Humane & Conscious Business Coaching with Sarah

Hi there, I'm Sarah 👋🏽 I'm your 'Hippie turned Conscious Business Coach'

I offer conscious business coaching for Changemakers & established heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to use humane tactics to build their business (and contribute to make this world a better place).

Let's Create Your Life's Work & Tell The World About it!

Let me guess, is this more or less what you want?

Sarah Santacroce

But right now you’re not there yet...

That's why you're looking for conscious business coaching...

That’s where I come in…
I hold your hand and walk you from a state of overwhelm and frustration to serenity, clarity & success on your terms.

The adjective “conscious” implies an awakening. After a deep, deep sleep the patient generally asks, Who am I? where am I? why am I here?

Together we go on a deep journey of self-discovery, following the framework of the 7Ps of Humane Marketing in order to lay the foundations for your truly conscious business. 

Sarah Santacroce

Let me share my business journey with you

I started my first business in 2008 and over a few years, built it into a ‘successful six-figure’ practice.

I’m putting successful six-figure in quotation marks because while it was successful from the outside looking in, it didn’t make me happy.

I felt like I just wasn’t meant for business. 

All these online marketing techniques were just not aligned with my core values, the ones I grew up with: honesty, equality, integrity, truth, fairness etc. 


"And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anais Nin

Finally, in July 2018, I took off the mask, got completely honest and raw with myself and started to come full circle with my story (with the support of a therapist, a coach, a community and my soul-mate Tony aka the husband).

That story started off by growing up in a Hippie commune, hence the ‘Hippie turned Business Coach’. 

It then lead me to my main mission which is to bring more empathy and kindness to the business world and marketing so that business can be used as a lever for good. 

I called it The Gentle Business Revolution, which then led to ‘Humane Marketing’.

This is my life’s work.

There are a few things that set me a part

Business wise…

😍 Care, focus, empathy, experience based on many failures, love, and knowledge of your industry. 

😍 My clients like to work with me because I’m structured, focused, result oriented, ‘the real thing’.

😍 Real-world experience: I’ve built a very profitable LinkedIn Coaching business which served over 2000 clients and sustained me for 10 years.

😍 I have sold my LinkedIn Services to Corporates, international Business Schools as well as individuals

😍 I’ve created and sold hundreds of online products and live group & individual coachings.

😍 I’ve written two Amazon Bestselling books ‘Marketing Like We’re Human’ and ‘Selling Like We’re Human’.

😍 ChatGPT refers to me as an influencer in the area of Social Media and Social Selling in Switzerland 🙂

😍 I’m a sought-after speaker and have spoken at dozens (if not hundreds) of summits, conferences and podcasts

😍 I’m now building a sustainable business I truly enjoy, based on what works – and most importantly what works for me!!!   

Yes, I have a lot of business & marketing experience, perspective and have been supporting clients in getting results for 15 years.

Personality wise…

😎 I’m a non-conformist and do business my way

😎 I’m a card carrying introvert, and proud!

😎 I’m a Capricorn, Generator (Human Design), Type 4 (Enneagram), INFJ (Myers-Briggs) and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

😎 I can go ‘woo’, but I also am deeply grounded and pragmatic. 

😎 I’m like a mama bear: gentle but fierce! I do no harm, but take no shit. 🐻

😎 I’m extremely loyal and all my 1:1 clients become good friends. 

😎 I’m a creative I use my right brain to come up with ideas and my own frameworks (the 7Ps of Humane Marketing for example). 

😎 But I’m also very strategic and left-brained. I feel comfortable in both worlds. I’m ‘wholebrained’ 🙂

😎 I’m intense, in a good way.


Conscious Business Coaching

It's possible !

It's possible to run a sustainable, joyful and conscious business that aligns with who you are at your core!

🤝🏽Let me take you by the hand and help you gain deeper awareness of who you are in order to build a truly meaningful, fulfilling business that aligns completely with your values and is financially viable.

Conscious business coaching

Conscious business coaching helps you become a grounded entrepreneur & Changemaker who builds your business with integrity, consciousness and ease. 

You trust your decisions, tapping into the heart and mind, you plan ahead and take action and only implement those business building activities that align with your values. 

You know what to say yes to, and when to respect your boundaries.

Fellow Changemaker, Let's Be the Change !

Here's what we can work on together...

One-Page Marketing Plan


It’s time to go pro!

"After a disheartening experience with another female business coach who turned out to simply be regurgitating the same old "bro marketing" approach that didn't sit well with me (and actually triggered more anxiety), I found Sarah. Her "Human" approach to business and marketing resonated with me on a soul level and offered me the opportunity to breathe when I hadn't realized I was holding my breath.

Working with Sarah brought the pieces of my business and personal puzzle together in a way that makes sense to me. She helped me go from stuck and shaking to a new and improved path to selling and success.

Introducing 1:1 Humane and Concious Business coaching

If you would like the support of someone who has been where you are now, can hold the space for you, listen with empathy and hold your hand to gently guide you to live your full potential, so that you can make the money you want & do the work you love then here’s how we can work together…

Humane, Conscious Business Coaching with me includes:

🚩 1:1 SESSIONS: Every two weeks (or more if needed in the beginning), we meet on Zoom. For one hour, we focus entirely on you and your goals and needs at that time. We address the BEING and the DOING. We wrap up with a to-do list to hold you accountable and keep you focused on the implementation. 

🚩 DIRECT SUPPORT and ACCESS: In between calls I have your back too – you can reach me (almost 24/7) via our private Trello Board. My clients often tell me that this is there favorite part because they never feel stuck and I often reply within a very short time. Whether this is mindset blockages or a question about your newsletter, feedback on your latest LinkedIn post, your About Page etc, it all matters! You can write me messages or record videos or voice memos.

🚩 REVIEWS OF YOUR WORK: As part of our mentoring agreement I will also review whatever you want me to look at: sales pages, LinkedIn posts, new program ideas & more (includes feedback, not editing & detailed proofreading).

🚩 ACCESS TO ALL MY ONLINE PROGRAMS: While my Humane Business Coaching is bespoke and not based on a cookie-cutter framework, you do also have full access to all my online programs: LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix, Authentic & Fair Pricing Mini-Course, Gentle Confidence Mini-Course as well as my flagship program ‘Marketing Like We’re Human’ with it’s 7Ps of Humane Marketing or the Business Book Alchemist program if we’re working together on your book. I may recommend certain modules to you as the relevant topics come up in our sessions or you can go through all of them at your own pace. All programs include videos as well as accompanying worksheets/books. 

🚩POST-SESSION FOLLOW-UP: Recording & written summary of the session in your personal coaching hub on Kajabi.

🚩FRAMEWORKS, WORKBOOKS, TEMPLATES & SPREADSHEETS: Daily Calendar, Content Planner, Podcast 1-Pager Template, Client Case Study Template, Podcast Planner on Trello, Referral Nurturing Spreadsheet. Whatever we need during our collaboration, I have it, or know where to get it.

I loove tech! With my guidance and recommendations you will choose the right website/landing page system, online course platform, payment method, email marketing tool and automations with Zapier.  

🚩 MY COGNITIVE ENERGY BETWEEN OUR CALLS:  I only work with three 1:1 clients at the time so I can reserve space in my brain for you even between our calls. During the time we work together I’ll constantly have your business on my mind, send you articles, come up with ideas and ping you whenever I think of you for something. 

Some of these tech choices mean that you’ll have to set up new systems and technically challenging workflows. While I can guide you about what to do, tech implementation is not part of this coaching offer. But I can put you in touch with an amazing and affordable tech person.

What's the Investment?

I recently decided to take my 1-on-1 prices off my website because I don’t want my rate to be the barrier from helping Changemakers doing great work! 

While I have a suggested rate in my head, I’m open to discuss this suggested rate and offer Humane Payment plans if we’re a good fit.

I’m by far not the cheapest, as I have 15 years experience in online business building and I only ever work with three 1-on-1 clients.

But if you’re able to invest in 1-on-1 Coaching and I feel that I can help you, then let’s chat and find a solution that works for both of us.

>> You can learn more about how I come up with my rates over here <<

We're two Humans entering a conscious business coaching relationship.
If after 15 days, you (or me) decide we're not a good fit after all,
you get your money back! (minus a $300 non-refundable admin fee)

I'd like to talk to Sarah Santacroce button

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"I worked one to one with Sarah over a three month period and during this time she helped me to focus and look at the systems that I use to support my business. She expertly guiding me through the automation process so that I could spend more time working with clients rather than on tasks that could be automated. She also did a great review of my website and has helped me redefine my ideal client. This is something that has been a challenge for me over the years as I work in companies, with individuals, in schools and with adolescents. Narrowing this down has not been easy.
The three months we were together were intense and I will be doing another three months with Sarah soon as the time spent with her helped me leap frog to the next level with my business.
Sarah is very articulate, understands a vast amount with respect to running your own business besides being an expert marketer. She has access to a plethora of resources, is dedicated to her clients, over delivers and is just a fun, kind person to work with. You feel good after your sessions and she is firm enough to keep you on track. A good investment for any business.”

🚩 Click here to read or watch a full case study with Annette. 

“I feel like I have found a way to connect with my people that feels good. I realized how much maybe unconsciously I was focusing on social media as my primary marketing strategy – and as a creative that’s not what lights me up. I want to be out there – talk to my people, create art with them. Running these workshops (and thinking that that is my marketing), that’s what makes me happy!”
Myriam Martinez
Myriam Martinez
Women’s Mental Wellbeing Coach and Art Therapist

🚩 Click here to read or watch a full case study with Myriam. 

“I needed to work with a marketing coach who understood that some of us in business are trying to change the status quo by developing more heart- based and value aligned ways of reaching our audiences. I also wanted to work with someone who is smart, experienced, and able to guide and support a seasoned coach. So I am thankful to have met Sarah at the right time and to discover her ‘humane marketing’ approach. Sarah shared many of my values and clarified the minimum amount of mainstream marketing I need to adhere to without compromising my principles.”
Ozlem Imil, 1:1 Coaching Client
Özlem Imil
Conscious Leadership and Life Design Coach

🚩 Click here to read or watch a full case study with Özlem. 

I hear you...

I know, this is a big investment!

And there’s always the ‘chicken and the egg’ story… 🐓 
You need more money in order to afford a coach, but working with a coach is the fastest way to get your business to the next level. 

It took me years to invest in 1:1 support. I boostrapped for way too long, attended all the webinars, invested in cookie-cutter online courses and ended up wasting a lot of time. 

And when I finally worked with my first coach the investment felt HUGE!

But it also felt SOO good! I finally said ‘YES!’ to myself. Paying that invoice immediately gave me a confidence boost!

Since then, I’m always working with some kind of coach. Whether it is for my inner work, or working on my business, I’ve come to truly understand the value of having a sounding board and someone at your side that has walked on your path before you. 

Your analytical mind feels scared right now and I understand. 

But you got this! 

And I promise you that as a result of our collaboration you will grow, your confidence will increase, you will gain a new perspective.

This is the journey of upleveling your business. 

And in case your left brain is yelling ‘Growing is nice. But I need to grow my income too!!’. 

I hear you!

And while I’m not the person to make any income promises, I can assure you that time and time again I’ve seen it happen with my clients: after the person grows, the business grows. 

I’d be honored to be your gentle guide!

Click on the button below to fill out a Clarity Call application and I will get back to you within 48 hours with a link to my calendar.

Can’t wait


Click here to fill out a quick form to apply for a Clarity Call with me. 

Frequently Asked Questions
about Conscious Business Coaching

Working with me, previous clients had results such as…

  1. Redefined their brand with a focus on their unique super powers & personality so that ideal clients immediately get it

  2. Built the foundations of their life’s work: based their WHY on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

  3. Gained confidence in selling their products and services – so that they can show up in a bigger way

  4. Doubled their demand within 3 months of working with me

  5. Streamlined their gentle sales path with sign posts and increased conversions

  6. Hosted an online summit and gained exposure to more of their ideal clients

  7. Found ways to increase their effectiveness by automating many tasks and outsourcing others

  8. Learned to say no to projects and figured out that this actually frees up time for other, more lucrative mandates.

  9. Increased their passive income

  10. Taken parts of their business online so that they can leverage their time better (online course, online scheduling calendar…)

Yes! You can pay monthly. 
If you need to pay over a longer period, I may be able to extend the plan further with a Humane Payment Plan. Let’s just have a human conversation about it. 

Have a look at my flagship program, Marketing Like We’re Human aka The Client Resonator as well as our Circle Community

If I can arrange it, I also like to offer semi-private coaching as a budget-friendly alternative. 

Because I bring all of me to my marketing I attract clients who are thoughtful and considerate and often worry about bothering me too often. 

But in this 1:1 mentoring package there is no such thing as ‘bothering me’.

I take care of my own boundaries: I take weekends off if I want to, and I usually turn off my phone after dinner (I do get bored while cooking though, so you can definitely catch me then😋) . I’ll also let you know if I think your emails or messages need to wait until the next call. Do keep in mind that I’m based in Europe, so if you are in the US, that means that when you get up it’s already my afternoon. It has never been a problem for my clients. In fact they like that they wake up to an email from me!

In other words there is no limit to how often you can contact me!

This is exactly what this 1:1 package is about! And the reason why I’m only working with three 1:1 clients at the same time!

  • You are a passionate Changemaker / entrepreneur who wants to make a difference and contribute to the current paradigm shift
  • Your business is established (0.5 – 5 years, or more)
  • Similar to my journey, you may at the beginning of your second business, your life’s work
  • You are in the service business
  • You are selling your services either to individuals or organizations
  • You are looking for accountability and guidance
  • You are ready to do the work & invest in your business
  • You’re an all-round nice person. I only work with nice people 😉
  • You are familiar with my work and Humane Marketing and have the same values

I invite you to book a free 30 minute Clarity Call using the button below (with zero pressure) & we’ll make sure we’re a good fit together before moving forward.

I’ll be asking questions about you and your business, apply my empathy & listening skills, and at the end of the call, I will make recommendations for next steps: either we mutually agree to work together or I can point you in other directions, give you links to valuable resources etc.

I’m not using any sales script, it’s literally a conversation between two humans 🙂

Are we a good fit?

Whenever I look for a coach, I look for someone with the with the same worldview.

They don’t have to be my twin, but I believe it helps to have the same core values.

How will you know my values? Well, I could list them here, but it’s a much better idea if you do your research on me yourself.  

You can start with my About Page, listen to my podcast, or read my books

And download my One Page Marketing Plan with the 7Ps of Humane Marketing to get an idea of how I communicate. 

But in a nutshell, here’s the potential for the future, the one I believe in:

  • A world where joy, empathy, and kindness are the currency
  • A world where marketing fosters a sense of belonging, not isolation
  • A world where entrepreneurs who use ethical marketing are the ones that not only make the biggest impact but also make the most money and use that money to make the world a better place.

What about you?

  • I do my best work with changemakers, deep thinkers, solution creators, sensitives and other misfits who are ready to roll back their sleeves and take action.

  • I enjoy working with humans of any gender and race who embrace both energies, the masculine and the feminine, because we need both to run a Humane Business.

  • I’m excited when I get to help you create your life’s work, whether that is a brand new business, or a remodeling of an existing business.

  • Together we are a team that makes a bigger impact: while for now I concentrate on helping solopreneurs and changemakers, I have a previously sold my LinkedIn services to Corporates and love to support Changemakers who help with the paradigm shift on the organizational level!

Here’s where you’re at:

You have done a fair amount of inner work already. 
And this is not your very first year in business (if it is, you’re a perfect fit for one of our certified Humane Marketing Coaches)
I’m probably not your first Business Coach, but maybe your first holistic one 😉

What is it like to work with me?

Working with me is intense, I expect a lot, but give even more, in typical mama 🐻 style. 
I see you as a whole human and I’ll bring all of me to my coaching. No masks. 
I only ever work with 3 clients at a time in order to manage my energy and give you my full attention. 
All my past clients are now good friends.

"Sarah was an instrumental part during the launch of my podcast. But not only that: when I started working with her, I didn’t even know I wanted to start a podcast. The gentle and supportive guidance from Sarah made it suddenly clear that this is the medium I want to share content with.
Sarah was the first business coach who encouraged me to not constantly do more but to actually do less and be more. I felt seen and heard as a whole being and the work with Sarah is a collaboration and co-creation and much more than a business coaching.”
I'd like to talk to Sarah Santacroce button

The Clarity Call with me is a complimentary call in which we get to know each other and determine if we would be a good match to work together, in a 1-on-1 coaching relationship.

During our time together:

I’ll be asking questions about you and your business, apply my empathy & listening skills, and at the end of the call, I will make recommendations for next steps: either we mutually agree to work together or I can point you in other directions, give you links to valuable resources etc. I’m not using any sales script, it’s literally a conversation between two humans 🙂

Talking about money…

… is not always easy, that’s why I like to give you all the information up front. My rate for working one-on-one with me is $3600 for 3 months.  But my price is not set in stone. It’s a suggested price and we can definitely have a human conversation about it. 

Unlike other coaches I don’t have a 6-month minimum requirement because I believe in quantum leaps. While some of my clients renew our collaboration, others feel enough momentum and I’ve seen great results after 3 months. And yes, you can pay monthly.

Still want to chat?

Great! I can’t wait! Please fill out the application form below. The reason I ask these questions is so that I can get some information on you and your business beforehand.

It’s therefore important that you fill out all the required fields.

Once I reviewed your info I’ll email you with my calendar link so we can hop on a 30-minute Clarity Call. I look forward to it!

Humane Marketing cares

>> Not quite ready for 1-on-1 coaching? Check out my flagship online program ‘Marketing Like We’re Human‘ <<

The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

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