. Yes, but. You know, my values are the same.

[00:04:48] And I also think in terms of the gentle marketing kind of concept and my mission and passion, nothing has changed. It’s still about bringing more empathy and kindness to the business world, whether that is called gentle marketing or a humane marketing, doesn’t really matter. And so, yeah, I wanted to take this episode kind of this new year episode as an opportunity to introduce myself.

[00:05:16] Maybe if you’re new here, it’s the first introduction. And if you’ve been listening to the. For a while, while it’s a re-introduction and maybe just kind of a, yeah. A reminder of yes. Who I am, but also who we are as humane marketers and what this podcast is all about and how. I can serve you with this podcast and I’ll be talking about some of my other offerings, just kind of as a, yeah.

[00:05:46] As a way for me to say, Hey, yes, a lot of things have changed, but I’m still me. And there’s still a lot of things that are the same. And it’s just maybe a an opportunity to say that out loud. We don’t often take that opportunity for ourselves. And so. Yeah, here it goes. So I’m Sarah, I’m a humane marketer and host of this podcast and I call myself the mama bear of the humane marketing service.

[00:06:15] So when people ask me what I’m up to, sometimes I get asked that on podcasts, I tend to respond that I’m creating a revolution, a revolution for people who care, marketers who care, businesses who care and they care about themselves. Yes, we do care about ourselves. We do care about making a profit, paying our bills, making money We also care about our clients and we care about the planet.

[00:06:47] So that’s exactly the three wins I care about as well. And I written about the three wins and in both of the books all of these wins come after my family. Of course. I think that’s one of the things we realized over these past two years prioritizing yes, the humane marketing revolution. Really important to me.

[00:07:07] But it always comes after, you know, all the other things that count first and, and. Yeah, it just, it’s funny because one of my beta readers, Mamata layman, if you’re listening to this, you reminded me of this because you said, you know, it’s strange that you, you know, you got to mention your family and your mission and in kind of in your world, you and everything.

[00:07:34] And I’m like, yeah, you’re right in everything that I do Kind of, if you want to use kind of old language in the career it always comes after. What I really care about is the people who matter most to me. And those are my, is my immediate family. And then, you know, everybody, I love around that, which is extended family, but then also my friends.

[00:07:57] So, yeah. I want to talk to you about the humane marketing creed. Because in that creed, I wrote down some of the other things a humane marketer cares about. So let me read some of these statements to you. We run their business to make a positive difference and to support ourselves financially, similar to B corporations.

[00:08:21] We balance purpose and profit. We are here to serve, but we are not martyrs. We are in business. We embraced gentleness throughout our business. We treat clients, potential clients, employees with kindness and empathy. We believe in integrity and authenticity. We just want to be ourselves in order to do our best work.

[00:08:43] We don’t use authenticity as a buzzword. It just means that we show up as who we are in integrity. We cultivate community. We care deeply about creating win-win win situations, win for the world, win for our clients and win for ourselves. We ensure fairness in order to build a sustainable business. We invest in creating community, not just systems.

[00:09:11] We make the world a better place. Everything we do aims to make this world. We live in a better place, our products and services, our relationships or communications. We align who we are, what we do. We don’t change who we are in order to do what we do, where the real deal we aim to bring back to human connection to marketing.

[00:09:34] As much as we love technology, we always prioritize the human connection. In our marketing activities. We see marketing as a creative process. We are in our flow. When we turn on our right brains and take marketing from arduous to joyful, we approach marketing from a place of abundance. We know that there is an abundance of clients waiting for us.

[00:10:01] We are gentle Visioneers. We are part visionaries, part pioneers. We are a new species of gentle souls who reinvent marketing and business. So that’s the humane marketing creed. If you liked it so much that you want to get your own beautiful visual presentation of it and maybe even share it on social media you can download it for free.

[00:10:26] No, opt-in at humane.marketing forward slash creed. So yes, that’s how I see does gentle and humane revolution. And in order to get there, we need to unite get together with soulmates to create change. And the podcast is one of the ways we can do that. And I commit to bringing you inspiring conversations with guests, who I see as fellow humane marketers, and change-makers my books marketing, like we’re human and selling.

[00:10:57] Like we’re human are also part of that revolution and part of the way. Get there. And then finally the humane marketing circle is another option. So that’s our community. It’s where we create real human relationships and focus on marketing and building our business in a way that works and works for us and call myself the mama bear of the circle because in different personality type assessments, I have.

[00:11:25] Qualities of the nurture. I’m good at bringing people together and rising together and I’m gentle, but I’m also from, and can be fierce if needed. So the circle is a community. I called a mature individuals who take ownership and don’t expect to be spoonfed information templates and could cookie cutter steps.

[00:11:50] So that’s my fierce kind of side. I’m like, no, I’m done with spoonfeeding information and treating fellow entrepreneurs, like, you know, kinda like children that need to be spoonfed. So. That’s not what we do in the community. I truly believe in the power of each individual member to make the change. I also follow the principle of a leader in each chair.

[00:12:17] So. I’m not the guru of this community who preaches how marketing is supposed to be done. Humane marketing is really about finding out what works for you. And you find that out by discussing with other like-minded entrepreneurs, what works for them so that you can figure out what works for you. The circle is a way to connect with those people in a safe and intimate.

[00:12:43] Way in small breakout rooms. And the value of the circle really is not limited to our monthly calls because I encourage collaboration between members, beyond our calls. That’s why this year we’re introducing buddy coaching. So really. Using that responsibility and accountability with each other and saying, yeah, I’m going to step up and I’m going to reach out and find an accountability partner to help me.

[00:13:15] You know, implement what we discussed. So that’s what the circle is all about. I’ve been running this in different versions for over two years now, at certain moments during the first lockdown, there were only two other people on the call sometimes, but yeah, it was hard. I. Really lost face sometimes that this was never going to work or what am I doing?

[00:13:41] People are not ready. That for that, I probably got this all wrong because I need to create a community like all the others that I saw where there’s tons of content and people only pay you for content. But that’s not what I thought we needed. I really thought we needed the connection and we needed to, you know, talk to other people who are in the same situation to find out what works for them so that we can find out what works for us.

[00:14:09] So I kept going and kept going because. What I’m passionate about and that’s, I think what I’m here to do because community is really in my DNA. I many of you know, that I grew up in a hippie commune where co-living co-learning conflict resolving were on the agenda every day. So yeah, it took me a while, but I finally come full circle and realize.

[00:14:37] This is exactly what we need today. A community that unites to change the world of business. So we need each other to get the. Right now the circle is closed until we open again in a few weeks, but if you’d like to get on the waiting list and get my authentic and fair pricing mini course for free as a thank you for your trust, you can sign up to that now at humane.

[00:15:04] Marketing forward slash circle. So yeah, the circle is one of my passions. That’s why I’m talking about this. It’s not just, you know, kind of a, an extended plug. Hey, joined the circle. It’s really what I’m passionate about and it’s going to be one of my main priorities. And I really just realized that over the last, probably three to four months realizing how important this community is to me.

[00:15:32] And that that’s going to be my main thing going forward. In fact, I believe in the power of community so much that I’m working on a second circle for marketing impact pioneers. So that’s those of you who work in marketing functions in companies and organizations, and this will be an invite only circle.

[00:15:59] It will allow sometimes this sometime to spring. So if you’re interested in that in year, someone. Working in an organization in a marketing function or kind of in a founder function that also has to do marketing and communication. And you’re interested in community and talking to other people and figuring out what works, what doesn’t, what needs to be changed in order to yeah.

[00:16:25] Go towards more of the humane marketing approach. Please do send me an email at sarah@humane.marketing. This is also going to be my way of getting into the door of organizations who are interested in humane marketing and working with a consultant who offers a different perspective on marketing one that’s more holistic and not just profit driven.

[00:16:48] I envisioned organizations of small to medium sizes. Already in this movement of creating change. So human change, leadership change, climate change systems change, everything needs to change. That’s what gets me excited. And it excites me to think that they will be applying the seven P’s of humane marketing to connect with their ideal clients and use them as a lever for good.

[00:17:17] So yeah, those two community circles that. Definitely part of my passions beyond the two circles and the work with organizations, I have two other offers. One of them is the one-on-one humane business coaching with me. And then my marketing, like when human program either. Or live once or twice per year.

[00:17:41] So in my one-on-one coaching, I share my heart and brain with you and all my experience from my 15 years running an online business, writing two books, creating and selling online courses, et cetera. So beyond the typical business advice, confidence building and my humane marketing approach, I helped. Also work less and be more, I’m a huge fan of workflows, systematizing, automating, and delegating so that you can truly create a business that gives you joy.

[00:18:14] I only work with three clients at a time because I want to give them my full attention. And also because I’m an HSP, highly sensitive person and can easily overstimulate. So I learned to put in boundaries and really. Do you quality work with three clients at a time and not. And then finally, there’s my flagship program, the marketing like we’re human program, which is available in its online version throughout the year.

[00:18:47] So that’s an online program, video format and live once a year. In fact, the live version is coming up on January 27th. I think I mentioned this many times here. I did a full episode also on this at the end of December. I’m not going to go through all the details again, but suffice to say that is a deep dive into the seven PS of humane marketing.

[00:19:12] And I think it’s really the glue that so many entrepreneurs are missing. It’s the glue that makes all the different pieces stick together and make sense and give clarity. There are so many options in marketing, but a lot of them are just different and separate pieces like social media. Podcasting blogging ads, et cetera, et cetera.

[00:19:33] If you don’t have the glue that makes sure that all of these pieces stick together, you will never find the clarity and success you’re looking for. So that’s what I think the marketing like where human program is, it’s kind of this going back to basics so that you can figure out how all these pieces fit together.

[00:19:55] So I’ll let you look for that episode on the program at the end of December, 2021. If you’re interested to learn more and maybe join us for the life program that starts on January 27th. And of course you can always find out more about the program directly at humane.marketing/program. Again, it’s about.

[00:20:15] All year in it’s online version. Now, I also want to tell you about the podcast and my plans for it for 2022. So let’s start with saying that. Yeah. Also super passionate about this show. The podcast is another thing that I love doing in my business. I love recording the episodes going deep with the guests and yeah, I don’t love the editing so much, but luckily I have a micro, tiny team who helps me with that.

[00:20:46] But even though I love everything and I still want to slow things down. Take a less is more approach and focus more on the human relationships. I was inspired to take that direction after a conversation on, on someone else’s podcast. It was PECI actually. So PECI, if you’re listening, thank you for that.

[00:21:11] Where she said, yeah, I need to slow things down and, and, and, and I agree with that. It’s kind of, as a podcast host, it can sometimes feel like it’s this factory approach, like, you know, one guest after the other, and sometimes you have like six or seven episodes. Programmed out. And you’re just kind of in the doing mode one after the other.

[00:21:34] And I’m like thinking about this and I’m like, well, that’s the opposite of what I’m talking about and humane approach in a humane approach to business, you know, slow marketing and, and it’s also not really helpful when you want to build human relationships. And so that’s why I will be slowing down to only two guests per months.

[00:21:59] For this year, I’m going to try this out. You know, they, they it’s obviously another should in podcasting. The should is you should at least do one episode per week, probably more, even if you can. Right. So I’m going to throw that shit in the toilet or waste bin or whatever. And. Just say, well, I don’t want to do that anymore.

[00:22:22] I want to focus on the human, on the human connection, on the relationship building and I will, you know, try it out and see how it feels for me. Yes. But then also very pragmatically look at the numbers and see. Well, okay. Now, since I’m only doing this many episodes, you know, my numbers have gone way down.

[00:22:45] What does that mean? Is this still okay for me? Or do I need to ramp it up again? So I, yeah, going forward, there will be less guest episodes. And in the week that when there’s no new episodes, Sometimes record a muse episode, kind of reflecting on some things from the previous show, what I’ve got going on right now or other musings, but I want to keep that flexible.

[00:23:13] So I’m not making any promises here as well. And I, I would also love to hear from you actually, if you have any topics you’d like me to cover, just send me a voicemail at humane.marketing/ask where you can record a short voicemail and just tell me all, Sarah, I’d love you to talk about that.

[00:23:33] So yeah, overall I’m really excited for 2022. Yeah, sure. It will come with its challenges, probably a lot of them, but in terms of humane marketing, I feel that we’re finally heading in the right direction and there’s more awareness of what no longer works and what we need to focus on instead. So I’m excited for our journey together.

[00:23:57] Thank you so much for listening and being part of a generation of marketers who cares for yourself, your clients, and the planet. And if you are looking for others who think like you, then why not join us in the humane marketing circle can find out more at humane.marketing/circle. We are Changemakers before we are marketers.
[00:24:21] Now go be the change you want to see in the. Speak soon.

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