Being an Empath in Business

Being an Empath in Business

In his “old life”, Thomas tried to fit in, fulfill expectations, and struggled to find his place in a crazy society.
Then a burn-out took him out of the race. During recovery, he started realizing that the feeling of being different wasn’t a flaw, but it could be a gift.

Now, several years later, Thomas is happily married, supports intuitive and highly sensitive people in his “Authentic Empowerment Network” and helps heart-centered business owners to work smarter instead of harder, find more joy and fulfillment in what they do.

"I need to become aware of why am I blocking love? Where do I imagine myself as a separate being? And this part is not comfortable, but once it's fed through and seen, then I feel I can relax and realize there never was a problem,… Share on X

In this episode you’ll learn about the being an empath in business and…

  • How being an Empath in business is different
  • The importance of the inner work and knowing who you are
  • The fear of rejection as a core hindrance to authentic marketing
  • Working smart not hard
  • and much more.

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