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Marketing for Changemakers: Impact & Income with Humane Marketing

As a Changemaker you are driven by your passion and purpose – and wanting to make a difference in this world – and helping us all to change the paradigm. However, you may find yourself facing the challenge of marketing yourself and your services – a realm that might feel unfamiliar or even uncomfortable. This article is here to guide you through effective marketing strategies that align with your values, so you can authentically connect with your ideal clients and amplify your impact.

How to Find Your Authentic Self (as an Entrepreneur)

How to Find Your Authentic Self (as an Entrepreneur)

“Sarah, I want to be authentic in my marketing. But how do I find my authentic self?”

This article explores avenues to help you on the journey to find your authentic self.

Not only will this help you to be authentic in your marketing and business, but it will also make you come full circle with who you truly are so that you can share your gifts with the world from a place of knowing and worthiness.

The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

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