The Humane Marketing Podcast

The Humane Marketing podcast is for Humane Marketers, a generation of marketers who cares: for ourselves, our clients and the planet!

Since 2016, I have been interviewing entrepreneurs and Changemakers who work every day for more authenticity, consciousness, and responsibility within their businesses. 

Every other week I either share:

  • an interview with a fellow entrepreneur and Humane Marketer, a conversation that follows the 7Ps of the Humane Marketing 
  • an interview with a Changemaker that works on change towards a better world

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We are Changemakers, before we are marketers! 

Be the change you want to see in the world!

The Humane Marketing Podcast is for you if:

Humane Marketing Podcast

The Humane Marketing Podcast is organized around the 7Ps of Humane Marketing

  • Passion: As a conscious entrepreneur, being of service and making a difference is your driving force. This means that your main objective with marketing is to be of service to others all while running a successful business & making money.  

  • Personal Power: Your uniqueness only fully comes to life (and business) once you learn about and have a deep understanding of your unique super powers.

  • People: You don’t need to be liked by everyone; you just need to be loved by your tribe. So let’s work on finding out who’s in your tribe. How do they think? What do they wear? Which Youtube channel do they watch? Which books do they read? What language do they use? Do they have the same values as you?   

  • Product: This is where we build a product or service that is so good, so compelling, so unique that people simply will want to buy

  • Pricing: We discuss money, as well as different ways of pricing your services & products that follow the guidelines of the Humane Business Paradigm, a win-win that is about serving your community while making money. I call that Financial Integrity.   

  • Promotion: If we are conscious of always marketing from the inside out by reminding ourselves of our Passion, Personal Power & People, the promotional activity becomes almost effortless. This is where ‘daring to be different’ and using vulnerability and authenticity is so essential.  

  • Partnership: Isolation creates anxiety! As Gentle Marketers we believe in collaboration and make relationship-building a priority in our business & marketing model. 

The Humane Marketing Podcast is listener-supported

I’d love for you to become an active supporter of the show and join the Humane Marketing Circle.

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Conscious Business Evolution

This week we are joined by the Polly Hearsey to explore the transformation of business towards greater consciousness. Polly shares with us how business can act as a form of consciousness, as well as practical steps for businesses to evolve alongside our growing awareness.

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Peaceful Productivity

In this week’s episode we sit down with Anne Rajoo to explore the concept of Peaceful Productivity. Anne shares the necessary mindset shifts to move from constant busyness to a more serene and effective work approach.

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Using AI Like We’re Human

We talk about Naully’s journey into the world of artificial intelligence, the crucial ethical and legal considerations surrounding AI implementation, and how AI empowers us to work smarter, not harder. Naully shares his PLATON framework, inspired by Plato and infused with philosophical principles, guiding us through the pillars of legality, accountability, transparency, objectivity, and neutrality.

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Authentic Business is a Practice

In today’s episode we have the pleasure to talk to George Kao, a seasoned entrepreneur and advocate of authentic business growth.

George unveils his 111 Formula, a holistic approach designed to cultivate authenticity in entrepreneurship. We explore why George views business as a practice akin to athletics, emphasizing discipline and continual growth.

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Pivoting for Good with Caroline Wood

In today’s episode, we delve into “Pivoting for Good”. We discuss the impact of purpose-driven pivots, explore non-traditional success metrics, and offer practical steps for entrepreneurs considering meaningful changes.

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The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

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The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

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Your contact information is safe, and will not be used in ways
other than stated on this page.