How Annette went from being a sole proprietor to the owner of a Limited Liability Company and started working with big Corporate Partners

“ I understand my value a lot better and I've become a bigger player. ”

Case Study Snapshot

Annette Ebbinghaus is a globally sought after mental fitness coach, master sophrologist, mentor and speaker. She specializes in helping adolescents transform anxious energy into calm confidence through her bespoke beChill programs. She works with professionals, individuals and athletes whom are seeking better balance and performance in their lives. Her main areas of focus are stress and sleep management, anxiety, self-development and high performance.

Annette Ebbinghaus, Humane Business Coaching testimonial

Annette and I had a great and authentic conversation about her experience of coaching 1:1 with me for 6 months. You can watch the full video below (sorry for the mediocre quality, my testimonial videos are cursed ;-)) , or scroll down to read the shorter version.

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Annette Ebbinghaus – Mental Fitness Coach, Master Sophrologist

Why did Annette choose Sarah as her coach?

I asked Annette where she was before we started working together:

“I had a sole proprietorship for several years and I did a little bit of everything: Facebook, Instagram, blogging and a newsletter. I was trying to do everything for every one. I had a professionally done website, but it wasn’t doing anything for me. I met Sarah through one of her LinkedIn programs a few years ago, which was amazing. That’s why I knew she’d be the right person to help me. ”

Here’s what Annette was looking for:

“I was looking for more clarity and focus as well as strategies to reach more people. I wanted to have an ecosystem that works.”

"You helped me put systems in place, get a lot more organized and taught me to think of marketing as simply communicating with my clients. That made me enjoy 'marketing' so much more and helped me show up with consistency"

- Annette Ebbinghaus

The results

I asked Annette who she has become and why that makes her happy:

“I have set up a Limited Liability Company and that has really helped me branch out and become a bigger player. I know my worth and understand my value which has elevated my confidence and my ability to choose who I really want to work with. And you have helped me realize that I like to work with partnerships on a larger scale, with institutions and corporations which then lets me work with so many more people. And that really makes me happy. ”

Tangible results include:

Humane Business Building

Besides working on marketing and communication, Annette and I also worked on:

Boundaries: setting healthy boundaries in her business and realizing that even though she theoretically could help everyone, it’s just not humanly possible. Focusing on the bigger opportunities, and saying no to the smaller ones.

Planning ahead: Annette created a yearly plan with all her online programs, and then planned her promotions and everything else around it. Less stress!

Mindset: through our work Annette started thinking bigger and is now building relationships and partnerships with bigger players.


"I know my worth and my value as a mental fitness and resilience coach and an inspirational speaker. "

- Annette Ebbinghaus

Final thoughts

It has been wonderful to watch Annette’s transformation and see her show up with consistency and confidence.

Here are Annette’s final thoughts:

“I’ve grown a lot – and yet, I’m still work in progress. And I’m still in Sarah’s circle (the Humane Marketing Circle). I love the Circle because, there are a lot of like-minded people there. We all want do our marketing and communications differently, and you just learn so much as being part of the Circle. And it also helps keep you on your toes and up to date.”

Thank you Annette for sharing !

If Annette’s experience got you curious about working with me 1:1 then let’s talk!
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