Get Clear on Your Value

Sarah Santacroce

This episode is part of a 12 days of Christmas read-along of the Selling Like We’re Human book, recorded in 2021.

The book follows a similar concept to what you’re already used to here on the Humane Marketing show with the 7Ps of Humane Marketing and the Marketing Like We’re Human book: we start with the being and then go into the doing.

The 3 parts of the Selling Like We’re Human book are : Being, Knowing and Doing (compared to Rumble, Rise and Resonate of the Marketing Like We’re Human book)

Get Clear on Your Value

Today I’m reading a small section of Part 2 on KNOWING, Chapte4 3 called ‘Get Clear On Your Value’

"In the humane approach to selling, instead of focusing so much on the 'gap', we rest our attention on the transition and how we can help them get there." -Sarah Santacroce @sarahsantacroce #humanemarketing #sellinglikeyourehuman Click To Tweet

Excerpt from Selling Like We’re Human, Part 2: KNOWING, Chapter 4: Get Clear on Your Value

KNOWING Overview: Your Value, People, and Worth
I’ve made this mistake several times in my LinkedIn consulting business: I
created a new product or service, and then ran out to sell it. Or tried to sell it.
And failed.
It wasn’t the quality of the product that was the problem. It’s that I rushed it
and didn’t take the time to “KNOW” a few things first.
Let me explain. After writing Marketing Like We’re Human, I noticed in our
Humane Marketing Circle that members often talked about marketing when
they were actually referring to selling. And in addition to that, my book
launch coach mentioned to me that her analytics showed that there were
actually more searches for selling than there were for marketing. So that
showed me that there was a need. But I had never in a million years thought
of writing a book about sales, so I really needed to think it through. These
were some of the questions that went through my head:

• WHY would I write a book on selling? Because there’s a fine line
between marketing and selling, and humane marketing actually
helps with selling; also because there seemed to be a need from my
• HOW would my book be different? It would completely turn
traditional sales upside down, and just like Humane Marketing, it
would be about selling with integrity.
• WHO would this book be for? Heart-centered entrepreneurs who
tried red selling and hated it and were looking for a different way, as
well as for readers of my first book.
• WHAT’S the value of such a book? The value is in the uniqueness
for people who are craving a radical approach to something they
find a necessary evil.
• HOW would my book make people feel? It would make them feel
relieved, empowered, and encouraged.
After listening to our hearts, we will pause and focus on our minds in this
second part of the book that’s all about KNOWING. You can touch your
head if it helps you to embody it. This part of the book gives us clarity about
our value and our worth, as well as who we’re really serving with our offer. As
with everything we do, we bring our own values, transparency, and an
emotional connection.
Again, remember the yoga analysis from Part One. This is still important and
deep work you’re doing. And in Part Three, we’ll bring it all together and into practice during our beautiful sales conversations.

People Buy What’s Valuable to Them
Let’s talk about the Unique Selling Proposition, more commonly referred to
as the USP. Have you heard that term before?
Here’s the Oxford Reference definition from their website:
A product benefit that can be regarded as unique and therefore can be used in
advertising to differentiate it from the competition. The concept is not now as
popular as it was, as not every product can have a USP.
The first sentence describes it as the one thing that makes your business better
than the competition. What surprised me was the second sentence.
Apparently the USP has lost in popularity because in today’s market, where
everything has already been invented and claimed, it’s very difficult to find a
truly unique selling proposition.
What do we do instead? How do we position our offer as unique? Because
what’s still true is that people buy what’s valuable to them. And on top of
that, they have way more choice than they had a decade ago. They are smarter,
better educated, and in many cases, up to 60 percent further along the buying
journey before you even get a chance to speak to them.
So how do we demonstrate that our products or services are unique and have
value? That’s what we’re going to work on in this chapter.

What’s the Value You’re Selling?
When we talk about value, we always look at it from the perspective of our
clients: what are their wants and needs, what they’re experiencing now, and
how you can help them.
In the introduction, I mentioned the often-used term gap selling. By
definition, there is a focus on the negative, on the gap that the client finds
himself facing. So this whole sales technique revolves around making the
client realize how big this gap is and then come to the conclusion that without
help, he can never crawl out of that abyss.
I’d like to introduce you to another term that describes the same concept, but
focuses on the positive: value-based selling.

Value-Based Selling vs. Gap Selling
In the humane approach to selling, we also consider our clients’ perspective
and listen to their wants and needs and what they are struggling with now,
but instead of focusing so much on the gap, we rest our attention on the
transition and how we can help them get there. The difference is subtle, but
I’m sure you’ll immediately get which one is which in these two examples:
“You’ve told me that you’re currently not getting enough clients. This situation
is hard on you because you’re struggling to pay the bills, which creates tension
with your husband, and you’re often shouting at your kids. But it doesn’t have
to be that way. You can easily sign with three high-paying clients each month,
and instead of arguing with your husband, head to the gym together and have
a nice lunch afterwards, while the kids are still at school.”


“I hear your frustration with not getting enough clients right now. Building
a business takes time. While I can’t promise that you’ll have a boatload of new
clients within three months, I can help you get to the next level, focus on leadgenerating
activities, and help you systematize your business so you don’t feel
like you always have to work more and more. I can help you prioritize those
activities that get you the biggest return on investment.”
The first example uses the typical gap-selling method, making people realize
how shitty their situation is and then waving the magic wand to sell them a
utopia that they have only limited control over.

The second example uses a more humane value-based selling approach. While
the value in getting help is still clear, it is presented with integrity. No
exaggerated promises, no magic wand.

This excerpt is from Part 2: KNOWING, Chapter 4: Get Clear on Your Value.

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