Humane Marketing Workshops

Below is a (growing) selection of Humane Marketing Workshops.
These were run live in the past, but you can get just as much out of them
by watching the recording for the low investment of only $27

Are you tired of creating content and spending hours ‘engaging’ on Social Media – only to hear crickets?

Is a tiny voice telling you, that maybe, just maybe, there has to be another way to grow your business?

Then this workshop may resonate with you

Feeling “LinkedIn Shame” because your posts don’t get hundreds of comments like those of the LinkedIn content creators you follow?

Or maybe you’re not even posting, because you just don’t know what works on this weird platform …

Then this workshop may resonate with you

Do you struggle with a nagging inner voice that tells you you’re not good enough ?

And does that sometimes hold you back from showing up in your marketing – and life in general?

Then this workshop may resonate with you

P.S. Humane Marketing Circle members get free access to the live workshops (and replays). 

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