How Myriam Martinez went from 'buzz marketing' to aligned marketing & is getting speaking engagments that light her up !

“I have found my way, to look at marketing as this creative expression and so when I look at it through that lens, then it's just fun.”

Case Study Snapshot

Myriam Martinez is a Women’s Mental Wellbeing Coach and Art Therapist who has transitioned her clinical work to a well-being coaching business six years ago. 

Myriam Martinez

Before the 1:1 Coaching

Before working with me 1:1 she went through the Marketing Like We’re Human aka The Client Resonator program (read her case study about the program) in which she learned how to align her marketing with her values and build her business around who she is.  But she still struggled with the Social Media side of things, which felt like they were forced and also made her feel disconnected from real human relationships. 

"You helped me question all my assumptions with marketing. For example I realized I didn't just want to send people to a 'buy now' button to sign up for my three month program. I want them to schedule a call with me so we can have a human conversation and figure out together if this program is right for them. You helped me to pause and think: "Is this really what I want or is there another way of doing it that is more aligned with me?"

-Myriam Martinez

The results

I asked Myriam who she has become and why that makes her happy:

“I feel like I have found a way to connect with my people that feels good. I realized how much maybe unconsciously I was focusing on social media as my primary marketing strategy – and as a creative that’s not what lights me up. I want to be out there – talk to my people, create art with them. Running these workshops (and thinking that that is my marketing), that’s what makes me happy!


Tangible results include:

Humane Business Building

Besides working on marketing and business building , Myriam and I also worked on:

Comparitis: Myriam learned to stay focused on what is fun to her, without comparing herself so much to others and not getting influenced by all the marketing ‘shoulds’.

Planning ahead: Myriam created a yearly plan with her online programs, and is now scheduling live workshops in the months before the programs. Less stress with forward-thinking!

Mindset: through our work Myriam started thinking bigger and is getting speaking gigs at conferences and looking into one day hosting her own creative retreat.

"I know my worth and people see the value I bring and reach out to me to speak about Mental Wellbeing . "

- Myriam Martinez

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