Abundance Mindset in Marketing

How might we maintain clarity and focus in a world that bombards us with trendy “must-follow” tips and strategies?

In today’s fast-paced world, urgency has become a prevalent theme in marketing strategies. In this article, we explore the impact of scarcity marketing on our personal and business well-being and explore ways to ensure that our marketing efforts align with our values and how marketing from abundance can help nurture tranquility and calm even in times of urgency.

Abundance Mindset

Understanding Urgency in Marketing

Urgency-based marketing relies on creating a sense of scarcity or limited-time offers to encourage clients to take immediate action. It leverages the fear of missing out (FOMO) to drive conversions and increase sales. Urgency tactics include limited availability, countdown timers, and time-limited discounts. While these techniques definitely work for driving short-term sales, they are not sustainable in the long run, and they are not helping our serenity and mental wellbeing!

The Problem with Urgency-Based Marketing

Disempowering our clients

For the past two decades, traditional marketing practices have disempowered our clients, leaving them feeling disconnected and unsatisfied. In the entrepreneurial realm, this issue has become prevalent, particularly with the rise of online courses. Many marketers focus on selling these courses using scarcity marketing techniques, knowing that a significant portion of buyers will never even start or complete the course. The intention behind these tactics is solely to make sales, disregarding the well-being and success of the clients. This approach objectifies the audience and definitely doesn’t feel humane. In fact it creates a huge discomfort for us conscientious marketers who truly care and want to provide genuine value and meaningful solutions.

Breaking our Clients Trust

Using urgency-based tactics without delivering on promises break trust and credibility. If the clients discover that the urgency was false  and the offers weren’t as exclusive as advertised, it damages the relationship with our clients. Over the years, the trust in marketers has slowly eroded more and more, so much so that all of us have a natural distrust towards any kind of marketing. So there’s a big need of regaining that trust by being extra transparent, explaining everything, even if it seems obvious. 

Marketing Words With Negative Energy

The language used in marketing shapes our perceptions, influences our emotions, and ultimately impacts our decisions. Think of commonly used words  in marketing, such as “crush it” and “cut through” or “tripwire” etc. All of these words have a negative energy. 

In Humane Marketing we want to use words that evoke feelings of kindness, compassion, and human connection. By using more positive and inclusive language, marketing can actually feel like a positive and meaningful activity.

The intention behind marketing also matters. Traditional marketing often focuses solely on selling and generating profits, leading to a language of scarcity and urgency. In contrast, Marketing from Abundance or Humane Marketing truly cares. For ourselves, our clients and the planet. This shift in intention and language creates a more authentic and ethical marketing experience.

See our Humane Marketing Words Glossary with a list of words we love!.

Feeling out of integrity

My own experience can be summarized as a profound burnout resulting from my immersion in a hyperactive, pushy business and marketing culture. Being a highly sensitive person, I gradually realized that this burnout stemmed from my attempts to conform to the techniques advocated by the big ‘gurus’ in the online world. Year after year, I felt an increasing sense of disconnection from my own values and integrity. Recognizing the need for inner healing, I sought therapy and underwent a transformative process. It became clear to me that I could no longer continue down the path of business as usual. The state of the industry and its shallow perspective on business left me exhausted and dissatisfied. Consequently, my focus shifted towards transforming not only my marketing practices but also the very essence of business itself. 

Year after year, I felt an increasing sense of disconnection from my own values and integrity. – Sarah Santacroce

The Benefits of Abundance Marketing

Abundance marketing, on the other hand, focuses on fostering a mindset of abundance and creating long-term relationships with our clients. Instead of relying on scarcity, it emphasizes the value and benefits. Abundance marketing aims to build trust, credibility, and loyalty by providing value consistently.

Adopting an abundance marketing approach brings several benefits to us entrepreneurs as well as our clients. By focusing on long-term relationships, providing value, and nurturing tranquility, we can:

  • Build trust and credibility with our clients.
  • Differentiate ourselves in the market.
  • Establish a positive brand perception.
  • Attract clients with the same values.
  • Create a sustainable marketing strategy.
  • Sleep well at night and feel whole again

Transitioning to Marketing from Abundance

The following questions come from a community conversation with members of Andy Mort’s The Haven Community and our own Humane Marketing Circle. Thank you for hosting this wonderful conversation, Andy!

1. How can I stay grounded even when I’m afraid that  clients won’t come quick enough for me to stay fluid?

There are two important aspects we need to focus on.

Firstly, it’s crucial to cultivate our inner ecosystem and develop a sense of worthiness independent of external factors like sales or money. This inner work involves practices such as therapy, meditation, yoga, or anything that helps us recognize our inherent value as human beings. By grounding ourselves and affirming our self-worth, we can show up authentically and do our best without relying solely on external validation.

Secondly, on a more practical level, we can reduce our costs and adopt a minimalist approach to alleviate money-related concerns. By embracing minimalism, we can free ourselves from constant financial worries and create a sense of security. Additionally, shifting our mindset from a monthly to a yearly perspective can help relieve the pressure of fluctuating monthly income as entrepreneurs. By viewing our finances on a larger scale, we can better understand our annual needs and reduce the stress of monthly fluctuations.

2. How do I make my work known without having the impression of always talking about myself and feeling like I’m trying to sell them something?on’t come quick enough for me to stay fluid?

In essence, it’s important to strike a balance when it comes to sharing your message. On one hand, it’s crucial to attract and resonate with the right audience who genuinely wants to hear from you. On the other hand, you need to assert yourself and occupy space in conversations if you have something valuable to offer. Finding the right way to communicate your message is key. Personally, I find emails and small, casual settings to be most effective, as I prefer genuine interactions over formal presentations. Remember, you have a unique message to share, and it’s essential to find your people and engage with them authentically. Rather than trying to be everywhere at once, focus on connecting with your people. When you approach it from a grounded and self-assured perspective, it won’t feel like you’re bothering or spamming them.

3. I’m interested in marketing ‘myself’ in addition to business. How do I do that?

To truly bring yourself into your marketing, start by talking with passion and enthusiasm for what you do. As you engage with the right people in the right setting, you’ll realize that discussing your work doesn’t drain your energy but rather invigorates you. In many ways, abundant and humane marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all. It’s simply about being authentic and sharing what you genuinely enjoy. It’s not about traditional advertising or conventional marketing techniques. Instead, it’s about revealing more of your true self and expressing your unique worldview. By sharing your values, interests, and perspectives, you connect with others on a deeper level. The new business paradigm embraces the blurring of lines between professional and personal, and people now seek to engage with individuals who stand for something meaningful. So, embrace who you are, take a stand for what matters to you, and let that authenticity shine through in your marketing efforts.

Have a look at the 7Ps of Humane Marketing and the 1-Page Marketing Plan, which starts with the P of Passion and figuring out your Personal Power.

People don’t just buy from people anymore. People buy from people who stand for something! – Sarah Santacroce

4. How can I ensure I’m not annoying to people when I market?

You can’t control what others think of you. Just like the principle of individual psychology outlined by Alfred Adler, freedom comes from being okay with being disliked because it’s impossible to please everyone. Different people get annoyed by different things, and it’s natural that some may find your approach annoying. But that’s actually good news! It means  that you’ve found your authentic voice and attracted the right people. If you feel good about what you’re doing and it aligns with your values, continue doing it, knowing that those who resonate with you will stay. On the other hand, if you have doubts or you’re using techniques that don’t truly reflect who you are, it’s possible that you may be annoying people who could be a good fit for you. Trust your intuition and make sure your marketing activities align with your authentic self. For example, if you genuinely put care into your emails and believe in the content you’re promoting, it’s okay if some people unsubscribe because it means you’re filtering out those who aren’t truly interested in your business. Ultimately, accept that not everyone will like what you do, and focus on attracting and engaging with the right audience.

It’s good news if some people find your approach annoying! It means  that you’ve found your authentic voice and attracted the right people. – Sarah Santacroce

5. I’m a quiet introvert in a sea of loud extroverts shouting about their services. How do I get my message heard and seen? when I market?

Focus on attracting people who align with your values and subscribe to newsletters or follow individuals who share similar messages. This helps to reduce the noise and empowers you to share your services confidently, knowing that there’s a community of like-minded people supporting you. Unsubscribe from the overwhelming noise and tactics that don’t work for you. Instead, spend time figuring out what truly works for you and your unique approach. Marketing from Abundance and Empathy is the way that works for most introverts. Avoid trying every strategy that comes your way and instead focus on discovering what resonates with your values and definition of success. Find your humane marketing superpower, understand your strengths and preferences, and tailor your approach accordingly. For instance, if you’re an introvert who enjoys deep conversations, consider leveraging platforms like podcasts to engage in meaningful discussions. Choose the strategies and methods that align with your interests, enjoyment, and ability to invest significant time without feeling drained.

Marketing from Abundance and Empathy is the way that works for most introverts and Highly Sensitive People. – Sarah Santacroce

Raising awareness that there is another way

One of the biggest priorities is to raise awareness for individuals like us who are looking for an alternative approach to marketing. Many of us have been unaware that there is another way, believing that the traditional formulaic and pushy marketing tactics are just the way business and marketing works. By spreading awareness and educating more people about this different way we can create a space where more authentic and humane marketing practices thrive.

We are Changemakers before we are marketers! Join us in being the change!

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