Holistic Business Coach
for Women

The Holistic Business Coach for Women : the Approach

If you’re looking to build a business that’s aligned with your values, skills, personality, lifestyle, and goals, then a holistic approach to business coaching is just what you need. 

From the type of business you want to create to the products or services you offer, as well as how and to whom you deliver them, it’s important to have a clear understanding of who you are and what you need right now. 

As a woman entrepreneur, knowing yourself is a significant part of the journey, and a Holistic Business Coach for Women can guide you through that process. 

What is Holistic Business Coaching?

Holistic business coaching is an approach to coaching that takes into account the whole person, not just their business objectives. It recognizes that your personal life and well-being impact your business success, and vice versa.

In holistic business coaching, we don’t only consider the bottom line and business strategy, but also your worldview, values, beliefs, and personal goals. Together we identify your Passion and your Personal Power, so that you can create a business that’s truly aligned with who you are. 

As the founder of the Humane Marketing Revolution I have developed two frameworks (which I cover in depth in my book Marketing Like We’re Human) that help us on this journey. 


As an entrepreneur, knowing yourself is a significant part of the journey,
and I can guide you through that process. 

Humane Marketing Workshops

Rumble, Rise, Resonate

I will take you through the three stages of the labyrinth that lead to Humane Marketing:

  1. Rumble with your story
  2. Rise, be different & stand out
  3. Resonate with your clients

The 7Ps of Humane Marketing

Along the journey you’ll come across 7Ps of Humane Marketing serves as a simple framework to present this new approach of marketing.

Holistic business coaching combines life coaching and humane business strategy

What to Look for in a Holistic Business Coach for Women?

When looking for a coach, it’s important that you find someone who is experienced and qualified in both business and personal development. You want someone who has been around for a while, and has done their inner work. And, I’d be looking for someone whose values are aligned with yours, as is your worldview. 

I have 15+ years of experience in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, coaching, online business creation, and strategy and have been facilitating, training, and holding space with in-person and online groups (1 – 100 people from all over the world) since 2010. I’m trained in the ‘Art of Holding Space‘ as well as ‘The Art of Participatory Leadership‘. 

I’d also look for someone who has or has had similar life circumstances as you. In my case I’ve built my business while raising two boys. They were 0 and 3 when I started, and are now grown young men. 

I always felt better understood when I worked with other women who also had kids, because your perspective changes when you juggle raising kids and a business. I remember being upset that I couldn’t get as much done as I wanted, because I was also the home maker, care taker and cheerleader for a family. So if you have kids, look for a coach who’s also had or has kids. 

In my two books ‘Marketing Like We’re Human’ and ‘Selling Like We’re Human’ I share very personal stories of the deep transformation I have gone through over the last decade and that led me to found the Humane Marketing Revolution. 

I Work with Quietly Rebellious Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Particularly those in service-based industries such as coaching, creative arts, healing, counseling, and education.

My clients (humans of any gender) want to create a business that reflects their unique personality, values, and goals. For many, this means seeking more freedom, work-life balance, and joy in their work.

I understand that being true to oneself in business is essential, especially for those who identify as highly sensitive, neurodivergent, or introverted. 

My goal is to help you create a sustainable and fulfilling humane business that aligns with your personal values and supports your well-being.

Who Am I?

Hi there, I’m Sarah Santacroce.

I founded my first Online Business in 2007 and have grown up in this Online Marketing World.
I have taken countless marketing programs myself and therefore know what’s available to entrepreneurs. The majority of these programs sell a cookie-cutter approach, based on the founder’s success recipe. I have followed the evolution of Online Marketing and I’m sure that the current Marketing Paradigm contributes to an ever increasing level of anxiety on a global level.

In 2018 (yes, it took me a while!!) I came to realize that I no longer wanted to follow everyone else’s model – EVEN IF it worked to some extent. Yes, it helped me hit the famous six figures, but it also left me drained and unfulfilled. I was ready to take the risk and give myself permission to do business and marketing my way – EVEN IF that meant that I’d fail the first few times.

In the past 14 years I have talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs and 90% of them mention that marketing makes them anxious. And it’s not only their own marketing activities. It’s also the use of fear, urgency & manipulation in everyone else’s marketing that we are exposed to that make us feel less than and anxious. 

Today I see it as my mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs like you to be gentle, authentic AND successful in your marketing and business.  And therefore not only create sustainability for yourself, but also contribute to make this world a better place by reducing the global level of anxiety and fear.

And yes, I consider myself successful. I can say that in all humility, because I no longer measure success by the number of LinkedIn connections, views or the number of zeros in my revenue. I measure it in impact and the difference I have made over the years with my one-on-one clients, online courses, The Humane Marketing podcast and more recently with ‘Marketing Like We’re Human’ book.

When I’ve finally taken off the mask and stopped following all the marketing guru’s advice, I found joy and ease! And I fell in love with marketing all over again! And that’s what I want for you too! Helping you find those marketing activities that are aligned with your values, with your worldview and your unique Marketing Super Power.

Sarah Santacroce, business coach for Creatives

This is my vision for the future:

  • A world where joy, empathy, and kindness are the currency
  • A world where marketing fosters a sense of belonging, not isolation
  • A world that focuses on the human(e) connection (while using modern technology)
  • A world where entrepreneurs who use ethical marketing are the ones that not only make the biggest impact but also make the most money 

Are We a Good Fit?

I do my best work with deep thinkers, solution creators, sensitives and other misfits who are ready to roll back their sleeves and take action. 

I’m excited when I get to help you create your life’s work, whether that is a brand new business, or a remodeling of an existing business. Most likely I’m not your first business coach though. 

Working with me is intense, I expect a lot, but give even more, in my typical mama 🐻 style. 

I only ever work with 3 clients at a time in order to manage my energy and give you my full attention. 

All my past clients are now good friends.


Find out more about Humane and Conscious Business Coaching with me or book a Clarity Call with me now. 

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