Conscious Marketing is Humane Marketing

marketing needs an upgrade!

It's time for Conscious Marketing...

Marketing has become a dirty word, a source of mistrust and a nightmare for many entrepreneurs and businesses.

But what if marketing didn’t have to be pushy, soul stealing, and focused on hustle and hype? 

What if there was a way you could connect with clients authentically and in alignment with your values and still make money?

What if purpose and profit could coexist in the business world?

What if Conscious Marketing was the norm? 

Conscious Marketing is Humane Marketing...

It’s time for a fresh perspective, a reframe that proves that a more conscious and more humane approach to marketing is not only possible, but will guarantee a more sustainable business.

From abundance, not scarcity. From real, community-changing passion that gets back to the basics of trust, meaning, and purpose.

It is a revolution pushing up through the cracks of the conventional business world.

Conscious Marketing

Imagine what would happen—for us, for our clients, and for the world – if we would use more kindness & empathy in our business and marketing? 

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HERE is the potential
for a future with Conscious Marketing

Together we can make Conscious Marketing a reality

But we need a humane revolution...

So I’m asking you to raise your hand and join us. To be part of this Humane Generation and help bring more kindness and empathy to business.

Below are three different ways to participate in the Humane and Conscious Marketing Revolution. Consider it your invitation to belong to a movement of people who do business the gentle way and disrupt the current business and marketing paradigm.

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Options to help you on your journey to
Conscious marketing

Are you ready to have conversations about a different
business and marketing paradigm?

Below you’ll find three different containers that hold the space and the dialogue to this new way of connecting with clients – 
and reinvent the way we do business – together!
Humane Marketing Circle Community

Join our Humane Marketing Circle, our community

The Circle is an intimate and global community of Humane Marketers.

Humane Marketing Podcast

Listen to the
Humane Marketing Podcast

The Humane Marketing Podcast is based on conversations around the Mandala of the 7Ps of Humane Marketing

Our aim is to change marketing to a gentler approach, one that’s based on empathy and humanity.


Marketing Like We're Human book with orange highlights

Read Marketing Like We're Human

This is the book for quietly rebellious business owners who want to be humane, gentle, authentic AND successful in their marketing and business.

This radical business approach offers a roadmap to connect with clients authentically, and use the power of vulnerability to bring more of you to your marketing.

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Need some help with your marketing?

Humane Marketing can be applied to companies of all sizes and we offer different solutions at different budget levels. If you feel that our worldviews are aligned, please check out our offerings below.

The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

Get the Fill In the Blank One-Page Marketing Plan

Humane Marketing 7ps

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