Can a Service Business Have a Product Line?

In this episode we dive into the topic of service lines. In this solo episode I explore the relevance of service lines for service-based businesses and draws parallels to product lines commonly used in product-based businesses. I explain how service lines can provide clarity, structure, and differentiation to offerings.

Using the example of the Humane Marketing service line, I highlight various products and services within the line that help individuals adopt Humane Marketing in their business. I discussed the benefits of implementing service lines, such as showcasing expertise, targeting specific niches, and helping clients understand pricing models. Tune in to gain insights on how service lines can benefit your service-based business and enhance your marketing approach.

"So why do we need service lines as service-based businesses? There are several benefits to adopting this approach. First, service lines provide clarity and structure to your offerings by grouping similar services to together you… Share on X

In this episode I talked about:

  • Product lines vs. Service lines
  • The benefits of having service lines in service-based businesses
  • Steps to implement service lines in your business
  • The role of service lines in pricing and packaging services
  • Having multiple service lines targeting different client segments
  • Effective marketing and promotion of different service lines
  • and much more

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[00:02:30] Hello friends. It’s been a while since I’ve done a solo episode, so in today’s episode it’s just me by myself talking about the P of product at. Term that we often hear related to product is the term product line. Uh, clearly this is a term that’s mainly used for a product-based business, one that has different products and clusters of products that fall under the same product line.[00:03:00]

[00:03:00] Each product is sold individually, but they are part of the same product line. For example, a shampoo, hair wax, hairspray, hair mask, et cetera, et cetera. So that’s usually what we call a product line. So I was thinking, well, can this apply also to a service-based business? Can we have service lines? And the answer is a clear yes.

[00:03:25] And we should, um, so maybe to start, It would help to understand what a service line is. Um, just like a product line, like I just said, consists of a group of related products. Well, a service line refers to a collection of related services offered by a business. So these services may differ in their specific features, pricing, ideal clients, or any other distinguishing factors, but they all.

[00:03:57] Fall under the umbrella of the same [00:04:00] service line. Think of it as a way to categorize and organize the services you offer to your clients. Let’s take Humane Marketing as an example in the Humane Marketing service line. Uh, we have this podcast, which is obviously free. It’s a free product, if you will, or a service, I don’t really know.

[00:04:23] Um, the marketing like or human book, which is a low cost investment to learn more about humane marketing. So that’s a product, the humane marketing circle. Our community, a monthly subscription for Humane Marketers. That’s a service. The marketing like we’re human, aka the Client Resonator program, which starts again on August 24th, by the way.

[00:04:46] So that’s my flagship program that I run to twice per year. Um, and that’s related to the seven Ps of humane marketing. Um, So it’s a service program and then one-on-one [00:05:00] coaching with one of our certified Humane marketing coaches, or with myself. So again, another service. And then finally, bespoke humane marketing workshops for organ organizations.

[00:05:13] So all of these products or services have one thing in common, helping individuals adopt humane marketing in their business. So it’s all about. Humane marketing. Then I also have a humane selling service line, which starts with the selling, like we’re human book, the community, the Fair and authentic Pricing mini course.

[00:05:37] So that’s a standalone, uh, service slash product because it comes with a video course, but also one-on-one session with me. Um, That talks about pricing, and so that’s why it fits more into the Humane Selling service line and then also the one-on-one coaching, uh, with me. Here, the main objective is related to [00:06:00] sales.

[00:06:00] Um, they are distinct service lines with different objectives, and each product service is a standalone offer, and yet they relate to each other just like, uh, shampoo and hair racks do. So obviously not everyone needs hair waxs, but some people want the whole service line. So there, there’s like a natural progression to.

[00:06:26] You know, go from one thing to the next. I purposely don’t call it a funnel because, uh, if you’re a regular listener here, you know that we don’t talk about sales funnels. We talk about gentle sales paths. And so I guess gentle sales path would kind of be similar to this idea of a service line. So why do we need.

[00:06:50] Service lines as service-based businesses? Well, there are several benefits to adopting this approach. First, uh, service lines [00:07:00] provide clarity and structure to your offerings by grouping similar services to together you create a more organized framework that helps your clients understand the different options available to them.

[00:07:14] Secondly, service lines allow you to showcase your expertise in specialization so people know. Okay, SU. She has two service lines, humane Marketing, humane selling. Uh, I’m actually adding a, a third one or it’s already kind of dormant and I’ll tell you about it more in a second. Um, just as a product line can cater to different customers needs and preferences, service lines enable you to target specific niches or industries and position yourself as an expert in those areas.

[00:07:47] And this can enhance your brand reputation and attract clients who are looking for specialized services. Tailored to their unique requirements. And thirdly, it also helps your [00:08:00] clients understand your pricing model. Some products or services are at the lower end and others are at the higher end. In order to get started to, to put in place your service lines, there are a few steps to follow.

[00:08:16] Step one is to really have a look at all your current services. If you have several services already, um, Take a close look at the services you offer and then identify any natural groupings or similarities. Just like I just said, you know, is it se, is it selling related? Is it marketing related? In my case, that’s how I define the different service lines.

[00:08:42] Are there services that compliment each other or serve the same ideal client? These are potential candidates for your service lines, step two. Then involves defining the unique value proposition for each service line. So again, Mar, is it marketing [00:09:00] or is it selling? What sets each group of services apart from the others?

[00:09:05] Is there a specific benefit or outcome that clients can expect from choosing that service line? I told you about marketing and selling one. Outcome is a better marketing strategy. The other outcome is a better sales strategy. Clearly articulating the value of each service line will help you differentiate them and attract the right customers.

[00:09:29] Step three is all about branding and marketing. Just as a product line needs effective branding to stand out. Your service lines should have their own distinctive branding elements. This could include a unique name, logo, website, section, and other marketing collaterals tailored to each service line. By giving each service line its own identity, you make it easier for clients to understand and engage with the [00:10:00] different offerings.

[00:10:01] In my, in my case, everything to do with marketing is in the color emerald green. Everything to do with humane selling is in the color earth, red, so, And as I hinted at before, as of next year when I have the third book about being human in business, I’ll have a third service line, which will be all about sustainable and humane business building practices and changing our relationship to work.

[00:10:33] That third service line is in dark blue. And you already see those colors reflected on my site. I planned for them when I did my big rebrand two years ago. So I already have on the homepage, you already see Humane Business in blue. It’s just that, um, I didn’t have the different services that go under the service line yet.

[00:10:57] So, um, that’s what I have for you [00:11:00] to wrap up. I thought it would be fun to ask chat g PT what kind of questions listeners might have after listening to this short episode. And here are a few that it suggested Are service lines applicable to solo entrepreneurs or small businesses? In the answer, um, that.

[00:11:20] It helped me, uh, write, but then of course, I, uh, I added to it and corrected it. So, yes, service lines are applicable to solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as I just demonstrated, um, with my own example. They can help you organize your services, create a clear value proposition, and resonate with specific client segments.

[00:11:44] Should all services offered by a business be part of a service line? Not necessarily. While grouping services into service lines can provide clarity and structure, it’s not mandatory for all services to be part [00:12:00] of a services line. Some services may be unique and or standalone offerings that do not fit with any, uh, particular service line.

[00:12:09] I’m thinking of a new program called The Business Book Alchemist. I’m launching this fall to help fellow renegade authors write their first book that becomes part of their life’s work. It may fit into the humane business service line, but I’m not sure about that yet. So right now, I created as a standalone one-off program.

[00:12:33] How do service lines help with pricing and packaging of services? Service lines help with pricing and packaging by providing a framework for differentiating services and creating pricing tiers. So by categorizing services into service lines, you can offer different packages or pricing models based on the specific value and outcomes associated with each service [00:13:00] line.

[00:13:01] Can I have multiple service lines targeting different client segments? Yes, you can. Different clients have different needs and you can tailor your services accordingly. So each service line can focus on a specific ideal client industry or niche. So this just makes me also think of my, um, workshops for organizations.

[00:13:27] It, it’s a complete different service line again, uh, from all the other services that I offered to, uh, entrepreneurs, heart-centered entrepreneurs. How do you market and promote different service lines effectively? Uh, we talked about that to promote and market different service lines, it helps to develop distinct branding elements for each service line.

[00:13:53] So unique names like Humane Marketing, humane selling, Hume Unique logos, different [00:14:00] colors, website sections, and other marketing collateral tailored to each service line. I hope you found this short episode, solo episode helpful, and, uh, it makes you think a little bit about your own services, how you bundle them, if there’s any kind of logic in terms of service lines in it.

[00:14:23] This is obviously, uh, a strategy that applies more to someone who has been in business for a few years already and maybe has different services and products, but without a clear strategy. If this is your case and you’d like to work on this with a coach, it’s the kind of thing that I love helping my clients with.

[00:14:43] Um, so have a look at my one-on-one coaching page on humane marketing. I also mentioned the marketing, like we’re human. Uh, Program, aka the client Resonator, as being one product of my product slash service line. So that’s [00:15:00] my flagship program to either build the foundation to market from within from the start.

[00:15:06] But it also applies to entrepreneurs who have been in business for several years, but feels like, feel like there’s some kind of detachment from their business because they’ve not built it from the inside out. They’ve billed it from a need, you know, to pay the bills or from a need to serve a specific client, but they haven’t started from who they are.

[00:15:32] Uh, and, uh, their values, their worldview. So, You are your business. That’s why in the marketing, like we’re human program, we start with you, with your passion, your why, and your personal power. Uh, of course, uh, it’s based on the seven Ps of humane marketing, the ones we follow here on this podcast, and I run it live again this August, starting August 24th.

[00:15:58] So if this, [00:16:00] Gets you curious. Have a look at Humane Marketing slash program to see if this your, this is your next step, and make sure to read the testimonials and case studies to get a real feel for the transformation you can expect. Let’s get on a call and talk about it like humans. Thanks so much for listening.

[00:16:23] You find the show notes of this episode at. Humane Marketing. Hm, 1 68. And on this beautiful page, you’ll also find a series of free offers, such as my Saturday newsletter, the Humane Business Manifesto, and the free gentle confidence mini course, as well as my two books, marketing like We’re Human. And selling like we’re human.

[00:16:47] Thanks so much for listening and being part of a generation of marketers who care for yourself, your clients, and the planet. We are change makers before we are marketers, so go be the change you [00:17:00] want to see in the world. Speak soon.

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