How to Stand Out, Authentically

In today’s episode I’m excited to welcome Louise Taylor, a heart-centered marketing expert and a member of our Humane Marketing Circle. Louise brings a wealth of experience from her transformative journey in both corporate and creative realms.

In this enlightening conversation, we explore how truly understanding yourself is key to standing out authentically in business. We discuss the profound impact of authenticity in resonating with your clients, and delve into how tools like the Fascinate assessment can illuminate your unique wiring.

Join us for this insightful episode filled with practical tips for bringing your true self into your marketing and connecting deeply with those you serve.

"I changed the name of my company to the Firefly Effect because the firefly is that beautiful little glow that sits inside everybody … " – Louise Taylor @sarahsantacroce #humanemarketing Share on X

In this value-packed episode, Louise and I addressed:

  • How Louise left her 20 year Corporate career and had to figure out how to market herself
  • How taking the time to really figuring out who you are and how you’re wired is the key to stand out authentically (and it’s what we do so well in the MLWH program, which Louise participated in as well)
  • How authenticity gives you deep inner peace and confidence to show up and stand out and resonate with your clients
  • How Fascinate, an assessment created by Sally Hogshead truly helps you understand how the world sees you – and how you’re fascinating
  • How to bring this knowledge into your marketing (bring more of you to your marketing, as I always say)
  • and much more…

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Ep 181

[00:00:00] Hello, Humane Marketers. Welcome back to the Humane Marketing Podcast, the place to be for the generation of marketers that cares. This is a show where we talk about running your business in a way that feels good to you, is aligned with your values, and also resonates with today’s conscious customers because it’s humane, ethical, and non pushy.

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Hi there friends, thank you for being here. Today’s conversation fits under the P of I’d say personal power and passion. So if you’re a regular here, you know that I’m organizing the conversations around the seven Ps of the Humane Marketing Mandala. And if this is the first time you hear about this, you can download your one page marketing plan with the seven Ps of Humane Marketing at humane.

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groundwork for humane marketing. All right. So today I sit down with Louise Taylor, a fellow marketer, HSP, and member of the humane marketing circle, and we’re getting ready to co host another collab workshop, and this time the topic is standing out. Authentically. So Louise Taylor is a heart centered brand and marketing leader with 20 plus years of experience in corporate, [00:04:00] B2B, B2C financial services, and purpose driven businesses.

Add to that a decade of expertise in creative services, including design and photography, as an entrepreneur and creative soul early in her career. A high sensory coach, fascinate. So, certified advisor, high sensitive person and mentor. She naturally focuses on creating sincere and meaningful connections with all she engages with.

As the founder of Firefly Effect, she brings a discerning and analytical approach and leverages her breadth of experience to help purpose driven and mission led organizations achieve their business goals and create a positive impact on those they serve. So in this value packed episode with Louise, we addressed how she left her 20 year corporate career and had to figure out how to market herself, how taking the time during COVID to [00:05:00] really figuring out how Who she was and how she’s wired and how that really is the key to stand out authentically.

And it’s what we do so well in the Marketing Like We’re Human program, which Louise also participated in, in those COVID years. We also talked about how authenticity gives you deep inner peace and it gives you the confidence to show up. and stand out and resonate with your clients. We then talked about how fascinate, uh, which is this assessment created by Sally Hogshead, truly helps you understand how the world sees you and how you’re fascinating.

So it’s one of these assessments dad, um, looks from the outside in where most of the other assessments, Myers Briggs, Enneagram, et cetera, uh, look from The inside out. So how you see the world, how to then bring this knowledge into your marketing, as I [00:06:00] say, always bring more of you to your marketing. Um, but we need to actually figure out what is more of me.

And so that’s what this assessment and, and the work with fascinate helps us understand, well, this is more of me. So now let me bring more of that into our marketing. Both Louise and I share our assessment results. And so that kind of gives you some information about how, uh, the world sees me and the world sees Louise and how we actually live that in our businesses and much, much more.

So have a listen, and if you crave more and want to learn more about these seven fascinate languages and have heartfelt conversations in a safe haven, then join us on February 7th, uh, have a look at humane. marketing, uh, forward slash workshop. So let’s dive in right now. Hi, Louise. [00:07:00] So good to hang out with you.

Welcome to the Humane Marketing Podcast. Thank you. So great to be here. I’m so excited to be able to connect with you again. As always. It’s always a great conversation. Yeah. And we, we did some prepping for this one because we’re also collaborating on another collab workshop. And I’m really, really excited to have you on February 7th for the workshop that we do together around February 7th.

You know, standing out authentically, but this is kind of like a teaser, uh, of this, uh, one on an hour and a half workshop. Um, but we’re not just teasing. We’re always giving great value as well. Right. For people who, who are, um, valued listeners, they, they know this about us and me. So I look forward to dig in.

I was thinking maybe you can start with, um, you know, how you. Your story and how you moved [00:08:00] out of corporate, I was gonna say America, but corporate Canada. . How you moved corporate Canada, outta corporate Canada and then as, as a marketer, and then started your own business and, and then realized. Oh, okay.

This is a different ball game. I have to now, you know, put myself out there and I have to sell myself and I still want to do it authentically. So, yeah, take us there. Tell us that story. How that evolved. Thank you. Yeah. So, you know, I spent. 20 years in corporate marketing and, you know, my last role as a, as a marketing leader, building marketing teams and functions and strategic, you know, making them a strategic function.

And so it was very demanding. Um, I loved the work that I did. I loved, um, the learning that I got from all of those 20 years in, um, you know, developing myself as a marketer. And then in 2019, um, I [00:09:00] was, my, my role was eliminated and I was packaged and as part of a reorg, um, and then COVID hit and, you know, my initial thoughts were jump right back in and, you know, and, and get on that hamster wheel again.

And when COVID hit, I had an opportunity to really sit back and kind of go, what do I really love? What would I love and instead of. Thinking that I need to do this. I mean, it was a single mom. I, you know, when my kids are older at the time, they’re still, you know, what I call on my payroll because we’re always supporting our kids.

But, you know, I also had an opportunity at that time to stop and really reflect. And for me. Being authentic was something that I really struggled with. I’m an HSP, and in a fast moving corporate environment, there isn’t always room, uh, for us. It’s not always understood. Um, and so I, you know, I I tended to kind of push all of [00:10:00] that aside.

Um, and when I had that opportunity to stop, I realized, you know, I really want to take everything I’ve learned over the last 20 years and bring back. I should mention before I spent 20 years in corporate. I had my own business. I was an entrepreneur for 15 years. Prior to jumping into corporate. And so there was a part of my heart that was like, I can help people, but I want to do it in a way that feels authentic to me.

I need to honor that part of myself. And so I embarked on this journey to say, well, where do I go from here? I know a lot of things I’ve built brands. I’ve built, you know, marketing teams and, um, and I love so many different aspects of it, but how do I distill that down? To me, you know, going from a team of 15 people to one.

And so there was a part of me that was like, how do I even talk about who I am and how I’m different because as a marketer, you know, you do a lot for other people and you’re [00:11:00] building on this communication. But I didn’t know how to talk about how I was different. And so that felt like, you know, the cobbler’s got no shoes scenario where I, you know, I didn’t know how to talk about how I was different.

And so I embarked on this self, you know, this journey to try to self discovery. And then I stumbled upon, uh, fascinate. And for me, I’m, you know, I’m a junkie of all of the Myers Briggs and StrengthsFinders and Enneagram, like I’ve done them all and I love them because they’ve helped me understand who I am from the inside out.

But what I loved about Fascinate when I took the test was that it’s an outside in perspective. It’s how the world sees me when I’m at my best. And when I took it, it I had an aha moment because it helps you understand the languages that you speak when you’re in that flow state and you’re excited and you’re energized like you and I are doing right now.

Um, I [00:12:00] am a passion person. So I speak the language of communication and connection. Um, but I’m also. A very, you know, 1 minute, I can be very in tune with somebody in the next minute. I can be a hermit. I can be this very quiet person who’s always analyzing a situation. And I always felt that there was something wrong with me.

Maybe there’s something broken about me that I’m these opposite ends of the spectrum. And as it turns out, it’s actually just who I am. And so when I learned that this is who I am, and it’s actually my superpower. I was able to kind of start leaning into that a little bit more, not a little bit, a lot more.

And I embraced it to the fact, to the point where, you know, the anthem that I created for myself is my guiding, is my guidepost. I, it helps me now distinguish myself and, and lean in and just embrace that I’m different and I’m okay with that now. You know, it was, it helped me understand and [00:13:00] embrace that, that difference.

And so now I’ve incorporated that and it’s part of what I do because I, I believe so strongly in, um, giving me the language, giving me the words that I could confidently feel like, yeah, this is really me. And here’s how it’s me. This is how it really is me. So it’s going to be, I feel, yeah, I feel so obviously, you know, with marketing, like we’re human and this is very aligned with, with what we’re doing here.

And And was it also in, in the COVID years that you, uh, came across the Marketing Like a Human program? I remember you reached out to me. I’m like, Oh, a fellow marketer. That is so great that other marketers are interested in, in that work. Was it during that time as well? 100 percent because as I was trying to discover, you know, there has to be a better way.

I mean, I was in financial services and I still work in financial services in what I do now on my own, but I get to choose and I [00:14:00] work very purpose driven mission centered businesses. Um, that became really important to me and I didn’t really know anybody else. Who felt that way about marketing. It’s like, we do really good things and there’s, there’s a need for what we do.

And there’s a love of. Building strong brands that are authentic, but I was really searching for a community and a group that felt the same way that I did. And so my research led me to you, um, and you know, I bought your first book and I did your program and I was like, okay, I want to embrace and learn everything there is to know about what’s been in my heart, but I haven’t really, I’ve felt like this lone wolf in a sea of, you know, marketers who are all about the bottom line and let’s.

You know, what are the sales targets and everything? And to me, it didn’t feel, that’s not me. That doesn’t feel like who I am. I care about, you know, doing good work. And I care [00:15:00] about making, you know, achieving results, but it’s not what’s driving me. What’s driving me is how do we do good in the world? And how do we make it?

A better place through what we know as marketers. Yeah. I feel like you’re a really good poster child for marketing. Like we’re human because I mean, really like, you know, 2019 we’re now in 2024. That is a. A very short framework for launching a business. And so it just shows me that you gave yourself that deep reflection.

And yes, probably the first or two first two years were a bit slow. Right. It’s like, okay, who am I? How am I different? How can I be authentic and yet stand out? But. You gave yourself that time and invested in finding out who you are, and now you’re bringing that to the table and look at you now, you have a thriving business.

I mean, it really shows that [00:16:00] slow and deep really, really works. And I think that’s what we want to talk about here a little bit. Like, what, what, you know, why would we even have. Pay attention to, uh, a workshop that’s called, um, stand out authentically, right? Most people would just want to stand out, you know, bottom line.

It’s like, okay, I want to stand out, but we’re talking here about standing out and being authentic and being different. So why does that matter to us? And I guess, and also to our clients, why does that matter so much? Yeah, that’s a, it’s such a great, it’s such a great reflection, you know, because for, for most of my career, I did what I thought people wanted from me, you know, and I ignored and pushed down what I was actually thinking or feeling, um, because my value, I thought my value.

Was in [00:17:00] what I do for others and the results that I give, but what I had the opportunity to reflect through covid was and do that deeper dive on myself is to understand that that that that was based and coming from a place of fear, not love. And when I’ve learned to love myself and take that time to sort of say, like, what matters to me, I feel there’s this multiplication where I’ve lived this life that was divided between who I am and what I do.

And when I was, when I embraced. Bringing all of that together and authentically being who I am in what I do and what I do. Um, I’m, I’m multiplying. I’ve gone from being divided to multiply where one plus one now equals three for me and the value that I feel like I add. And I’m attracting people who are more like me or who appreciate what I bring to the table.

So [00:18:00] yes, we can all have the same skills. But the satisfaction and the, and the joy that I get from working with somebody who appreciates that authenticity that I bring to the table and sometimes a bit of woo, and sometimes it’s a lot of logic and information, and my ability to see a light at the end of the tunnel and get us across the finish line, but I’m doing it with a deeper connection.

And so there’s just this, I don’t know this inner calmness that I have of, of. Feeling like I, by bringing all of who I am to the table, I’m detracting those that don’t care about that, which is great. You know, there is somebody out there who is in alignment with that person, but for the person who cares about.

That authenticity and the purpose and the why we do what we do, I feel a greater amount of joy. And so my work doesn’t feel like work. It’s just [00:19:00] making an impact and doing it in a way that just is in alignment with who I am in my soul. Yeah. I think you just described the definition of a humane business that, that it really.

That’s what it is for me. It’s like, yes, it’s a business, but it’s a business that is aligned with who you are. And so it doesn’t feel like work. And at the same time, it feels very joyful to work with clients and, and, you know, do create change. And you, you mentioned that inner calm or inner peace. I think that is such a big part of it.

Um, And it’s, it’s underestimated, like it’s undervalued. I feel like, you know, we, we go out there and, and I, I know that a lot of people are like, well, what I need is tactics. What I need is, you know, learn how to be on LinkedIn and publish on LinkedIn. Yes, you need that. As well, what you need first is this, you know, [00:20:00] understand who you are, uh, your values, how you’re wired so that you can then come to whatever place you choose to be with this inner, inner peace.

And yeah, so let’s go back to the, the, this, um, work with fascinate, right? Because that’s what we’re going to be talking about in the, in the workshop. Um, so tell us a little bit about. You mentioned it’s kind of one of the assessments that, um, tells you how the world sees you rather than some of the other assessments like Myers Briggs Enneagram, um, where it comes from how you see the world.

Right. So how is this one different and how maybe you can also, uh, share a little bit about Sally, uh, Hogshead who created this whole work and how did you go about finding all of this out? Like, I’m curious about that. Yeah, you know what? It’s, it’s, um, it’s really quite brilliant. So as a marketer, you [00:21:00] know, finding the words and the nuances of how you communicate became a fascination with me, especially because as a child, you know, I was really Um, I was very introverted and, and, um, you know, as an HSP, I didn’t, I learned to wall off how I felt and how I communicated, but it also became a fascination for me in my career, you know, going into marketing, um, was something for me that I needed to do for others, what I really struggled to do for myself and.

The outside in perspective, when you’re with Sally, what I learned, um, as I did my research, um, once I did the test and I was so fascinated by my, by my own results, I dug a little bit deeper and understood that, you know, so Sally was a marketer is a marketer and at heart, she was a very, very successful advertising writer.

By the time she was 27, she had, you know, [00:22:00] she, she was one of the most decorated. Advertising writers working with some of the largest corporate brands, and she became really interested in understanding what makes brands so fascinating. It’s not the amount of money that they spend. So she undertook to do this research, hired a research company, and they studied hundreds of thousands of brands globally to understand what makes them fascinating.

What one brand more fascinating than another. And she Still that together through all this research, they distilled this down to seven languages. And I think it was in a conversation with her husband at the time who said, you know, what if we were able to do this for individuals? What if we were helped?

We were able to help people understand leveraging what makes brands fascinating. What if we were able to make them understand what makes them fascinating? And when you fascinate somebody in a world that’s filled with, you know, distractions, if you think about. How much time you have to capture someone’s [00:23:00] attention.

It used to be nine seconds. I think it might be down to three, you know, or two and a half. Yeah. And so if you’re going, but when you fascinate somebody, you know, between. Competition. If you’re in a business and you’ve got to get someone’s attention, you’re trying to get a prospect’s attention in a world where commoditization, which is, you know, everything is the same.

Think of toilet paper. You go for the cheap. It’s a race to the bottom from a price perspective. It’s not about value. And then you’ve got the distractions, how do you get someone’s attention? Well, you get their attention by fascinating them. And when they’re fascinated, if you think about the times when you’re fascinated by something, everything else falls off the planet, you know, and you’re totally zoned in and you’re focused.

And that’s what the art of fascination is. But when you can’t fake it, This is something you can’t fake till you make it right it’s, it’s innate in you and everybody has one of these. [00:24:00] You know, we all speak these seven languages of the fascinate, um, system or the languages. We all speak them all, but there’s two languages and one in particular that when you’re speaking that language, you’re like in this zone of, I could riff on this all day.

I’m in my zone of genius for some people, that’s the language of power. And confidence and they come in a room and they just command the room and they, they are the decision makers. And for someone else, it might be about trust and loyalty. They might speak the language of trust, which is that loyal person that, you know, you can always count on others.

It’s the language of listening and you’re that quiet person in the room who’s paying attention and people might not think that you’re that Even there, like, you know, you’re not paying attention and then you drop this bomb of, well, what about this? Because you’re analyzing and paying attention to the whole room.

And so whatever language you speak, when you’re able to speak [00:25:00] that language, you will fascinate those who connect with you on that level. So it creates this deeper connection with people. And by virtue of understanding how you fascinate somebody, Bye. It allows you to be more of who you are, because, you know, you’re not trying to be somebody else.

You can have the same skills and have gone to the same school, um, and come out, you know, two writers who are equally skilled, but one is going to have a language that is. Is going to connect more deeply with somebody and don’t we all want to have a world where we’re connecting deeply with people that we get to engage with on a daily basis.

So fascinating allows us to do that. Um, and I was so fascinated by it that I actually got certified. Um, because I said, this is part of my toolbox at the time. I was already working on brands and helping businesses build their, their [00:26:00] brands. And for me, being able to bring that to the individual that I work with in a, in a company, it’s like, let’s understand your language and the language of the people in your team, because.

It also helps you create this balance on your team of, you know, you might have somebody who’s a really, really good person, really skilled, but if they’re in a role where they’re not able to speak their language, they might feel like they’re in quicksand. You know, alert is the language of details. And for some people that lights them up, the ability to.

Cross T’s and dot I’s and think about the future and think about risk mitigation. For others, it makes them want to gouge their eyeballs out, right? And if you’re someone who is in a role that you’re passion driven and you need those connections and relationships, but your role requires you to be doing this work that is what we call your, your dormant advantage, your least Engaging and natural language, [00:27:00] you’re going to feel like you’re, you’re in quicksand and you’re going to, it’s, it’s a drains your energy.

So why not understand and learn the language that you speak that resonates with other people at the same time. It’s going to attract those people to you and you’re going to just, you know, you’re going to be living a life that feels like you’re in a well spring rather than in quicksand. Yeah, totally.

Well, as we were preparing for, for the workshop and the podcast, I went back to the, to my tests and I, uh, found out that I first took it in 2014 and back then I was the maverick and I think it was innovation and power. And so, so that was kind of like my first experience with Fascinate and I, and I remember being completely surprised and really realizing.

How people see you differently sometimes than you see yourself, [00:28:00] um, because if you look at all the other, um, kind of assessments, the Enneagram and the Myers Briggs, um, so I’m very introverted and very calm and, you know, quiet and, and then I got this word that says power, the maverick. I’m like, what, what is this?

Right? This is completely different. And. And yet when I was talking to people, they’re like, yeah, that’s, that’s how we see you. We see you as someone who creates new things and leads a new way. And I’m like, I guess, yeah, I like doing that. Right. I just, I needed to kind of make peace with this idea of power and understanding it as something that I can do quietly.

Right. Power doesn’t need to be loud. It just needs to be kind of like to me, it’s a quiet presence, but that somehow still has the ability to lead. [00:29:00] So I remember that for me, that was life changing and just really accepting that role and saying, okay, yeah, if that’s what you want me to do, then I’ll step into that role and, and kind of come out of the.

The shadow, uh, maybe a little bit as well. So, um, it’s funny that you mentioned power because I have almost the opposite. So power is my dormant advantage, but the story about how I named my company, when I started the company, I worked with this brilliant person, um, who I had worked with. For years in my corporate role to help me come up with a name for my business.

Together we came up because I wanted my whole premise was I want to be able to empower my. clients to be better marketers and to do it their way, you know, to find a path that is right for you. You don’t have to follow the trends. And so we came up with wheeled marketing, put the power [00:30:00] of marketing in your hands.

It’s not a bad name, but I didn’t do anything. I sat on it for a year and this was all before I knew fascinated, didn’t know anything about fascinating, but I sat on it for a year. It didn’t design a logo. Didn’t didn’t build a website. Didn’t do anything with the name because there was something in my heart that was like, it doesn’t feel right.

It doesn’t feel right. And I did my fascinate. Test. And in my fascinate test, you know, my number one language is passion, which is the language of relationships and connection and intuitiveness and my, and I’ll bet, you know, then you’ve got this waiting of all of seven languages will my dormant, which is my least powerful, um, or effective communication is power.

And. I, and I really struggled with this because power, I was a leader in my, in my role for eight and a half years in my last role. I’m like, but I am a leader. [00:31:00] And then I realized power is about that natural ability to come in and dominate a room. And whether you do it quietly or loudly and, you know, making decisions quickly and, and I realized the reason I had been struggling with wield wield is a word that.

Is all about power and it didn’t sit well in my heart, but I didn’t understand why until I did fascinate and as a result of that, I’m like, that’s not the name of my company. Then that can’t be the name of my business. And so I really did some soul searching and digging and wanted to really bring that that as an HSP and an introvert myself, I wanted to bring that light that shines inside of us and allow people to bring that out.

And so I changed the name of my company to the firefly. Effect because the firefly is that is that beautiful little glow that sits inside everybody and the firefly effect because I wanted. To simulate the [00:32:00] butterfly effect where, you know, one little firefly can’t maybe doesn’t make a big difference, but imagine a whole field of fireflies and how beautiful is that?

And so it’s, it’s about the culmination of bringing, bringing joy and bringing a voice. To everybody and doing it in their own authentic way. So that’s where the firefly came from. And I have fascinated to some degree to thank for that. Yeah, but that’s what it does for for 1, right? It really helps us with, uh, these words that we can then bring into our marketing.

Because like I say in marketing, like we’re human because we want to bring more of us to our marketing. So when people ask me, well, how do we learn to be authentic in marketing? Well, there’s not like a seven step list, uh, where you can learn that it’s, it’s going into that deeper inner work. And probably part of it is, is, um, yeah, learning more about these seven languages and then bringing.

More of that language [00:33:00] into your messaging. And, um, yeah, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this workshop on February 7th. So if you’re listening to this and this resonates, we’d love for you to join us. Then you can go to the link humane. marketing forward slash workshop and sign up there. Um, I want to wrap up with a question that I feel like is really timely.

Because we’re talking about authenticity, right? In a time where AI has just developed like crazy over the last, let’s say, 9 months. And we know as a fact, it’s not going anywhere. Like, well, it’s not leaving anytime soon. It’s definitely going to develop. So how does something like, Oh, Knowing deeply who we are and, uh, having this language that helps us stand out.

How does that help us in a time, um, where, you know, everyone else is using AI and chat GPT. [00:34:00] How can we tap into that system more to, um, yeah, feel like we’re being authentic and standing up. That’s such a great question. And, you know, building authentic brands is such a big part of what I do. And, um, and, and I’ll be honest, I have leveraged AI.

I’ve wanted to learn. I’m like, I need to understand. What everything, you know, all the hype, I need to understand, you know, so that we’re not left behind, but I don’t use AI to do my writing. I don’t use AI to, um, put words in my mouth. What I use AI for, frankly, is to. Um, is to help me do what I don’t do as well.

So for instance, dice, you know, distilling when I have a great conversation with a client, I can record it on my otter, put it into AI. And help have AI help distill that [00:35:00] down to what are those key points so I can be more present and not feel like I have to take a million notes in a conversation because I’m capturing it and I’m going to leverage AI to help me create, you know, what are these talking points that I need to make sure that I’m including in our, you know, in the brand work or, or.

Whatever work I’m I’m working on for that client. So I think there is a way to find out, you know, to leverage the tools that are at our disposal. And I is another tool. The challenges when you’re looking at somebody. At somebody’s work, it’s going to become more evident. In time, and I, you know, that. It’s a generate like that.

It doesn’t feel authentic. It’s going to A. I is only pulling from what’s already out in the Internet, right? It’s not creating something that’s from your heart. And so it comes down, I think, to trusting yourself and feeling confident that you’re not. It’s [00:36:00] not about FOMO. It’s not about, um. Looking at, looking around the room and seeing, you know, what am I missing out on?

I need to jump on this trend. I need to jump on this trend. I need to be on social media and posting six times a week or five times a week. I don’t, I, that I’ve realized that that for me is, you know, is leveraging what I feel confident and know in my heart based on my languages that I speak, how I’m going to fascinate someone.

And trusting that process, I’m still going to leverage and look at it as a tool in my toolbox for myself. And then you have to be discerning when you’re looking at other people and trust that the right people are going to find you because authenticity. It’s an untapped or an unnamed or a, you know, it’s a language that we speak.

And when you’re being authentic, people [00:37:00] feel that they feel the vulnerability. They feel, they feel the connection. Um, and I think you just have to trust that, that, that that’s going to. You know, leverage the tools where they make sense, be, be discerning. And, um, because AI, you’re right. AI is not going anywhere.

So yeah, I’m finding a way to make it, to bring it into what I need in a way that feels in alignment with my own values, right? I’m not going to use it to do all my writing because it doesn’t feel authentic. And, and it would feel disingenuous for me to leverage AI and have it write everything I need to write for myself.

Yeah, there’s, there’s. Something to be said about written text. That’s what we use it for or what it’s used for right now. But, um, what I feel like this work with Fascinate and knowing your languages also helps us become more [00:38:00] authentic, right? Because we then really tap into who we truly are and embrace that.

Side of us where before we’re just kind of pulled into every direction. Oh, I should, you know, kind of do whatever selling like they’re doing it. And then I’m doing a little bit of this and and it’s, it’s helping us understand. Oh. No, there, you know, I can really truly be by, be myself, um, when you show up with clients and when you kind of step into that, uh, true version of yourself, I feel like the writing, okay, that’s part of it, but it also just helps with the human and how you’re going to show up with your clients, right?

There are so many of my clients that at the beginning of. A workshop that I would have done with them and they get their assessment and they’re like, well, it says that I’m, you know, I’m this, but I’m not this, you know, my one person’s [00:39:00] passion was her dormant. And she’s like, the name of my company is literally passion, you know, consulting or something.

And I said, we went through the process and what I, what she understood was it doesn’t mean you’re not passionate. And it doesn’t, you know, we have a preconceived notion of what these words mean, but when we unpack it, which we do, we unpack it all in, in the, in the workshops that we do, you learn that and you, and we dive into the stories of your life where you start to see that pattern.

Of where this has been true. So it’s not just words on a page. It actually are. We go back and we look and validate. And at the same time, it helps to provide this beacon for you. We create an anthem. Um, you know, that helps guide you and helps explain to people what you do in a really short like two words.

My anthem. After going through this process is illuminating visions and it, and for me, [00:40:00] it’s what it’s in my e signature. It’s everywhere, but it, it has become. When I looked at my past, what lights me up and what excites me are these moments when I’ve been able to bring somebody else. You know, we have an idea.

We bring it to life. We launch a brand. We’ve, we launch a new product. We, so those are the things like that. Innovation is my why. The passion is, is the, is the, what I, you know, what I do and how I do that is by listening. It’s my mystique. It’s the listening. So when I understood that about myself, now it helps me to choose and to be selective about what I do going forward.

I call it. A bit of a, it’s a warm hug and a kick in the gut all at the same time, because it’s like, yeah, this is who I am. And it becomes my guide to make sure that I stay on my path and I don’t get distracted by these shiny objects along the way. So yeah. And the, and the moments in that I’ve seen people’s, like the lights go on and kind of go.[00:41:00]

Oh, you mean this is already who I am. And for some people saying those words feels very egotistical at first, because it’s like, well, I can’t say that about myself that. And then when we dive in deeper, it’s like, but it’s already how the world sees you. Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt about the power.

Right. It’s like. Oh, but I’m very humble. You know, I grew up very in, in this humble environment. I’m like, ha, I can’t say that . But, um, it’s like, well, yeah. You know, it’s like not me. It’s to other people who are seeing it that way. So, yeah. Yeah. And, and that’s why I feel like truly yes, ai, you know, is, is part of our path and the direction we’re going.

And I, I actually feel. There’s a very positive side to AI and I’ll be writing about that in the, in the business like we’re human book, because I do feel like creates more spaciousness for actually [00:42:00] being human and that’s part of this. Right? It’s like, well, because we have AI for the mundane things, we can then focus on.

Actually spending time on figuring out. Well, what is my fascinate language? How can I tap into that and be real? Because that’s what we care about is having real conversations with real humans and taking the time to to be human. So I feel like there’s a world possible with both being very authentic. And having AI, uh, as, as the, as a tool, like you said, I agree.

I think when we have the confidence that, you know, who you are, the tools and all of these other distractions become just that it’s a tool that you can add to your toolbox, learn how to use it in a way that feels. Authentic to you that helps you in your business that, um, you know, [00:43:00] saves time, saves energies, you know, and I’m, you know, I’m definitely in that camp where it is a tool and it’s a tool that when we use it well, to your point, you end up with this freedom of time.

Because something that might’ve taken me, you know, an hour and a half to distill and go through, I can get it done in 10 minutes now. Right. I can get to that point where I needed to get to in 10 minutes. And then I still apply who I am as an individual, my authentic self to bring that spin or the, you know, the, the, the necessary kind of finishing touches or whatever you want to call it so that it isn’t just a cut and paste.

You know, it’s helping me think of it. I’m thinking of it as another virtual assistant. I actually think it will help a lot of small businesses, especially because, you know, you can do the roles of a number of different people. [00:44:00] So, yeah, I’m so excited. I, uh, um, I really am also excited about this workshop that we have coming up.

And what I also feel like we always do well in these collab workshops is that there’s part teaching, you know, you’re going to share all of your wisdom about the fascinate system. And we also always create space for being human and having these. Exchanges in the breakout rooms. And I think that’s really also a big part of the learning, right?

It’s like, well, actually apply this now and have a conversation about how you are different or how do you feel you’re different. So really, really looking forward to that, um, February 7th. Embodiment of of it and that collaboration that that you foster in the humane marketing circle is, is really brilliant because it allows people to take their take your guard down.[00:45:00]

This is a, you know, this is a real humane group of people who are all gathered because we have a very, um, similar approach. To life, you know, not just work, but life. And this is one aspect of it that, um, it’s freeing. It’s, um, you know, it is, it is really like giving yourself permission to be more of who you are.

And Sally has this theme that runs throughout that I absolutely love, which is different is better than better, you know, when you think about it. You already, you know, be more of who you already are, because that’s what’s going to make you feel good. And it’s what’s going to attract the people who appreciate that beauty that you bring to the world and that uniqueness.

Um, and, you know, it’s like, give yourself permission to be that person. So. Can’t wait. Thank you so much for sharing here on the podcast. And again, if you’re listening to this before February 7th, [00:46:00] definitely sign up and we look forward to seeing you there and we’ll look forward to it. Thank you for having me.

I appreciate it. Thank you, Louise. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you got some great value from this episode. Make sure to find out more about Louise and her work at FireflyEffect. ca. And of course, for even more value, join us for the workshop on February 7th at humane. marketing forward slash workshop.

The suggested price is 27. But you can also just make a donation and if you like the people and style of this gathering, then why not join us in the Humane Marketing Circle? That’s how we roll. You can find out more at humane. marketing. com forward slash circle. You’ll find the show notes of this episode at humane.

marketing forward slash H M 1 8 1. On this beautiful page, you’ll also find a series of free [00:47:00] offers, the Humane Business Manifesto and the free Gentle Confidence mini course, as well as my two books. Marketing like we’re human and selling like we’re human. Thank you so much for listening and being part of a generation of marketers who cares for yourself, your clients, and the planet.

We are change makers before we are marketers. So go be the change you want to see in the world. Speak soon.[00:48:00] [00:49:00] [00:50:00] [00:51:00] [00:52:00] [00:53:00] [00:54:00] [00:55:00] [00:56:00] [00:57:00]

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The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

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