Our Carbon Accounting Report

As one of the founding members of the My Carbon Zero initiative I commit to four simple actions: 

  • Reduce my own emissions
  • Reduce emissions elsewhere without offsetting
  • Remove my lifetime carbon emissions from the atmosphere
  • Inspire others to join the journey

My Carbon Zero has fully audited Simplicity, Santacroce Sàrl (the official company name under which Humane Marketing is registered)  and created for it a Carbon Balance Sheet, covering its Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions since inception. As a small business in Switzerland, Simplicity Santacroce Sàrl has a Carbon Balance of just 12.84 tCO2. You can view the summary of the report by clicking on the button below.

My Carbon Zero has established a Carbon Investment Portfolio for Simplicity, Santacroce Sàrl to deliver on the four necessary actions to remove 100% of the firm’s historic Carbon Balance from the atmosphere.

Simplicity, Santacroce Sàrl has actioned that investment immediately, and will continue to do so on a monthly basis to deal with ongoing.

I’m committed to report on my progress and the environmental, social, and negative carbon return my investments are achieving regularly.

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