In this section of the Humane Marketing Podcast you find a selection of episodes that fall under the P of Partnership of the Humane Marketing Mandala.

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Using AI Like We’re Human

We talk about Naully’s journey into the world of artificial intelligence, the crucial ethical and legal considerations surrounding AI implementation, and how AI empowers us to work smarter, not harder. Naully shares his PLATON framework, inspired by Plato and infused with philosophical principles, guiding us through the pillars of legality, accountability, transparency, objectivity, and neutrality.

Global Online Communities

Eddy shares thought-provoking perspectives on the distinction between communities and audiences, drawing from real-life examples, talks about the essence of “Community” and explains the numerous benefits of communities, for its members and the brand. Eddy’s definition, “When at least two people begin to feel concern for each other’s welfare,” encapsulates the spirit of community.

Mark Schaefer

The Importance of Community in Marketing

Today’s episode features a special guest, Mark Schaefer, a globally-recognized keynote speaker, futurist, business consultant, and author. Mark and Sarah delve into the significance of community in today’s world and its role in humane marketing. They explore the difference between a community and an audience, the importance of letting go of control as a community …

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Laura Hartley

Business as a Form of Activism

Today’s conversation with Laura Hatley about using business as a form of activism fits under the P of Partnership. Laura Hartley is an activist, writer and founder of Public LovEd (pronounced Public Love Ed), an online school empowering changemakers & forward-thinking entrepreneurs to radically reimagine the world, creating the conditions for social healing and collective …

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Scott Poynton

Use the Power of Connection to Change the World

Scott Poynton is an Australian forester who has spent his life supporting people to navigate often challenging journeys to a different way of living, working, and generally being in the world. This has included mediating disputes between some of the world’s largest companies and NGO organizations, focused on helping protect forests and other ecosystems and …

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