After the Sale: Onboarding & Offboarding

Sarah Santacroce

This episode is part of a 12 days of Christmas read-along of the Selling Like We’re Human book, recorded in 2021.

The book follows a similar concept to what you’re already used to here on the Humane Marketing show with the 7Ps of Humane Marketing and the Marketing Like We’re Human book: we start with the being and then go into the doing.

The 3 parts of the Selling Like We’re Human book are : Being, Knowing and Doing (compared to Rumble, Rise and Resonate of the Marketing Like We’re Human book)

After the Sale: Onboarding & Offboarding

Today I’m reading a small section of Part 3 on DOING, Chapter 10 called ‘After the Sale: Onboarding & Offboarding’

"While it’s important to focus on the gentle sales path, it’s equally important to not just take things for grantedonce you get the sale." -Sarah Santacroce @sarahsantacroce #humanemarketing #sellinglikewerehuman Share on X

Excerpt from Selling Like We’re Human, Part 3: DOING, Chapter 10: After the Sale: Onboarding & Offboarding

If you reached the end of the book, or almost, and think to yourself, “Yes, I
adhere to the ideas outlined here and having beautiful sales conversations in
my Serene Garden sounds lovely, but actually I’d still rather avoid them all
together and have clients just call me and say ‘I’d like to work with you. So
and so spoke very highly of you and recommended your services,’” then pay
extra attention to this part of the book. While it’s important to focus on the
gentle sales path, it’s equally important to not just take things for granted
once you get the sale. Like John Jantsch says in his excellent book The Referral
Engine: “The sale is not complete until the customer is so happy that he or
she confidently makes referrals.” That’s our goal in this chapter.

The Mistake of Seeing Small Items as “Leads”
While a sale might look like the final destination of your gentle sales path, it’s
often only the midpoint of your client’s journey with you. Especially in the
online world, people often like to “try out” what it feels like to be in our
world, so they make a small snack-sized purchase like an e-book, a summit,
or any other small item. But this is where the nurturing begins!
One might think that it’s not worth spending too much time and effort on
the onboarding journey of such a small dollar amount, but quite the opposite
is true.
When I was writing the first book and knew nothing about self-publishing, I
came across all kinds of marketing and publishing schemes. Quite a few of
them were “self-publishing gurus” who sold the idea of publishing a book as
a lead magnet. The idea per se is not bad; it all depends on the intention of
the author. If the intention is “I’ve written this beautiful book and I want to
share this knowledge with as many people as possible so they can apply it in
their business,” then I see nothing wrong with sharing your book for free, or
almost free. If, however, the intention is “Let me write a quick (crappy) book
and use it to get thousands of new leads so I can then sell them my two
thousand dollar program,” then I’m ready to bet that this author doesn’t care
whether her content works for me or not. She cares about selling those
programs and only uses her book as a lead magnet.
Small items matter. Someone reading your book, attending your summit, or
participating in a free webinar is entering your sales path, and every step of
the way counts!
Adam Kawalec, business mindset coach, did this really well with his Authentic
Business Building and Marketing Summit. He told me that as long as he
could keep up, he created a personal welcome video message for everyone who
signed up. Yes, a custom-made video for each participant. Talk about feeling
heard and seen! By doing that, Adam showed that each person counts to him
and that it wasn’t about the numbers, but about each individual who showed
Remember Adam’s “move the pay line” concept? In the service business, we
call the phase after the monetary transaction “onboarding.” We’re bringing a
new client on board. Yes, money has been exchanged, but maybe your client
is still a bit nervous about your collaboration or about the purchase they’ve
made. It’s your job to put them at ease, welcome them, and show them how
you roll. The more personalized your onboarding, the better.
When I signed up for coaching with Jenny Blake, I received the most gorgeous
bouquet of white lilies I had ever seen. It was such a beautiful surprise.
And after signing up to work on the HumaneGen Marketing Design with
Nela, I was impressed by her onboarding process as well. Not only was it
efficient, it was beautiful as well. She used a custom-designed Trello board to
layout the whole design process for me and explain each step. The board also
served as an efficient way for us to communicate and have all the history of
our exchanges in one place. Nela didn’t copy that process from a pre-existing
framework she downloaded from some well-meaning site. She designed it for
her customers.
Think about your onboarding process. Is it clear and efficient? Is it beautiful?
Maybe even whimsical? How does it make your client feel?
No matter how big or small the sale, really focus on the details and how this
experience of doing business with you will make people feel. It may be just
ten dollars for a book at the beginning, but this reader just might turn into
your most loyal heartfelt promoter. Pay attention to the little things!
Customer Service
Another important phase after the sale is the customer service.
As a reader of this book you get access to a whole collection of free resources
( This is a way for you to deepen the
learning, reflect on what you’ve read, and integrate it into your work.
To me, that falls into the phase of customer service. If I have your best interest
at heart, I want you to really use the knowledge of this book and not just read
it and move on. Yes, I do have a full program available as well, and I’m hoping
to work one-on-one with some of you, but you can totally do everything on
your own with the resources I give you.


When I created my first online course, The LinkedIn Profile Quick
Fix, I hadn’t considered that I’d need to offer customer service for
participants of the program. Given the duct tape system I used,
there was no way for members to ask questions in an easy format
like a forum for example. So I quickly found myself answering
customer e-mails at all hours of the day. Not fun! Not fun for them,
and not fun for me either!
Think about your customer service. Is it efficient? Is it personal? How does it
make your client feel?
As service providers, we don’t have to deal with repairs. But we do have to
address customer questions.

Also listen to my conversation with Stacy Sherman about the customer experience in episode 109

This excerpt is from Part 3: DOING, Chapter 10: After the Sale: Onboarding & Offboarding

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